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Everything I found out when researching into Extraction of Snail Secretion Filtrate & Cosrx's Cruelty-Free Claims

2020.09.26 12:49 Avaale Everything I found out when researching into Extraction of Snail Secretion Filtrate & Cosrx's Cruelty-Free Claims

I do not consent to this post or any part of it being reposted on any social media (including but not limited to YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat). I do not want to see screenshots of my post on any influencer's Instagram handle/website/blog without my explicit written consent. DM / Modmail me if you would like to share this post or use content from this post on your social media with appropriate credit to the sub and me.

Some of you might have noticed me, lurking in the corners of this sub, shoving my HGs in your faces.
One of those HGs happens to be the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. I've recently started on my third bottle and each bottle lasts me around a year (I don't use it everyday, it's part of soothing, calming arsenal). So I've been using this for atleast 2 years now.
Recently, I saw Insta stories that this was not cruelty-free. Now, I'm not strictly cruelty free ( I mean theoretically I am, but practically I TRY to be). When I first started using it, cosrx had clarified that it was indeed cruelty free, I also saw a couple of secretion extraction videos and was convinced.
But, I didn't look as deep as I could have. So I'm doing it now.
Warning: This post is content heavy.

Cosrx's Cruelty Free Status

Let's start with what cosrx says, Ethical bunny had contacted cosrx, in 2018 and received this reply.
Excerpt " First of all, we do not test on animals. Animal testing is illegal in Korea. Please note do not test on animals, even for animal-driven products. Also, we currently do not sell in Mainland China" also lists cosrx in their cruelty free list. Their requirements are as follows
  1. They do not test on animals during any part of production
  2. They do not order materials from any third party vendor who tests on animals
  3. They do not have third parties test their products on animals on their behalf
  4. They do not sell their products in countries that require animal testing by law (i.e. mainland China)
  5. They are not owned by a parent company who tests on animals.
However, two of the biggest cruelty free databases, beg to differ
In Logical harmony, cosrx is on their pending list of brands ie "These are brands that Logical Harmony has reached out to about their stance on animal testing and is waiting to receive a response or is waiting for the brand to finish completing the documents to be listed on Logical Harmony. Once a response is received, the brand will be moved to the Cruelty-Free Brand List, the Brands to Avoid list, or the Grey Area list depending on their response. If a brand is in the process of getting on the cruelty-free brand list, they will be left on the pending list until the process is complete."
And in Cruelty Free Kitty, cosrx is neither on List of officially cruelty free brands or list of non-cruelty free brands

So I'm going back to cosrx's statement
" First of all, we do not test on animals. Animal testing is illegal in Korea. Please note do not test on animals, even for animal-driven products.
While in 2017, South Korea banned animal testing where alternative testing methods are available, the practice continues since there are loopholes to exploit. [1], [2], as of 2019 atleast.
But just because companies in South Korea, still list on animals doesn't mean Cosrx does.
> Also, we currently do not sell in Mainland China"
Beauty and soul states ***"*there are some loopholes (there’s always loopholes)! Hong Kong and Macau, whilst still being governed by China, do not carry the same law which insists that all skincare products must be tested on animals. Therefore, by launching your products into the Hong Kong market and then using mail order / online channels for distribution further into mainland China, many Korean firms have found a loophole into the Chinese regulation without having to compromise their cruelty free status. At the time of writing (Jul 28, 2018), we have confirmation that the following brands use this tactic to avoid animal testing; Cosrx, Mizon, Whamisa, Thank You Farmer, iUnik, Heimish and Helloskin."
So they were technically stating the truth.
Cross-checking cosrx's statement does not convince me, either way.

The Supplier and Extraction Methods

Even if we take cosrx's statement at face value, all of this has only to with the testing part. What seems more important is the question of whether the snails are hurt in the process of extraction.
I found a few amazing articles on the issue,

Thank you u/sonjavad123, for sharing the last two. All great articles and I highly recommend you read them, for a overview on known information about snail secretion extraction.
In the case of Cosrx, according to the Klog article, linked above, the manufacturer is CoSeedBioPharm Co. After searching in all the wrong places (thanks english-korean language barrier), I finally landed at their site.
They have a lot of certifications, but nothing mentioning 'snail' or 'cruelty free'. But I also couldn't confirm whether Korea has it's own version of Cruelty Free certification, Doesn't look like they do, but I'm not a 100% sure.
I also found their product listings, but other INCI name and Product use, everything else is a korean image embed. Link if you'd like to try your luck. Also found this video (lol @ music). But the video showed me, that somewhere out there english data sheets existed, And I found it.
There are only 4 types of snail mucin listed in the data sheet, while their site has 8, with 1 repeat (maybe a sub variant). But we're going to have to make do. The data sheets contain efficacy studies and Two of snail ingredients mention clinical patch test results. So I'm starting to think they don't test on animals?? But the sheet doesn't mention any exact extraction procedures.
Also according to this video, Coseed supplies to
Go through the video to know exactly what products, use ingredients supplied by them.

I also found, their list of patents in Korea (they have 76 patents btw & 93 results in google patents), with the following relating to snail.
[Note: all of this is korean, and I'm using google translate. Unfortunately years of binge-watching k-dramas has not held me in good stead, so who the hell knows exactly what they meant by snail fire bag]
I looked up, the patents and after a few false starts found some of them in English!!!, adding those links above.
Also found a few more snail related patents held by coseed in English.

Below are excerpts from patents that I found most relevant to the cruelty-free debate.
Snail feed with red ginseng and Centella asiatica and breeding method, in particular goes into raising a snail from eggs to adult, with details on what to feed, at what frequency, for how long and feed changes at different stages, how many snails must be left in a single breeding tank, requirements of the breeding tank, also provides experimental examples of survival rates based on different types of feed and breeding methods.
" the survival rate of the snails fed with the feed containing red ginseng and cinnabar seedlings of Example 1 was 98.10% on average, which was higher than that of the snails of the Comparative Examples 1 to 3. In addition, the survival rates of the snail feed of Comparative Example 1 and the snail feed of Comparative Example 2 were 88.3% and 87.9%, respectively, which was higher than the survival rate of the conventional snail feed, Comparative Example 3, of 82.1%."
" the survival rate of the snail of Example 2, which was supplied with clean environment and fresh feed, was 98.2%, which was 20.5% higher than that of the conventional snail snail survival rate of 77.7% Respectively."
The point being even if they're not raising snails in an optimum environment out of the goodness of their hearts, they doing so to increase survival rates and thereby, more mucin = more profit.

Cosmetic Composition containing red ginseng fed snail mucus already linked above.
" Republic of Korea Patent Publication No. 10-1995-0002741 (1995. 02. 16) relates to a method for manufacturing cosmetics using mucin components extracted from a snail, snail was washed in clean water snail by immersing in hot water containing salt After removing the impurities contained in the snail, the liquid mucin component is collected from the snail, and the collected mucin component is heated to evaporate moisture, thereby extracting the pure mucin component and extracting the extracted mucin component from the basic raw material in the cosmetic manufacturing process. Cosmetics prepared by mixing in the mixing process "is described."
That sounds painful. But it was a method previously patented in 1995. Also it's only about how snail was cleaned, nothing about how EXACTLY mucin is collected.
This is a 2012 patent that mentions "For a period of time, the snails, which had eaten red ginseng, were washed in running water, and only similar sizes (6 ~ 8cm) were selected, sterilized thoroughly with 70% ethanol, and weighed to obtain accurate mucus.
The snail was put into a black net and collected for 6 hours, and then fed again. After giving a 12-hour recovery period, the slime was collected in the same manner as above, and the collected slime was stored refrigerated."
That doesn't sound quite as painful.
Stalking cosrx Instagram, I found this. Leaving aside, the fairy taleish telling, the story seems to match.
So I'm going with cosrx is as cruelty-free as can be without taking into consideration the ethics of growing snails in cages, that's whole other debate, that you need to make up your minds on, for yourself.

But, what about generally? Can we assume all Snail Secretion Filtrate is cruelty-free?

I tried to check, but Snail secretion gave 8988 results and snail extraction gave 28759 results in google patents. And man I'm so not going through all of them.
But I did go through a few that prima facie looked relevant.
From Method for manufacturing snail secretion filtrate and cosmetic including the snail secretion filtrate [2017]
" The step of washing the snails comprises washing the snails using 5% of brine, washing the snails with the mixture of 5% of brine and 1% of vinegar, (B) washing the snail, and (c) washing the snail washed in the step (b) using purified water. Wherein the step (b) includes immersing the snail in the mixture for at least 30 seconds and then repeating the salvage at least four times. The step of scraping the washed snail may cut the washed snail to a size of at least 0.1 mm*."*
This is a korean patent and I would give it the benefit of the doubt for some translation error, if it wasn't repeated once more and if the following claim wasn't there.
"Washing the snail with water; Slicing the washed snail; Extracting a snail extract using a snail; Filtering the extracted snail extract; And And concentrating the filtered snail extract to produce a concentrated snail extract."
I don't even know what to make out of this patent.

From **Method for increasing snail mucus production and extracting the same [2016], Taiwanese patent
" In view of this, the present invention provides a method for promoting mucus secretion of snails with a slight physical stimulation and short stimulation time; the method is to stimulate the secretion of mucus by living snails with a preset voltage*, and the snail after the* electrical stimulation is still a living snail. . In other words, the extraction of snail mucus using the method provided by the present invention does not cause snail death."

From For bio-pharmaceuticals or the snail mucus extraction element of cosmetics [2019] Chinese patent
"Due to slow in one's movements in snail crawling process, the amount of snail pituitary extract is less, is such as acquired using nature Method, be necessarily unable to get a large amount of snail pituitary extract.
The utility model provides a kind of for bio-pharmaceuticals or the snail mucus extraction element of cosmetics, belongs to field of biotechnology.It includes tubular extraction cylinder, one is equipped in the extraction cylinder, and the crawl frame creeped is tilted upward for snail, the crawl frame includes platform of creeping, and connect the plate of creeping for platform of creeping, the plate of creeping has several and along the circumferentially-spaced uniform setting of axial line for platform of creeping, the angle creeped between plate and horizontal plane is at an acute angle, and cylinder bottom is extracted in plate one end connection of creeping, and the other end connects the upper surface for platform of creeping.The utility model can be improved mucous secretion of the snail in crawling process, to improve the extraction efficiency of snail mucus."
So three more methods exist that are prima facie, two cruel and one that may not be.

Also found more ways of extraction on youtube, this Video uses ozone for extraction and this patent that may be somewhat related says it doesn't stress the snails. It infact says "The extraction steps comprises the use of natural substances that do not affect the health of the snail and that actually revitalize its physiological well-being."
This video by a manufacturer **claims to not harm snail either, but it looks cruel...
Obviously I've not gone through or figured out every single snail filtrate extraction method there is in the world but at this point having gone through the few that I have, I'd say cruelty free status depends on suppliers. And even if the supplier claims that the snails are not harmed, there is a grey area where we don't know if they are stressed.

Edit: u/NeverKeepCalm had linked this video in the comments, where the manufacturer claims to spray a secret spray that pleasures them to the point where they secrete a lot of slime, in a special machine he calls spa for snails.

Final thoughts


Completely irrelevant but cool facts. In the Coseed data sheet on the ingredient centella aka Gotu Kola

Just to be clear once again, cause this hasn't stopped, "I do not consent to this post or any part of it being reposted on any social media (including but not limited to YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat). I do not want to see screenshots of my post on any influencer's Instagram handle/website/blog without my explicit written consent. DM / Modmail me if you would like to share this post or use content from this post on your social media with appropriate credit to the sub and me**"***
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2020.09.25 07:37 MobileBall1 What are some script heavy/buggy mods on my list I should avoid?

My new save is running like complete ass right now. NPCs end up standing in place doing nothing. Shit spawns mid air or floats upward. Enemies wont attack me. Inigo and other followers have a super hard time keeping up with me. Ect, constantly

Im pretty sure its from script lag. So I just gotta bite the bullet and start a new save so is anyone aware of anything super demanding that can lead to script lag on my list I should remove?

Ive been Googling it but im finding a lot of contradictory information and most of the forum posts are from years ago and for oldrim. Frost fall is an obvious one but just wanna ask here to make sure something stupid like the bird mod adds thousands of scripts so I can cut down on none important mods first.

Appreciate any help, thanks

0 0 Skyrim.esm
1 1 Update.esm
2 2 Dawnguard.esm
3 3 HearthFires.esm
4 4 Dragonborn.esm
5 5 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
254 FE 0 Vibrant weapons.esl
6 6 LegacyoftheDragonborn.esm
7 7 3DNPC.esp
8 8 Campfire.esm
9 9 daymoyl.esm
254 FE 1 EEOS - Fake Plugin for Mod Organizers.esl
10 a FISS.esp
11 b FlowerGirls SE.esm
12 c High Poly Head.esm
13 d OSA.esm
14 e SGEyebrows.esp
254 FE 2 DeathExpressions.esl
254 FE 3 RASS - Visual Effects.esl
254 FE 4 SleepToGainExperience.esl
254 FE 5 Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
15 f SkyUI_SE.esp
16 10 fallentreebridgesSSE.esp
17 11 S3DTrees NextGenerationForests.esp
18 12 S3DLandscapes NextGenerationForests.esp
19 13 NorthernGrass.esp
20 14 Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
21 15 SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp
22 16 Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
23 17 Third Person Delay Fix.esp
24 18 FNIS.esp
25 19 RaceMenu.esp
26 1a XPMSE.esp
27 1b RaceMenuPlugin.esp
28 1c HitStop.esp
29 1d Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
30 1e Immersive Weapons.esp
31 1f Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
32 20 DSerArcheryGameplayOverhaul.esp
33 21 PC Head Tracking - MCM.esp
34 22 PC Head Tracking - Patch.esp
35 23 iEquip.esp
254 FE 6 Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
254 FE 7 Barefoot Footstep Extended.esp
36 24 Nemesis PCEA.esp
254 FE 8 ImmersiveAnimatedLooting.esp
254 FE 9 3DNPC0.esp
37 25 UIExtensions.esp
38 26 AddItemMenuSE.esp
39 27 Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
40 28 dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
41 29 dD-Larger Splatter Size.esp
42 2a Draw!!.esp
43 2b GoToBed-IEquip-patch.esp
44 2c GoToBed.esp
45 2d LootandDegradation.esp
46 2e MorePainfulNPCDeathSounds.esp
47 2f Wintermyst - LootandDegradation.esp
48 30 SkyHUD.esp
49 31 Realistic-Voice.esp
50 32 CraftingNonPerks.esp
51 33 Flinch.esp
52 34 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp
53 35 FMS_FemaleMakeupSuite.esp
54 36 Ashlander Apparel.esp
55 37 UltimateCombat.esp
56 38 UltimateCombatSekiro.esp
57 39 Believable Crime Report Radius.esp
58 3a CobbEncumbrance.esp
59 3b LCO_Framework.esp
60 3c JKs Skyrim.esp
61 3d AI Overhaul.esp
62 3e Cutting Room Floor.esp
63 3f Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp
65 41 Helgen Reborn.esp
66 42 RLO - Exteriors.esp
67 43 Unique Flowers & Plants.esp
68 44 OBIS SE.esp
69 45 LCO_AllInOne.esp
70 46 Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package.esp
71 47 SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp
72 48 skyBirds_SSE.esp
73 49 Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp
74 4a OwnCivilWar.esp
75 4b JobsofSkyrim.esp
76 4c MrissiTailOfTroubles.esp
77 4d Realm of Lorkhan - Custom Alternate Start - Choose your own adventure.esp
78 4e ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
254 FE a ZIA_WACCF_Patch.esp
79 4f DSerCombatGameplayOverhaul.esp
80 50 SprintSlide.esp
254 FE b MBO.esp
81 51 High Poly Head Vampire Fix.esp
82 52 Guards_Armor_Replacer.esp
83 53 Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp
254 FE c HairsBeastRace - Extended Plus - Replacer.esp
84 54 Potions.esp
85 55 WarmongerArmory_SSE.esp
86 56 AKSkyrimUnderground.esp
87 57 KhajiitWillFollow.esp
88 58 SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.esp
89 59 Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
254 FE d AncientLand2.esp
90 5a Immersive Encounters.esp
91 5b Better Spell Learning.esp
92 5c Run For Your Lives.esp
254 FE e DBM_3DNPC_Patch.esp
93 5d CitizensComplete.esp
94 5e BecomeABard.esp
95 5f SpellResearch.esp
96 60 The Ordinary Women.esp
97 61 DIS_Replacer.esp
254 FE f Immersive Weapons_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE 10 DBM_GuardsArmorReplacer_Patch.esp
254 FE 11 DBM_DIS_Replacer_Patch.esp
254 FE 12 DBM_HelgenReborn_Patch.esp
98 62 Inigo.esp
254 FE 13 JKs Skyrim - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
99 63 Hunterborn.esp
100 64 GoToBed-Hunterborn-patch.esp
101 65 NewArmoury.esp
102 66 Frostfall.esp
103 67 Hold Riders.esp
104 68 DawnguardArsenal.esp
254 FE 14 DBM_IW_Patch.esp
254 FE 15 DBM_JKSkyrim_Patch.esp
105 69 Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
254 FE 16 DBM_CRF_Patch.esp
106 6a notice board.esp
107 6b Sorceress Supreme.esp
108 6c Prometheus_BeastSkeletons.esp
109 6d Spellsword.esp
110 6e SkyrimReputation_SSE.esp
111 6f AmorousAdventuresPlus.esp
112 70 PrvtIRoyalArmory.esp
254 FE 17 DBM_RoyalArmory_Patch.esp
254 FE 18 DBM_Wintersun_Patch.esp
254 FE 19 DBM_ZimsThaneWeapons_Patch.esp
254 FE 1a DBM_SkyrimUnderground_Patch.esp
254 FE 1b DBM_NoticeBoard_Patch.esp
113 71 Immersive Speechcraft.esp
114 72 Project Flintlock SE Original.esp
115 73 Lucien.esp
254 FE 1c VolumeticMistsSolstheim.esp
116 74 DestructibleDisplayCases.esp
254 FE 1d Wintersun - SIC Patch.esp
117 75 LTEB.esp
118 76 Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
119 77 FireBurns.esp
254 FE 1e VolumeticMists.esp
120 78 SpellswordApocalypse.esp
121 79 Bring Your Silver.esp
122 7a 1nivWICCloaks.esp
123 7b FurSet by keung.esp
254 FE 1f Cirious Business CBBE.esp
124 7c BarbarianPaints.esp
125 7d BDOR Lemoria by Team TAL.esp
126 7e DX Necromancer Robes.esp
127 7f Gwelda Witch.esp
128 80 LazyTools.esp
129 81 OH Jannedaarc by Team TAL.esp
254 FE 20 Ram Horn Witch [SE].esp
130 82 skyforgedWeapons.esp
131 83 CBBE.esp
132 84 RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp
133 85 Chesko_WearableLantern.esp
134 86 TES5SE NPCs Travel.esp
135 87 TrueStart - BaseSkills.esp
254 FE 21 KSHairdosSMP.esp
136 88 AMB Glass Variants Lore.esp
137 89 Differently Ebony.esp
138 8a dD-No Spinning Death Animation.esp
139 8b NAT-ENB.esp
140 8c Better Dynamic Snow.esp
141 8d BlendedRoads.esp
254 FE 22 Better Dynamic Snow - Snowy Farmhouses.esp
142 8e DeadlySpellImpacts.esp
254 FE 23 Frost Meshes Patch.esp
143 8f PoisoningExtended.esp
144 90 widescreen_skyui_fix.esp
254 FE 24 3DNPC Visual Overhaul.esp
145 91 Beards.esp
146 92 Bijin NPCs.esp
147 93 Bijin Warmaidens.esp
148 94 Bijin Wives.esp
149 95 DiverseDragonsCollectionSE.esp
150 96 Serana.esp
151 97 Skyrim Save System Overhaul.esp
254 FE 25 DawnguardArsenal_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE 26 Wintersun - ZIA Patch.esp
254 FE 27 DBM_SUT_Patch.esp
254 FE 28 DBM_IA_Patch.esp
254 FE 29 DBM_DGA_Patch.esp
254 FE 2a DBM_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE 2b DBM_ISC_Patch.esp
254 FE 2c DBM_OBIS_Patch.esp
254 FE 2d DBM_SkyTEST_Patch.esp
254 FE 2e DBM_SMIM_Patch.esp
254 FE 2f DBM_ZimsImmersiveArtifacts_Patch.esp
152 98 Imperious - Races of Skyrim.esp
153 99 Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
154 9a Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
254 FE 30 Ordinator_WACCF_Patch.esp
155 9b Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp
156 9c Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
157 9d TheChoiceIsYours.esp
158 9e Convenient Horses.esp
159 9f Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
254 FE 31 TCIY_CRF_Patch.esp
254 FE 32 TCIY_Wintersun_Patch.esp
160 a0 RDO - CRF + USSEP Patch.esp
161 a1 nwsFollowerFramework.esp
254 FE 33 nwsFF_NoTeamMagicDamage.esp
162 a2 WACCF_BashedPatchLvlListFix.esp
163 a3 JKs_Skyrim_No_Lights_Patch.esp
164 a4 Ostim.esp
165 a5 Skyrim Dreams & Nightmares(Personalized Music plugin).esp
254 FE 34 rugged_rogue.esp
166 a6 FDIDGArsenalPatch.esp
167 a7 FDILOTDPatch.esp
168 a8 fortdawnguardimmersive.esp
169 a9 Immersive Patrols II.esp
170 aa OBIS SE - Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
171 ab OBIS SE - NoticeBoard - Addon.esp
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2020.09.24 23:15 Revgored Marielle

It would appear, from what Marielle tells me, that my experiment is a success. I, unfortunately, will not be given the opportunity to experience it firsthand, but no matter; what information I can glean from her ravings seems enough to guide further experiments, to the end of extrapolating a more conclusive result.
The experiment, of course, being my continuing work in the field of temporal displacement theory.
My apologies to the layman; time travel, if you will. I should, however, discuss further the situation, rather than expect cogent understanding relative of no information. This document, after all, will serve as a guide toward a greater understanding of such an esoteric concept, and hopefully a step-by that others may learn from further.
As a basic primer to the reader of this guide, keep in mind to start - the science of temporal displacement cannot currently be performed on the practitioner, as it requires constant monitoring of vital and psychological systems. Hence, a trustworthy assistant who understands the concepts and risks involved must be employed.
Trustworthy, in this sense, must be a measure of not only the intrinsic steadfast nature of the assistant, but their belief in the truth of the scientific method. Too often in this modern world, people tend to proclaim their ‘love’ of a concept, when momentary infatuation would better serve. In the realm of boundless, untethered science, there is no space for half measures. Only through total dedication to the ideal can true results be achieved. The secrets of the universe are not discovered in passing, or from behind the shield of some imagined moral code.
Now, this is not to push against the student who approaches the study of zeal. Rather, cultivate that into a focus, and sacrifice that serves the greater goal of knowledge and progress. Allow that student the wonder of stripping the ethical bounds placed upon them by rote convention, that they further engage in the art of discovery, If this discovery is engaged by that fervent young practitioner, they connect that very personal discovery, that moral revelation, to their work. That spiritual path is a direct corollary to that greater work, which then becomes a lifestyle, and quite inseparable.
With these pretenses in mind did I set out originally to find my assistant for my work in temporal displacement and communications. I was of the belief that if I could not displace matter beyond the barriers of time, then perhaps I could achieve the transfer of information. With this high-minded ideal as a starting point, I began the interview process.
While there were a good deal of prospective aides who passed through the initial interview, that pool dropped most sharply upon being further informed of the greater details of my work.
Some of the less-informed merely laughed upon learning of my pursuit, at which point they were politely shown the door. Others would ask for further detail, and then pedantically deconstruct the framework of the process in an attempt, perhaps to show their prowess and keen understanding of the established sciences.
These folk, as well, were refused.
There was the small percentage who did, as a point of fact, understand the more esoteric aspects of the work. Those who, with that understanding, began to question the ethicality of my pursuit, attempting to place sanctity of moral tyranny ahead of the ultimate order of knowledge. These, too, were shown a respectful exit, still with their finger-wagging and platitudes.
And then, through the clouds of chaff, came the perfect candidate. That one person who understood and believed in the work, yet did not attempt to raise those moral red flags that the others with the intellectual capacity had. The person who realized that not only was the work a risk to the very existence of the subject, but that the subject was to be, in fact, herself.
In this, I met Marielle.
Marielle came to me at the recommendation of a colleague, to whom she had been a student. While engaged in his classes, she had purportedly challenge both himself and the other students routinely, and most savagely. In this, she earned few friends, but grudging respect. Not only were her arguments often objectively defended, but also at expense of most social and moral norms.
The other students took to calling her ‘Mad Scientist’, as her arguments for more precise results through use of human subjects gave most ‘educated’ folks pause.
Marielle reveled in it. Her most fervent arguments dressed her as an amoral creature, whose singular focus was the furtherance of her own work. To the young and educated classmates, she must have appeared a monster, lacking compassion and concern for her fellow man. To her, though, they were never ‘fellow man’, and, to me, she was perfect.
Her understanding of the concepts alone took an extraordinary intellect, a great barrier of entry to most. The great filter, though, through which she passed so effortlessly, was her absolute objectivity in the pursuit of her ideals. Unbending to the subjective will of social and peer pressures, her refusal to tow the line of the moral majority under whom she endured scrutiny was the absolute that put her well past those same who had believed themselves up to the task.
In essence, the most trustworthy, steadfast and reliable assistant is she who, in the greater interest of truth, is willing to practice the seeming horrors which she so proselytizes to her contemporaries.
Thus my search for the ‘perfect’ lab assistant had met with most rousing success.
Secondary to one who throws their very being into your personal pursuits must be your own willingness to trust implicitly in the arguments of said assistant. For while the fantasy of your own ineffable planning may be a pretty one, very rarely is it reliable. Often one finds bends or shifts that they allay themselves into belief of their ‘inevitability’, rather than admit they were incorrect.
Hubris may well be the great annihilator of the yet-undiscovered miracles of our era.
As such, when Marielle was brought on the project, I was most pleased when she began to deconstruct some of the more esoteric aspects, in an attempt to make them more easily repeatable. Thus would these concepts become more systemic, and our experimentation more robust.
Of course, one may be given to the question of what the esoteric aspects of temporal displacement may entail. After all, even the most abstract scientific hypotheses do have the underlay of predetermined principle and a guiding beacon of previous proofs. In the field of study in which I have chosen, however, there is fair little by which I may uphold any measurable progress. A great deal less in terms of community proofs exist in the more outlandish fields.
Hence, it is with this in mind that certain aspects of my study are outside the norm in terms of the scientific process. For instance, one of my initial experiments hinged largely on the need to subject the psyche of the volunteer to a terror that would allow the reconstruction of the objective reason of their mind. Initially, I had achieved this end through a cocktail of certain illicit narcotics, and some mild physical duress. Upon review though, Marielle had some excellent suggestions involving methods she had personally experienced in her own experimentation with narcotic tolerances and what she referred to as 'the freight train in lieu of the slow path'. Aspects of her observations, while absolutely illegal, would induce the levels of terror required, should the subject be found needing such altercation.
Beyond her ability to improve on my methods outside of the objectively absolute, Marielle professed that she would endure our trials firsthand, so as to obtain intellectually recorded evidence of our work.
The transparent value of the humble professor of these arts, and one with whom to engage in the pursuit, is now well established. The details of how Marielle, in her many instances, got to these varied points may now be disclosed.
This of course is done alongside my notes and observations regarding the experiment proper. Details of process, hypothesis and amendments, and various reagent requirements may be found in that document, in full. Let there be no misapprehensions about the experiment, or its success. While the outcome was most assuredly different than the two of us could ever have thought possible, we have absolutely achieved success in our endeavour.
At the outset of the entire affair, Marielle and I discussed in detail all the reasons the initial planned experiment would fail. Better to enter such an undertaking with the prospect of failure to induce a close review of assumptions than to rely on the certainty of hindsight.
Deconstruction of our methods and rebuilding them with new aspects in consideration was painstaking, but gave the both of us over to most low and necessary scrutiny. After all, both my reputation and her well being were at stake now. Should the experiment fail, all those who crowed their moral qualms would need only point to Marielle's most assuredly wretched outcome as a banner waving in their favour.
No, neither her nor I wished these nay saying pseudo-ethical ghouls any day of victory. Hence was our refactor of the experiment the most thorough work either of us had engaged in our collected time in the profession.
It was then, upon the second anniversary of our working relationship that the both of us agreed that the experiment was at last suitably prepared for a first attempt.
Our first trial met with limited success. The initial preparations made, Marielle subjected herself to the processes she had tested and tested again, their initial conception so long ago now. Lost in the trance of narcotics and psychological fragility, I prepared her now-malleable psyche for our first attempt.
Her face, horror struck, shook. She did manage to maintain her hold on purpose though, assuring me of her dedication to observing the travails of her mind throughout.
While at first, she appeared to just be recounting memories of our work together, one of a handful of her assorted ravings recorded became of extremely heightened interest two days after our trial when, to the exact detail, it actually came to pass.
While this may seem at first glance much like some happenstance occurrence, the reality soon became grossly obvious. Marielle took a day to recover from our first attempt, and then began to insist on a second. While it would be a lie to say I was not engaged by her enthusiasm, I also had to err on the side of her health. Clinically speaking, she was of no use to the project if she could not endure the process at all.
She deigned deference to my point, insisting though that we not delay our work past a week. Agreeable as this was, I still kept her under observation for the duration of the week, just to make positive of her improvement.
A week passed, and our work did resume. Marielle had spent her recuperation time not only resting her physical self, but preparing her mind for the second attempt at our experiment. Having endured the method once, she had formed hypotheses around her ability to utilize the process to its fullest capacity, and was prepared for extended exposure.
Certain of her facilities, I agreed and began preparations. All things being equal, was this not precisely why she had been selected for the assistant role?
Assured of her renewed capacity and dedication, we engaged her in the tie-down harness. Once secured in place, I set the visual and auditory sensory loaders and began to engage the feedback receivers. Finally, I set the intravenous drip in the back of her hand, and introduced the proper narcotic blend to initiate the more divergent aspect of the proceedings. A final check that all was in place, and her thumbs-up finality later, and I was sealing the door to the test chamber.
What happened next was not only immediate, but also terrifying for both Marielle and myself. Her fear was much different from mine, though. While she, in that instant, experienced her entire life, from birth through death, I was subject to hearing her screams and pleading in not just her voice, but in all her voices she had or would ever have. For it was, in that moment, and from that time forward, was Marielle ‘unhooked’ from time altogether.
Now, strange a concept as this may be, the term is the closest that the two of us have concocted to approximate her condition. From what I have been able to cull from her ravings, she is in a state of simultaneous consciousness that spans from our shared history, until some other space in time that she is unable to disclose. If she is, in fact, able to communicate with me in all times, I can only assume my self in the future that we inhabit has warned her as to the inherent dangers of giving any past iteration of myself any information from the future. Admirable, to be sure, but infuriating nonetheless.
But, I am not attempting time travel for the benefit of one. I must be able to extend the reach of myself, as well. I will achieve my success, using the accrued knowledge of all my selves, at all points.
Information, though, is exceedingly more difficult to glean than I had imagined. As I converse with Marielle, she is in commune with me forever. Any questions I have or will ever have asked her are being posed concurrently. Her entire existence is an unending conversation with me, attempting to garner information from myself. And, though I know I am speaking from a place of measured rationale at this moment, I cannot speak to how my demeanor may alter the further this conversation goes.
However, it was not a pursuit I would long be given the luxury of indulging. A catastrophic change had come over Marielle.
Upon visiting her one morning, 9 days gone from our success, I was met with a great unpleasantness - Marielle had died sometime in the night. Her vital signs no longer registered, and she was cold to the touch. Frustrated and even somewhat emotional, I set to the task of preparing what last observations I could make, given her condition. I wrote the final vitals that had registered, and reviewed the overnight recordings for any clue as to how it may have happened.
The recording froze me, and her words cut me to shuddering. I will record them here, as I am fully aware that my own time now is short, though I have no idea even what meaning that holds any longer. It is best that I copy from the recording verbatim, when possible. It is most likely I will not have a complete timeline even when I have the words studied, but I am assured, I do not meet a favourable end. And, if Marielle’s own cries in the last record are of any indication, I have a most painful denouement of our work on the approach.
To whit, following are the last moments of the somewhat unorthodox life of my assistant, Marielle. I will list neither her last name, nor any other identifying information here, but I will leave this request. Should you come across this record, and I am dead, do not hesitate to completely destroy my laboratory. Burn it to the ground, and bulldoze what remains. What work as was practiced in this place brought but death and madness to the pursuants. There is nothing to be gained in the continuation, but literally everything to be lost.
And now, as final testament to that sorrowful fate, please heed the last words of my poor condemned Marielle, for whom I pray death brought finality.
What is that used to be everywhere used to be
Doctor stop talking you’re coming from the moments fading
Everywhere you are you’re fading apart please run
God why is it taking you so long to die please just die why aren’t you dying
I can’t see you everywhere used to be now forever. I can now
You’re coming from the moments just gone
You used to be with me now you’re not moments
Who were you
No, who now forever. I can are you?
Please don’t put me in that used to be chair
They being torn can see now you’re not me now
They’re coming from the moments you’re now you’re not not in anymore
They’re around me They’re coming now forever. I now you’re not can barely focus on them it’s pain They’re coming
I can’t now you’re not feel anywhere
Where am I
Why aren’t I anywhere coming from the moments
Doctor help now forever. now you’re not I can They’re coming
They see you
now you’re not
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2020.09.23 20:08 VoidKiller826 Fantomex #5: Constructive Mutation


Issue Five: Constructive Mutation
Saga 1, Arc 2: All Roads Lead to Rome.
Written by u/VoidKiller826
Edited by u/DarkLordJurasus & u/duelcard
“Hello.” Normal speech.
‘Hello.’ Internal speech.
“Hello.” EVA speaking.
[Hello.] Radio/Phone speaking.
{Hello.} TV Speaking.
Nefaria Castle - Underground Facility - Rome, Italy:
He couldn’t count just how many guns were aimed at his direction.
Every one of the black-armored soldiers carried enough firepower that would make his own arsenal pathetic in comparison. If these guys managed to take down Mutants and cage them up, then they are more ready to take Fantomex out in a shootout in the facility.
His hands were close to his pistols as the air grew tense as everyone was waiting for the one who blew this place all the way to hell.
“You are a long way from Symkaria, Charlie.” said the man who commanded these soldiers. Constrictor, aka Frank Payne, an armored mercenary who has been growing famous for the past year since he left. And so far he seems to have succeeded in his goal. “I never expected you of all people to leave Sable’s side.”
Stalling, good. This would give him time to set things up…
“Thirty weapons trained in your direction.”
Well… that answers the number of guns aimed at him.
‘Chances of survival here, EVA?’
‘Straight to the point I see…’
Fantomex slowly got up, using the computer he got thrown into for support. Hands-on the surface of the broken machine as he steadied himself, thankfully, Constrictor was kind enough to let him stand up.
“Let’s say the Princess and I have our… differences in handling certain things, but I’ve been hearing she is doing well.” he coughed out, trying to keep his mind steady as he planned out a way to get out of this pickle. “I did not expect you to actually be working with the mafia in this part of the world.”
“I am not explaining anything to you. I am here on a job, how and why is none of your business.”
It is when children are involved.” Fantomex bit back, taking a step forward, causing some of the Reavers to tighten their aim and Black Ax, who stood next to his commander to ready his weapon but Constrictor stopped them. “I always thought you had a sense of honor, but this? This is crossing a line you will come back from.”
Something had changed with Frank Payne. The two never got along even in the past, but he respected the fact the man had standards. But this? Dealing and trafficking with people? Like they were cattle? Respect gets thrown right out of the window.
Constrictor let out a scoff, finding it funny with what Fantomex just said. “You’re kidding right? You are talking about crossing a line when you saw how Sable was doing last year when the civil war kicked in and did absolutely nothing in stopping? You don’t get to talk about anything, dog.
Fantomex grimaced from his Constrictors word, finding truth behind it.
“Ten seconds.”
Fantomex eyes turned to his left where the cage of their latest test subject was housed. He looked very skinny as if they’ve been starving for weeks. Expression hidden behind the shadows except for his red eyes staring at his direction. Wondering if the Mercenary in White was here to save them? Or die in the attempt?
“I have to say, I expected more out of you,” noted Constrictor, sounding disappointed. “Could have made this a little entertaining before I put you to the ground.”
The armored Mercenary raised his hand, commanding his men to prepare to fire. Who are more than happy to oblige to the order.
“In sync. Waiting for command, Charlie.” EVA’s voice echoed in his mind, which managed to relieve his worries in an instant.
Fantomex grinned beneath his mask, hands circling to his two silver handguns.
“Don’t worry, Frank. This dance is just…” Fantomex took a step back, hands outstretched by his sides as if commanding internally. “Hitting an encore.”
Behind Fantomex, the tv screens that were littered and shattered after he was kicked into it by Constrictor light up, distorted, static. Before settling into a distorted green screen.
And at the center of it is the face of a woman glaring down on the soldiers.
The lights of the facility began flickering everywhere, catching the attention of everyone inside. The mutants that were caged began noticing the collars around their necks began to act up, the red light that indicated outfits activation began flickering.
And they realized just what is about to happen.
Constrictor and his Reavers were shocked at the sudden electrical shift before it dawned on them what Fantomex just did.
“What the shit?!” Black Ax shouted in anger, readying his giant ax. “How the hell did he get in the system?!”
“You…” Constrictor glared at the White clothed mercenary. “She still works with you?!”
“What can I say, she and I are inseparable,” Fantomex noted smugly. Constrictor knows about EVA, but to him, she is a hacker from somewhere in the world, not someone who Fantomex shares a body with.
The beauty of mystery never fails to amaze even the simplest of minds.
“Reconfiguring the system, all security locks are disengaged,” EVA announced through the facility speakers, her voice echoing for everyone to hear. “Inhibitor collars: offline. Have a pleasant freedom everyone.”
And on command, every cell in the facility opened wide, the sound of the metallic collars dropping to the floor as the Mutants that were once caged were finally able to get out.
What followed was a huge explosion from nearby, with some of the Reavers screaming and bullets flying in that direction.
The mutants are out, and they are not only looking to escape, but they are looking for blood.
“Sir! The tech guys just sent out that they lost control!” one of the soldiers said in a panic tone.
Constrictor gritted his teeth, glaring at the smiling Fantomex before signaling his men. “Team Two and Three! Support the other patrol teams in the facility! Do. Not. Hold. Back! Use the soundwave when needed!”
The teams and the team leaders saluted and ran to different directions, needing as much manpower they could throw to keep this place under control.
“Twenty soldiers, chances of survival is still zero,” EVA noted, calm as ever within his brain. “I am not detecting any escape paths near you.”
‘Doesn’t matter for me, EVA. If the mutants here managed to escape, then I am content.’ He cited, while all of this started because he wanted information about his past from Caprice. He will never leave others to suffer for the sake of his goals, even if it means his own death.
Open fire!” Constrictor shouted to his Reavers, not wanting to give Fantomex a chance to react.
Before the mercenary could run for cover, a body suddenly appeared in front of him. The man in front of him was a massive man of muscles and… more muscles. Exceeding in size to everyone in the room, even to Black Ax’s own size.
The giant turned to Fantomex, giving him a wide grin. The Mercenary realized he was the same skinny person that was locked up in the cage, now a giant pile of muscles standing in front of him.
“You got guts in showing off to these wise guys, I respect strong guys like that!” said the giant to Fantomex, using his whole body to protect the mercenary from the firing squad. Not at all affected from the barrage of bullets that would have killed Fantomex in an instant. “Say, cause you got me and my folks here out, how about we get out of here together?”
Fantomex noticed the giant had a very distinguishable Italian-American accent, another mutant far from home. The Mercenary in White responded with a nod, brandishing his two handguns, ready for a fight.
“Lead the way my giant mutant, oh, and you may call me… Fantomex.”
The giant gave him a confused look and shrugged. “Eh, heard weirder names.” he noted before introducing himself. “Name’s Guido! When we get out of here I’ll be buying you some nice cold beer.”
“I’ll hold you to that.”
The giant, Guido, turned to the Reavers and flexed his muscles, challenging them to come forward. “Come on! I am ready for another round at ya dirty mercs, none of these scrubs and needles poking at my strong body!”
“Ax, take care of him, I don’t care if you kill him, just get it done.” Constrictor ordered Black Ax, not caring if the higher ups get pissed for ruining their experiments that they’ve been working on with the giant mutant. “All of you! Don’t hold back! Turn to armor piercing rounds! Bring out the heavies and get this place contained!”
“Sir!” the soldiers all responded to the command and aimed their weapons at the two.
“Waste those turds!” Black Ax shouted to his men, who fired a hail of bullets to the two.
“Hostiles on your right!” EVA warned Fantomex, talking to him through his brain.
Using the giant mutant for shield, Fantomex charged alongside Guido as the bullets bounced off of him, but all it did was make his body grow bigger, stronger the more times he was hit. Which helped Fantomex greatly as he took advantage and started firing back at the Reavers, wounding several of them in the exchange as his bullet pierced through their heavy armor.
‘Cobalt’s engineering never ceases to amaze me.’
Guido bulldozed through the Reavers as he came closer to Constrictor and Black Ax. The former raised his arms to block Guido’s muscled arm, but it didn’t stop him from getting swatted away. The latter swung his giant ax that shared his namesake toward Guido, aiming to take his head off.
The giant dodged the attack and tackled the black-amored giant. Guido pushed forward, dragging Black Ax and crashing through the metal railing, sending the two tumbling down to the lower level, where the Reavers and Mutants were fighting one another.
“The Commander is down!” One of the Reavers shouted before turning to the now coverless Fantomex. “Focus fire on him-”
The Reaver howled in pain as Fantomex fired at his shoulder, and the black-armored mercs answered back with another hail of bullets.
‘Getting low on ammo here…’ Fantomex’s eyes glowed, allowing EVA to scan the area, giving him a few openings he can pass through the hail of gunfire. Not easing up his assault, the mercenary in white charged forward, dodging the Reaver’s hail of bullets with inhuman speed.
“What the hell?! How is he this fast-”
The first poor Reaver received a vicious right to the face, through his strength he managed to crack on his helmet with one shot, sending him flying.
“Ten remaining in your area.” Noted EVA as she continued working through the Reavers and the Maggia security. “Please stay at least twenty feet, Charlie. I need to maintain connection.”
The other Reavers, out of instinct or desperation, set aside their weapons and focused on fighting Fantomex hand to hand, with the first one punching forward. Fantomex caught the hand easily, but felt a strong weight behind it, like a solid rock hitting the palm of his hand. Clearly well trained judging by the force behind the punch.
Fantomex fought them, using his fighting skills to combat the oncoming Reavers, one at the time, three at the time, all at once. Different approach, all for the sake of killing him. But he managed to dodge, block, kick, punch and headbutt any Reaver that got close.
He was getting the upper hand, much to the bewilderment and anger of the Reavers until he felt a wire wrap around his waist and pulled him back just as he was about to finish off one of the Reavers.
The whiplash behind the pull made him feel like his head was about to take off, just as he got closer he felt a brutal kick to his back, sending him flying forward and crashing into a nearby crate.
“Damn…” he spat out, feeling like a hammer just hit his spine from how the force was delivered. Turning to his opponent, Constrictor, who had long electrical whips out of his gauntlets.
“Reavers! Focus on helping the other teams!” Constrictor ordered as he pulled Fantomex closer, his professional tone all but gone and replaced with anger. “I am burying this bastard!”
The soldiers without any hesitation quickly dispersed after the order, leaving the two mercenaries alone as the fighting between the Reavers and the Mutant raged on in the background.
Fantomex raised his mask and spat out blood, giving Constrictor a bloody grin. The whip left a bloody mark around his waist from the electrical attack.
“You’ve trained your soldiers well my fair whip user, you might have gone further if you weren’t focused on mutant trafficking.”
Constrictor gritted his teeth and moved his whip, hitting the floor and creating a straight line. “Shut up and fight… We wasted enough time as it is.”
“Agreed, although catching up never hurts… much.” Fantomex cracked his neck, reloading his weapons and took a stance.
And charged forward weapons drawn, ready to make sure every mutant here gets out of here alive.
Even if it means risking his life.
At the same time - Nefaria Castle - Underground Facility:
“The Mutants are out in Section 3!” One Reaver shouted nearby.
[Section 5! He is out! I repeat! He is out-] A Reaver radio call turned to static as screams followed from somewhere in the facility.
[Holy hell… How is she gonna throw that thing at us!-] another radio call was cut off, followed by something heavy hitting a wall, shaking the facility.
Reavers firing their weapons toward any mutant that are in their range, it doesn't matter who, they just have to contain this battle in any way, even if it means killing every mutant in the facility. The facility was starting to be filled with smoke as fires burned everywhere.
“Team Three with me!” The Reaver Team Leader commanded the others as they came through the smoke, taking the lead. “Commander gave us the go to use the Sonic Cannon, so don’t waste our chance!”
“There!” one of the Reavers pointed toward the smoke ahead. “Someone is coming out!”
And through the smoke, out came a group of mutants, each of them glaring at the Reavers with murderous intent. The leading mutant stepped forward, a dark-skinned man dressed in the overalls the Reavers gave them.
“It's Bedlam!” a Reaver shouted and aimed his weapon at the mutant. “His mutant crew took out Skullbuster’s team back in New York!”
“Dammit! Don’t let him use his powers-” Just as the Team Leader was about to spout his orders, he felt a headache creep in, and it continued expanding at every second. “What… what the hell… my head is spinning…”
The dark-skinned mutant, Bedlam, had his hands forward, moving his fingers and causing the lights and computers flickering with each movement. The Reavers grabbed their heads in pain, whatever Bedlam was doing to cause the electricity to flicker also caused the soldiers immense pain.
“Take him down!...” the Team Leader shouted, trying to aim his weapon. “Take… all of them down! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
A powerful lightning bolt came through the smoke, hitting the Reaver team with a powerful electrical shock. The attack caused many of them to scream in pain before collapsing in a heap, knocked out.
Bedlam shook his head before turning to the newcomer who followed him. She was the blue haired girl that was in the same cell he was locked in, he guessed her to be at least thirteen or twelve years old judging from her demeanor and looks. Her eyes, compared to his, were filled with hatred, gritting her teeth together as she glared at the pile of Reavers.
“Not bad, shrimp.” said Bedlam to the blue haired girl, cracking his neck, feeling stiff from the month long of captivity. “There’s the spot… hey don’t go overboard with the mercs, okay?.”
The blue-haired girl scoffed, turning her eyes to Bedlam with a glare, still sparkling after using her powers. “Watashi wa kinishinai. Watashi wa sorera subete o shūryō shimasu.” She said aloud, speaking fast, too fast.
“.... Right, I'll pretend I understood what you just said....” Bedlam answered, playing along even though he did not understand a lick of what she just said. Looking over his shoulder, he called out to the rest behind them. “Alright! Follow me! We will be out of here soon.”
More mutants came out of the smoke, some looking different then the others. Some looked normal, others had the appearances of a giant humanoid rock, a mutant with a watery form where you can see their skeleton, or a giant lizard. Every mutant that was with him in the cage looked different, but all share the same thing he has, they are all mutants.
“It seems the other’s are more focused on taking their revenge on the soldiers instead of escaping.” a white-haired mutant came out of the crowd, his appearance different from the others as he looked like a humanoid bird, covered with feathers and a beak for a mouth. “I do hope we don’t plan on joining this little fight....”
“If that merc follows through his promise then we wouldn’t be joining in, let the psychos kill each other out.” Bedlam noted as he heard gunfire, the screams and something heavy being thrown around. Turning back to the avian mutant, Bedlam noted: “You weren’t kidding that your transformation wasn’t pretty, Burnell.”
Burnell Bohsuck let out a small laugh, walking on his hind legs, he stood next to Bedlam as he stared ahead. "Not everyone can have super strength or firing lightning bolts," he nodded at the blue haired girl, who pouted, impatient with the standing around. "But we make due what God has given us."
"Positive outlook for a guy who looks like a bird." Bedlam cited before looking ahead through the smoke. "We can discuss how God cursed us after we get the hell out of here… if we can find the exit-"
"Good evening everyone."
Everyone's attention turned to the facility speakers as a voice of a woman came out of it, the same woman who announced their freedom.
"Please follow the emergency red lights leading to the exit of the facility." The voice announced in a calm tone. “Any mutants who desire to leave, there will be transport as promised.”
“Bold announcement to everyone in the facility to hear.” Burnell noted, the speakers announced it to everyone in the area, meaning even the Reavers heard it. “That would make things difficult.”
“Not if they are getting slaughtered.” Bedlam took the lead and walked through the smoke, looking for the red lights. “Everyone is so focused on keeping this place under control I doubt they would even notice the announcement.”
Bedlam was still skeptical, the merc in white said he had a means to get the hell out of this place and go back home. But he has to believe that all of this chaos happening around them would give them the means to get the hell out of this place with everyone else.
“Come on,” Bedlam signaled everyone behind him. “We are getting out of here and no one will stop us from getting back home.” he turned to Brunell, who compared to the others, doesn’t personally know and wasn’t with him when they took him and his crew back in NY. “That includes you, dutchman. We accept anyone in our little town, no matter how they look.”
“Why thank you.” Brunel managed to smile with his beak, still hopeful compared to Bedlam. “But let’s hope we can get out of here first with what we have.” he noted, citing the mutants with them, which consisted of some adults and a lot of children and teenagers.
“Don’t worry,” Bedlam grinned in confidence, just as there was a sound of something heavy falling nearby. “My people will help us get out of here.”
“Your… people?” Brunel asked, a little nervous after hearing that crash nearby before hearing someone shout ahead within the foggy smoke.
“You call that strong!” a voice bellowed ahead, followed by another crash, through the smoke they could see two giants wrestling each other, with the other growing in size with each hit. “I’ll show you strong wise guy!”
Bedlam turned to Brunell, still smiling confidently. “As I said, my people. These mercs and scrubs don’t know who they are messing with.”
The fighting continued, reaching even upstairs as some of the mutants broke through the doors and into the heart of the castle, fighting Reavers and Maggia alike. Burning and destroying anything in their path.
Outside of Nevaria Castle:
Throughout his life, Ralph Roberts had his fair share of ups and downs. From his military days before getting discharged, to marriage to his divorce because his wife was a horrible woman, to getting a job in Stark Industries then getting fired because he wanted an extra buck and dealing at the side before getting caught. To now working as a pilot taking mercenaries all over the world for jobs that pays a lot but with a higher risk factor than anything else.
So when he got a radio call from EVA of all people, the first time he had even spoken to her. It shocked him greatly, the fact that she is a woman sharing a brain with Fantomex of all people lending support. Her call was simple, land the plane nearby for extraction. Not only to get Fantomex out, but to get mutants the Maggia were trafficking out of the country.
He could have refused the request and just got out of the country, moved on with his life and let Fantomex and the mutants to their fate. But… loyalty to a man who did a lot for him in the past year got the better over common sense. And so he landed the plane at an empty plain of grass in front of the castle, spacious enough and not rough enough to land the hunk of metal.
“I should have taken that security job at Hammer…” Cobalt complained under his breath as he removed his seat belt and ran out of the plane. “I told the idiot not to go overboard and he went ahead and did it anyway…”
Outside he could smell the burning smoke reach to him as he stared out into the castle ahead. He could hear gunfire and shouting from where he stood, a large smoke forming from where he suspects to be the courtyard. Smoke reaches all the way to the sky, so it won’t be long before the whole city will notice it, which would n't be long before the police show up.
“Christ, Fantom… you just had to play hero…” he massaged his head at the chaos ahead, its one thing to deal with the mob, it's a whole other thing to deal with mutants with the power to destroy an entire city.
He heard a loud bang, like a hammer slamming into metal. Cobalt turned to the castle main gate, it looked strong enough to hold any attack if they were in medieval times. But the bang was loud, very loud.
Another bang, and this time the gate pushed forward, as if someone made a dent from behind it. Another hit, and another and another until it completely exploded open as a giant… a thing came out of the gate. It looked like it was a person with a bloated buddy, muscled up to the bone. Its size eclipsing everything he has ever seen in his life.
‘EVA mentioned I’ll be seeing a giant man… I’ll take a guess that’s him…’ He thought hard about what to do but swear at his breath, it's too late to second guess his decision. “Hey!” he called out to the giant, trying to catch his attention. “Over here!”
A giant plane parked in front of a castle isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence, so he wonders if it's worth the effort to catch anyone’s attention and not get marked by the Maggia.
The mutant turned to his direction and gave him a wide grin, signaling to someone behind him. Ralph was taken aback at the large number of people coming out of the castle, adults leading children of different ages and race to his direction, with a dark-skinned man taking the lead.
“You working with the merc?” the dark-skinned man asked in a rather forceful tone, eyeing Cobalt with distrust. “The one with the weird name?”
Ralph couldn’t help but crack up at the description. “Yeah, Fantomex. Dude in white who likes to do weird stuff.” He pointed at the plane nearby. “Name’s Cobalt, I am the pilot, didn’t expect to be taking more passengers today.”
He never saw a mutant in person, he honestly expected them to look like normal people that can shoot out fireballs or control magnets like that one mutant on the news. But seeing the different people and looks he saw shocked him. Some looked like lizards, a giant rock, a bird, a kid with spikes coming out of his back to name a few.
“Neither did we expect one.” he nodded to the bird mutant, telling him to get the others into the plane. “Sorry for the extra baggage.”
“That’s fine.” Ralph shrugged before eyeing the giant muscled up mutant. “Although I don’t know if I can take everyone-”
Another explosion shook the ground, catching everyone's attention. Looking up, they saw on the castle walls, a group of soldiers were firing onto a white skinned Mutant charging towards them at terrifying speed. Clawing his way through them like paper, biting through their neck like an animal.
"What the hell?..." Cobalt was in shock at this brutal display of attack from the mutant. "Isn't he one of you-"
"No," Bedlam cut him off, offended at the comparison. "He is not one of my people. He is apart of a crew who are using their powers for profit back in New York."
"I sense a history here."
"Just with his boss," he answered before turning to the plane. "Come on pilot man, we need to get out here."
"Wait," Ralph looked back to the castle, carrying a worried look. "We still need to wait for Fantomex-"
Ralph’s ears perked up, that was his radio. Picking it up from his hip and answered the caller. “What the hell, Charlie?! What happened to keeping it subtle?! You turn the whole place into a warzone!”
[You can complain to me later, right now I want to ask if you got some people on board your plane?] Fantomex responded back.
He turned back to Bedlam, who was helping the Mutants get in the plane with help from the bird mutant, a blond haired woman with a scar in her cheek, and the muscled up mutant, who looked like he was shrinking in size.
Good, then he shouldn't be worried with the plane not being able to carry the extra weight.
"Don't know how many but they look like a lot of people cramming in." Cobalt answered.
"Thirty-two." The blond-haired woman walked up to him, answering him with a number. "We have thirty two Mutants."
He really wanted to ask how she was able to count everyone so fast but that's for later. "Is that everyone?"
"It is." Bedlam cited, giving him a nod.
Cobalt brought the radio closer and spoke to Fantomex. "We got enough people out of there, not including the psychopaths you also helped escape."
[That's my sin to carry,] the mercenary answered, sounding ashamed for the chaos he caused. [Listen to me, I need you to get that plane flying now.]
"Wait what?!" Ralph asked, perplexed by his request. "You want me to leave you behind?!"
[No, you won't be. Listen carefully because you might fly a little close to the ocean.]
If there was a time for Cobalt to feel an immense headache creeping in, now would be the most appropriate time as he hears Fantomex's insane plan.
"Christ Almighty you will be the death of me…"
Nefaria Castle - Underground Facility:
Fantomex lifted his mask and spat out blood, grimacing in pain as he hobbled through the smoke and fire of the facility. Heavily injured after his fight with Constrictor which ended in a draw between the two due to an interference from some mutants wanting payback to the Reaver commander.
"A woman with super strength is a terrifying thing to witness…"
"Charlie, you are losing too much blood." EVA said inwardly, worried for him
"I know, but we have to get out here, we have a mission to complete."
One of the things he has come to find out in the castle is that it's built by a mountain side, and much to his surprise, more so than the facility is the existence of an underground pier close by. Possibly used by the Reavers for transporting the mutants they kidnap all over the world.
There is a reason the Maggia wouldn't know of the existence of a mutant trafficking ring underneath it's headquarters except the high ranking members. If they passed the mutants from above, the whole Nefaria Family would know. But if they came from somewhere more… discreet. It would make it easier to hide them from any curious eyes.
So thanks to EVA’s scanning and interference after hacking through their systems she was able to find an entry point to the facility from the sea, making it easy for products to go in and out discreetly.
'Should have known it looked odd a castle standing in a mountain near the ocean would have a tunnel underground.'
He walked forward, fighting off the pain as the Reavers continued their battle against the other Mutants who wanted revenge. Fantomex grimaced at the screams, he suspected that there were some bad apples in the Mutants, but seeing the Reavers being brutalized and slaughtered didn't sit well with him.
He actually hoped Constrictor didn't share that same fate with his soldiers.
Fantomex came closer to the pier, with three or so military boats, they looked like Russain crafts. So that means its hull is strong enough to hold off against military grade weapons, but also fast enough because of its reasonable size.
‘You were right, EVA. An operation like this would have access to the sea. Let’s hope they are working.’
Climbing aboard, Fantomex noticed how spacious it is on the inside. Going up to the dashboard, he grabbed on to the helm, allowing EVA to scan and get in the boat systems. Considering it is military built, he guessed right that it would rely more on modern technology over simplicity like any other sea craft in the world.
"Remote hacking activated. Please remain ten feet to not interrupt the connection."
“Whatever happened twenty feet earlier?”
“That would strain you as I would need more effort to keep up our connection.” EVA noted as she worked her magic. “Connection complete, I am now in control of the craft. Focusing on the gate now…”
Fantomex’s ears perked up, hearing military boots approaching nearby. Grimacing his luck, he brandished his pistol and took cover, waiting for the team of Reavers. “Do it fast, EVA. This is my last clip.”
“Hack complete, gate is opening now…”
The gate was opening slowly.
Dammit! We don’t have time for this!” Fantomex swore, of course it would be slow. “EVA! You are the captain of the ship! The moment it has you get us the hell out here and catch up to Cobalt.”
“Understood… planning accordingly…”
“There he is! That’s the guy who the commander wanted dead!” one of the Reavers shouted and aimed his weapon. “Take him down!”
Using the ship walls for cover as he closed the door, thankful the hull was strong enough to hold off any bullets. The Reavers came in ten, surrounding the pier and opening fire to the boat.
The ship was shaking at the volume of bullets that was falling into it, but it was holding, for how long that is something Fantomex fears.
The door continued sliding open at what felt to be a snail pace added with the tension.
"The door is fifty percent open." EVA announced, nonchalant from the situation Fantomex is currently at.
And it reached its peak.
"Kick it, EVA!" Fantomex shouted, firing his remaining bullets at the Reavers. "That should be enough opening for us to go through."
"The ship size wouldn't support it, it could be damaged upon entry."
Fantomex shook his head and smiled underneath his mask. "It's never too late to improvise."
"Fair enough…"
The boat motors came alive as EVA took control of the craft and drove it forward. Going through the gate opening, damaging the hull at its side but EVA pushed on, making sure it entered and out of the gate, leading it to the sea ahead.
Fantomex let out a sigh of relief, feeling less tense now that he was out of reach of the Reavers, the Maggia and the mutants remaining. Let them be other people's problems.
They came out of the tunnel and into the sea ahead. A beautiful sight if not for the fact he still had to worry at some angry Reavers that may come from behind him.
He felt a small shake, then it intensified. Looking up he saw The Cobalt flying above the castle, closely so, passing it and lowering closer to the waters as Cobalt maneuvered the plane with skills.
"Accelerating, but with damage sustained has limited it severely."
Fantomex didn't listen, instead went out and ran up to the nose of the boat, or the bow as he had come to hear it called, at the front of the vessel. Keeping his balance and making sure not to fall overboard at how fast the boat was going at it tried to keep up with a flying aircraft leaning too close to the water.
He gave Cobalt a specific task, keep the plane flying, even when he is following behind. Cobalt can slow down but he cannot stop.
Noticing something from the corner of his eyes, Fantomex turned and grimaced at the sight. A team of Reavers were following behind him, firing at the boat.
‘Persistent lot I’ll give them that…’
Fantomex leaned close as he stood at the nose of the boat, maintaining his balance as the boat shook up and down, soaking him wet. Hoping that the backdoor of the plane would open for him, and thankfully it did.
“Grab on!” Bedlam came out, standing on the rampway of the plane with his arm out. Helped by Guido and a blond-haired woman from not falling out.
He smiled underneath his mask and leaned forward, hands in the railing and knees bent, readying himself.
“The boat is reaching its limit!” EVA announced. “It won’t hold out for long!”
Fantomex dodged an incoming bullet as the Reavers closed in. “Then we improvise! When I give out the order, I want you to hit a sudden break!”
“What? Why? It will send you flying!”
“I know…" he dodged another bullet flying. "I am counting on it!”
The boat wasn’t catching up, instead it was slowing down. The motor finally reached its limit.
Fantomex leaned closer, going over the railing and making sure he maintained his grip.
He breathed in, and out, in and out, in and out.
“Stop!” Fantomex shouted to EVA, who obliged.
The sound of the breaks took a violent hit, stopping the boat dead on water. In the process it sent the leaning Fantomex flying off of it and flipped the boat from the sudden break, taking a couple of turns and crashing into the Reaver boat that was following him.
The action shot him like a bullet, flying through the air and coming closer to the plane. Bedlam, realizing he was coming in fast, signaled Guido to come in his place, expanding his size a bit and caught the incoming Fantomex, but because of how fast he was flying, he pushed Guido inside the plane and fell on his back.
"Close the door!" Bedlam shouted to the cockpit. "He made it!"
That took the wind out of Fantomex. Groggily getting off the giant mutant and tried to stand up before collapsing to the floor. His pain, fatigue, and blood loss finally catching up.
Before getting caught by Burnell and the blue-haired little girl, keeping him standing on his feet and not falling.
Fantomex turned to Burnell, shocked at his appearance before settling and chuckling. "I've seen many wonders in my life," he looked around him, studying every Mutant that was in the plane, all seated on the floor staring at him with wide eyes and awe. "But you people are the greatest wonders I have ever seen."
He went through many missions in his life, many he regrets or having indifferent with the results. It was always do the job and get paid, nothing more.
But this… seeing innocent children and adults all looking different, from coming in different parts of the world to looking physically different all together.
They might look unique because of their mutations, they might have the ability to destroy a castle, they might even kill him with a simple thought. But they are still people, people with choices and feelings.
They deserve that freedom to choose their path and what to do with their powers.
For the first time, he is proud of his job. Even if it wasn't originally a rescue mission.
He wonders if Caprice will be amused or annoyed at his heroics.
"Hey, Fantom!" Cobalt called to the mercenary from the cockpit, carrying a tired tone after the mess he put him through. "Next time you pull something like that, tell me so that I can make sure to not go to another job with you."
Fantomex chuckled, and sighed, feeling accomplishment and proud for what he did.
"No promises my friend, no promises…"
Fantomex, Saga 1, Arc 2.
Previous Issue >>>>>> Next Issue
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2020.09.21 20:21 jose_ole Any AZ amigos in the valley?

I’m moving out to to the Buckeye area soon so will hopefully be getting more range time with the weather hopefully cooling off shortly. Looking to maybe build a small community of like minded folks. I like riding motorcycles and quads and am an amateur outdoorsman and a father as well. I am politically left leaning but consider myself open minded as long as there is not disrespect.
I’ll be honest I’m a bit introverted but would like to organize something informal and maybe down the line more formal. Either way, mucho amor hermanos!
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2020.09.19 08:33 throwaway685421 johnny and the boys. unpopular opinion?

I used to think that they didn't spill the tea because they didn't know Johnny didn't tell the full truth. But tonight's episode changed my view. It's obvious that the boys have an idea that Johnny didn't tell the full truth. Johnny has been acting very insecure and keeps bringing up casa amor. Caleb, especially, has noticed that. Furthermore, the tweet has revealed to them that the public doesn't think johnny told the full truth. The boys would have to be really f*cking dense if they took Johnny's word for being truthful.
Some people are saying that the boys (and Laurel) didn't know the full extent of what happened. I doubt that because every single casa amor girl who has been evicted seems to know everything that happened.
Some people are also claiming that we should not be putting the blame on the boys or Laurel, because it is Johnny's job to be 100% honest. I agree, johnny should've been 100% honest. But that does not excuse everyone else from being passive in this situation. I think it was reasonable for them to not insert themselves at the beginning . But now that the topic has resurfaced, and Cely has been pressing them about the truth, I think they do have a responsibility to Cely to make sure she's informed.
Overall, I don't think it's the lack of knowledge that is preventing the boys or Laurel from spilling. I think it has to do with social pressures and Johnny's dominance over the boys. I have also heard theories about a "hot tub" situation that may put all the boys into question. I don't think we know the full story, so I will not comment on that. I just wanted to put it out there that we should stop making excuses for the boys for not telling the truth. They have enough knowledge about the situation, and have been given an opportunity to speak up, but they chose to be bystanders.
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2020.09.18 22:43 junkbug928 The problem with Johnny in Casa Amor...

I feel like what Johnny did in Casa Amor, if he did in real life while he and Cely weren't "officially" dating, would probably be okay. In that situation, no need to go into detail about the hookup, just telling Cely that he kissed someone else is pretty truthful. The issue lies in the fact that his hookup(s) were broadcast to the ENTIRE PUBLIC, which means that everyone they know has seen him hooking up with another girl EXCEPT CELY.
Now there's this power imbalance, and the only way to settle it is to give Cely all the information and see how she wants to handle it. Good luck girl!!
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2020.09.18 19:25 Agaposavros Can Deadly Dragons SE be removed from the game mid playthrough?

I really am starting to not enjoy the issues of this mod much. It's totally playable but not very pleasant. I want to remove the mod but I don't know if that would cause any issues on the save game. And I would also like to know if any replacements can be made.
INI: [Actor]

sArchiveToLoadInMemoryList=Skyrim - Animations.bsa
sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes0.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes1.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa
sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices_ru0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures0.bsa, Skyrim - Textures1.bsa, Skyrim - Textures2.bsa, Skyrim - Textures3.bsa, Skyrim - Textures4.bsa, Skyrim - Textures5.bsa, Skyrim - Textures6.bsa, Skyrim - Textures7.bsa, Skyrim - Textures8.bsa, Skyrim - Patch.bsa






sScreenShotBaseName=D:\Skyrim Special Edition\ScreenShot


uExterior Cell Buffer=36

SGeneralMasterMismatchWarning=One or more plugins could not find the correct versions of the master files they depend on. Errors may occur during load or game play. Check the "Warnings.txt" file for more information.












Mod List: -Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul - SRCEO Hotfix (1.0)
-Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments - Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments V2.5 FOMOD Installer (2.5)
-D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation vanilla friendly SSE - D13 Faster Get Up Stand Up SSE (2.1 Loose)
-Dragon Animation Replace in Special Edition - DragonAnimationReplace_inSE_1_01 (1.01)
-EVG Conditional Idles - EVG Conditional Idles (1.36)
-Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE - FNIS Behavior SE 7_6 (7.6)
-Immersive Animations - Immersive Animations (2.1SE)
-No Spinning Death Animation LITE - No Spinning Death Animation LITE (1.31)
-XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE - XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (4.72)
-Immersive Armors - Immersive Armors 8.1 SSE (8.1)
-Musical Lore (Soundtrack Mod By Nir Shor) - Musical Lore V1.2 (1.2)
-Immersive Sounds - Compendium - Immersive Sounds Compendium SSE 2.2 (2.0.2)
-More Painful NPC Death Sounds SE - More Painful NPC Death Sounds (1.8)
-Thundering Shouts - Thundering Shouts Main file (1.0)
-Total Character Makeover - Total Character Makeover 1.2 (1.2)
-1st Person Candlelight Fix - 1st Person Candlelight Fix (1.0.1)
-Elemental Fury Fix - ElementalFuryFix (2.0)
-Flora Respawn Fix - Flora Respawn Fix (2.1.3)
-Hearthfires Houses Building Fix - Hearthfires Houses Building Fix (0.1)
-Quest Conflict Fixes - Quest Conflict Fixes (1.1)
-Raven Rock - Fix Exit on Horseback - Raven Rock - Fix Exit on Horseback SE (1)
-SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) - (Part 1) Engine Fixes (5.4.0)
(note: also install part 2 version 2.0.2 manually)
-SSE Fixes - (Skyrim Special Edition) SSE Fixes v3 for SSE 1.5.97 (
-Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (4.2.3)
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-The Great Village of Mixwater Mill SSE - The Great Village of Mixwater Mill (1.0)
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-Attack Commitment No turning during attacks - Attack commitment Movement speed fluid v4 (v4)
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(note: also install patchers with zEdit manually)
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-Glow Be Gone SSE - GlowBeGoneSSE (1.3.2)
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-PC Head Tracking and Voice Type SE - PC Head Tracking - MCM v4.7 (4.7)
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-Glorious Daedric ReTex - Darker Armor Version - Glorious Daedric ReTex - Darker Armor Version (v1.0)
-LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons SE - LeanWolfs Better-Shaped Weapons Instaler v2.1.03 SE (2.1.03)
-Simply Optimized Textures for SSE - Optimized Texture for SSE (1.0)
-Animallica SE - Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul - Animallica SE (1.0)
-Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (Formerly Complete Fast Travel Overhaul) - Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (2.0)
-Deadly Dragons - Deadly Dragons SE (6.5.4)
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-Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim - Sacrosanct v515 (5.15SSE)
-Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul - Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul (2.3)
-Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul - SRCEO - SIC Patch (1.0)
-Deadly Dragons and Splendor Dragon Variants SE (PATCH) - Deadly Dragons and Splendor Dragon Variants SE (PATCH) (1.00)
-Immersive Fallen Trees Patch - Immersive Fallen Trees Patch (2.0.2)
-Immersive Weapons Patches - Immersive Weapons Patches SE (1.3.1)
-kryptopyr's Patch Hub - kryptopyr's Patch Hub Installer (2.0)
-Miscellaneous Patches - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Immersive Horses Patch (1.0)
-Obsidian Weathers - TrueStorms Merged Compatibility SSE - Obsidian Weathers - True Storms Merged Compatibility (1.3.1)
-Obsidian Weathers - Vigilant Integration - Obsidian Weathers - Vigilant Updated ESPL-ESPFE (1.07)
-Obsidian Weathers and Seasons MCM Patch - Obsidian Weathers and Seasons MCM ESP-ESL (1.2.0)
-Prisoner cart fix SMIM - Prisoner cart fix Vanilla SSE (1.0)
-QUASIPC - Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium - QUASIPC - Unified Patch Compendium v2_5_0 (2.5.0)
-Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Official Patch and Patch Central - SIC SSE Patch (0.27)
-Skyrim Revamped - Draugr Upgrades and Improvement Patch - Skyrim Revamped - Draugr Upgrades and Improvement Patch (1.6)
-SkyTEST Integration Project SE - SkyTEST Animallica (1.2a)
-SkyTEST Integration Project SE - SkyTEST Immersive Creatures (2.6)
-SkyTEST Integration Project SE - SkyTEST Immersive Horses (1)
-Stay At The System Page - Updated - Stay At System Page (1.5.0)
-The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE - Addons and Patches - The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE - Addons and Patches 1.2 (1.2)
-Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch - Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch v1.5.0 (1.5.0)
-Unofficial Project AHO Patch - Unofficial Project AHO Patch (1.3)
-Wheels of Lull Unofficial Patch - Wheels of Lull Unofficial Patch (1.6)
-WiZkiD Patches Compendium - WiZkiD Patches Compendium ESL (v4.1.1)
-Zim's Immersive Artifacts - WACCF Patch - Zim's Immersive Artifacts - Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes Patch (1.2)
-Unlimited Bookshelves - Unlimited Bookshelves (2.0)
-Amorous Adventures - Amorous Adventures-CLEAN-SSE (3.4)
-Blackreach Railroad - Blackreach Railroad Special Edition 1.05 (1.05)
-Dragon Priest Mask Quest with Markers - DragonPriestMasks64 (1.0)
-Immersive World Encounters SE - Immersive World Encounters SE (V2.3)
-Jiub's Opus - Jiub's Opus (1.0)
-Less Tedious Thieves Guild - Less Tedious Thieves Guild (1.1)
-Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE - Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE (1.16.1)
-Project AHO - Project AHO (EN) (2.0)
-The Elder Scrolls V Rewritten - Arvak SE - Dawnguard Rewritten Arvak 1.1.1 (1.1.1)
-The Forgotten City - The Forgotten City (1.8)
-The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE - The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal (1.3)
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-VIGILANT SE - Vigilant SE v152 (1.5.2)
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-Morningstar - Minimalistic Races of Skyrim - Morningstar 1.4.0 (1.4.0)
-Shout - A Complete Immersive and Dynamic Overhaul of all Shouts - Shout v1.07 (1.07)
-A Quality World Map - 8.4 A Quality World Map - Classic with All Roads (8.4CA)
-Better Dialogue Controls - Better Dialogue Controls v1_2 (1.2)
-Better MessageBox Controls - Better MessageBox Controls v1_2 (1.2)
-Jaxonz Renamer - Jaxonz Renamer (2.26)
-Map Markers Complete with DLCS and OCS - Map Markers Complete (1.2)
-More Informative Console - More Informative Console for SKSE 2.17-2.19 (0.34)
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-Scaleform Translation Plus Plus - ScaleformTranslationPP (1.4.1)
-SkyUI - SkyUI_5_2_SE (5.2SE)
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-Sometimes Pick Up Books - SometimesPickUpBooksV10 (1.0)
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-.NET Script Framework - NetScriptFramework SkyrimSE v13 (13)
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-Skyrim Project Optimization SE - Skyrim SE - Project Optimization - ESM VERSION (1.4)
-Skip Bethesda Logo - Skip Bethesda Logo (1.0)
-Deadly Spell Impacts - Deadly Spell Impacts v1_70 (1.70)
-Enhanced Blood Textures SE -_Enhanced Blood Textures SE (LITE VERSION) (1.1)
-IMAGINATOR - Visual Control Device for Skyrim - Imaginator - SSE Visual Control Device (0.91)
-Luminosity Lighting Overhaul - The Cathedral Concept - Luminosity - Lightweight Lighting (3.1)
-Immersive Weapons - Immersive Weapons (2)
-Realistic Melee Range - Realistic Melee Range (1.1)
-Unique Uniques SE - Unique Uniques SE (1.1)
-Zim's Immersive Artifacts - Zim's Immersive Artifacts V1.6.2 (V1.6.2)
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2020.09.18 03:27 rejuvenate15 *If you despise your parents because of MGM don’t read this post* but it’s just my opinion

Look, I understand a lot of you have hatred or ill will towards your parents because of the procedure they let happen to you and me included BUT this doesn’t mean you should try to convince others to feel the same way about THEIR parents and drive relationships apart you know almost nothing about except compared your own. This is something I have notice on this subreddit which at the end of the day seems pretty destructive to me. After a lot of crying and thinking one night I already came to realize this reality will never be “normal” for me and I’ll always have trust issues...including those closet to me (my parents) because of what they let happen to me at birth. HOWEVER, I don’t really appreciate people telling me I should have the same sentiments they feel towards their parents (hate, anger, blame). I know this issue isn’t as simple as “forgive and forget” but I already don’t have the best relationship with my parents before I found out about MGM and they are getting older... from MY specific circumstances I know they had no true intention to hurt me and were just following blood thirsty doctors orders with the ruse of “health benefits” and a fucked society with a high rate male genital mutilation (Ohio) type CULTure with not much information on the procedure at the time with there being no internet....this isn’t an excuse and was still dumb as hell but the stages of grief are suppose to move us towards “acceptance”. Amor fati, this was a part of our fate brothers and we can’t change the past... hating parents won’t do good for me, you, or anyone else at the end of the day. I can definitely understand your perspective though how some of you have cut off your relationship with your parents for life. That just won’t be me and I don’t recommend others destroy their relationships with their parents either over this issue. Let me reiterate, this is MY VIEW and I don’t expect everyone to agree on it. God bless ♾🧬🙏🏻
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2020.09.18 01:30 MAN_OF_MASS High hardness applique steel plate as a mod for M1A1 Abrams (Gaijin please)

High hardness applique steel plate as a mod for M1A1 Abrams (Gaijin please)
During operation Desert Shield, non HA (heavy amor, DU) M1A1 Abrams tanks were fitted with a 1 inch/25.4mm steel armor plate. Information on the reason for installation is unclear, as the base M1A1 would offer excellent protection against the early 80's soviet ammo fired by the Iraqi army. That said, the extra 1 inch plate would offer increased performance against rounds like 3BM42, which as of yesterday can just barely penetrate the left turret cheek of Abrams.
I think this would be a good addition to the M1A1 as it offers enough protection to stop mango, but doesn't escalate all the way to M1A1HA levels of armor (I think HA should be its own separate tank).

Only photo I could find of M1 with applique armor.
Armor specs with plate:
Turret cheek, left side: ~485mm
Turret cheek, right side: 530mm+
These figures were arrived at by simply adding 25mm to the base armor values, assuming the applique has the simple RHA modifier.
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2020.09.16 21:32 JSolo1797 [TOMT][SONG] A remix of That's Amore by an artist who also made some Electronic music for a jewelers commercial this past year

This might be a tough one, but there's an artist that made a coveremix of That's Amore and I was able to find his music by hunting down a tune I heard in a jewelry commercial some time within the last year.
I had his music saved to my Spotify but it seems like it was removed.
Additional information. It was a female singing the vocals.
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2020.09.16 03:33 KingWraithX Harry Is The True Villain Of Dexter!

I just finished Dexter and I would just like to say, Fuck Harry.
Truly truly over the 8 seasons I’ve just grown to hate Harry Morgan as an individual.
I know even when they reveal his shady shit, they still try to make him seem like a good guy.
When in reality, he’s a manipulative, lying, corrupt dirt bag.
Let’s start from the top and work our way down to the bullshit he did.
  1. Him cheating on his wife with God knows how many informants:
This one is pretty self explanatory, cheating is fucked up. Also extremely unethical. Him screwing his informants could easily lead to a mistrial, but nope Super Cop Harry only thought with his dick clearly. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he kept cheating on his wife up until her death.
  1. Neglecting Deb:
Again, the ramifications of this are very clear in the entire series. Deb is the poster child of daddy issues, I mean just look at what happened with Lundy. I know they make the excuse that he was busy with Dexter, but nah he was just a bad dad.
  1. The psychological and emotional abuse of Dexter:
Dexter’s “training” and Harry’s “lessons” are highkey abuse. When your kid has the urge to kill something, you get them to see a doctor. I know I’m speaking from a 2020 perspective compared to an 80’s perspective on mental health, but Harry could easily have taken him to Vogel off the record.
Also I truly don’t believe Dexter is a true psychopath, it’s all that bullshit Harry put into his brain. He told Dexter from a young age that he’s a cold, unfeeling monster who will never be able to make a human connection. Oh and that if he ever told anyone about his issues he’d get locked up. If you, an authority figure, tell a young and impressionable child that they are bad their entire life, then they’ll grow up believing that.
I’m not reaching here, in several points in the series Ghost Harry and Dexter himself straight up mentioning that Harry told Dexter he could never be normal. Clearly, Dexter is able to feel things and have meaningful relationships. It’s just Harry’s brainwashing that make it harder for him to do otherwise.
  1. Leaving Brian in the container:
This is something I feel is often overlooked by fans. Harry just leaving Brian to get sent through the system and separating him from his brother kinda fucked Brian up. Also never letting Dexter know that he had a brother out in the world is a seriously fucked up thing to do. There is no logical explanation for this.
I am, however, with fans that theorize that Harry believed Dexter was his son and that’s why he took him in. This seems like a very Harry thing to do.
  1. Making Dexter into his own personal assassin:
One scene that sticks with me while I was writing this is the flashback to Debs birthday. It’s one of my favorite scenes because these 30+ actors trying to play super young teens is absolutely hilarious to me.
In all seriousness, what Harry says to Dexter after Matthews tells him that a killer was let go. He basically says that he’s glad he’s training Dexter, so he can clean up when the system messes up.
Maybe Dexter’s “training” started as some warped alternative therapy to curb his violent desires, but after watching the flashbacks of 15-20 year old Dexter it’s clear it became something else. Harry wanted to make Dexter his own assassin. Not only has he brainwashed Dexter into think of himself as a monster, but he then grooms his very mentally ill son to kill those Harry deems worthy of death.
In conclusion, fuck Harry and Ghost Harry. Harry Morgan was an amoral, corrupt, and abusive scumbag who left his kids broken and emotionally stunted. If he had made better choices, I truly believe the majority of tragedies that occurred during the series wouldn’t of happened. Granted, a lot of good came out of Dexter being groomed into a killing machine. Either way, Harry Morgan is the true big bad of the series.
Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes. I don’t want to to start a fight in the comments. Just take this as fun fan speculation. Also, I am not a psychiatrist so I might be wrong when I say Dexter is not a true psychopath. It’s just through a lot of the series Dexter contradicts a lot of the staples of a psychopath. Also, through reviewing a lot of the flashback scenes, a lot of the stuff Harry drills into Dexter’s mind would fuck up and has fucked up a lot of people from a young age. It’s just veiled under “The Code”.
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2020.09.14 13:17 Lunacorva Colour Trial Lunacorva

What can you tell us about your goals and dreams? What motivates you to pursue them and how exactly do you do it? What is keeping you breathing?
Right now, I don't have a set, long term plan. This is because my situation, interests, tastes ect could all change in the meantime which would make planning out to multiple years impractical.
What I do have is multiple "projects" that I try working on. For example, I'm DMing for an RPG. I want to turn another RP into a novelisation, there are video editing projects I'm working on, I have a Let's Play series ect.
What keeps me breathing is a sense of unfinished business. With all these projects, I'd feel annoyed at the inconvenience of suddenly dying "I do not have TIME for you Mr. Reaper"
While I would LIKE to say, I am driven, dedicated and focused though. The reality is I have trouble staying on task on command.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your personality. How do you act, and what is important to you aside your goals?
This is a... difficult question for me because I then have to ask: "Where do I start?" If I listed literally EVERY aspect of my personality, we'd be here forever. So I supppose I should define my "Core" aspects. The problem is, what ARE my definining traits? I could pick some, but that could be my own biased self-perception speaking, or possibly even internal desire for a certain colour.
For example, I could say that I have been known to let my anger get out of hand, which would lead you to assume Red, but then if I told that I am actually normally EXTREMELY calm and analytical because I have a strong distrust of emotions which can then cause me to be blindsided by emotional bias I had not honestly recognised as such, you'd see me as Blue.
But, for the sake of this, I WILL try:
As probably guessed, I am an overthinker to an almost memetic degree to my friends, I'm an amateur philosopher and I love to debate, even internally, often I need to be told NOT to debate a subject. I have been told by different people that I'm either arrogant, or spend too much time apologising for my own existence. I find religion fascinating, but I am not religious. While I can respect many of their individual value systems, the idea of choosing one to follow exclusively feels limiting and the concept of worship feels wrong to me. A being deserving of worship would not wish to be. A being who IS conceited enough to desire such grovelling does not deserve it (I am agnostic for the record)
Debate is not just fun and intellectually stimulating, it's also how I maintain and build my own internal morals. To me, External morality "It's the law, it's what the bible says, it's the right thing to do" ect. Means nothing, even on a sheer practical level, our "Universal" moral laws are based on the biased perception that "Human Life" has value. Something that I think, for example, a Supernova would disagree with.
Please do not confuse this with a lack of care or values. It is simply a desire or need for those to be PERSONAL values.
If I don't steal because of some externally imposed concept of "stealing is wrong", then I'm ultimately just blindly following a lie.
If I don't steal because "I would feel bad for inconveniencing someone", that is a far more true and mature concept that comes from understanding MY values and how to best safeguard and express them without deluding myself into believing that they are the only values that can exist (Though this again does not mean I will not defend my values if they are threatened. They are MY values after all. For example, a billionaire can say they feel it is theft if they have to give up THEIR hard earned money to pay the bill for a hospital, and I can understand their point. It is THEIR money.
But... see... I place what I value over what THEY value. And if say, a friend needed surgery, I would happily point a gun to the billionaire's head and DIRECTLY steal all the money I needed without a shred of guilt if I had the power to do so because they have dropped down on the priority list.
Understandably, this mentality will concern or worry a LOT of you, and for good reason. For instance, assuming that I had the power to enact it, what if such an attitude was directed against YOU? What if it was YOUR money I wanted to take for an operation? You would naturally want to make sure I did NOT have that kind of power, just as I would want to restrict the power of others for fear of it being used against me. This is a perfectly rational mindset to have and while there is a pragmatist side of me that believes that it is impossible to truly control power and thus it is best to empower yourself and those you trust so that they can protect your values, it would be short-sighted and naive to assume that power will stay with those you trust forever and you had BETTER have a way to limit the power of those who would harm you.
This is why, though I am not blind to the rampant abuse of capitalism (Especially the faux-capitalist feudalism called "reaganism", I ultimately prefer it to communism since capitalism allows a better chance for a change in those in power while in communism, should you have an abusive leader (Which seems to happen as inevitably as the tides), it will basically recquire a complete overhaul of that society to rid yourself of them.
For the record, politically I am a Social Democrat, Liberal Left. I think this post by u/TheLadyInViolet summarised my politics quite well:
"A rising tide lifts all ships, and it's only by working together that we can all prosper. The pessimists view the world as a zero-sum game, and their short-sighted paranoia is keeping us locked in an endless cycle of war and conflict, a negative-sum competition that leaves everyone worse off. It's like a prisoner's dilemma where both players keep choosing to defect every time. But we can break out of this cycle and build a positive-sum world for ourselves through mutually beneficial trades and alliances. Diversity is our strength, no matter how much the petty tribalists view it as a weakness. Diversity of thought and speech and action, spread to every corner of the globe through the marketplace of commerce and the marketplace of ideas, will be our salvation. And through this respect for diversity, we can cooperate with each other without sacrificing our individuality or our liberty. People view freedom and order as contradictions, but nothing could be further from the truth. Rule of law is the best tool we have to ensure that individuals remain as free as possible, to defend people's fundamental rights against the violence of criminals and the oppression of arbitrary tyrants. And if some people or groups refuse to cooperate, there's no need to respond with aggression. We can just leave them to wallow in their own ignorance until they see the writing on the wall. Why destroy them when you can render them irrelevant by ignoring and out-competing them? Let the cynics stay behind on Earth to live in squalor and squabble with each other over mud huts, we'll be busy exploring the stars."
Doesn't that contradict my attitude about power earlier? Well, again. My belief is that by empowering my side and myself, I can then extend the hand of progress to everyone. Without desperation, the need to hold others back becomes less important.
Again, many of you may and will see HUGE risks, dangers, pitfalls and naiveties in this philosophy, and that is where, after a LONG tangent (Something I do quite frequently, I confess) to my point about debate.
Debate allows me to double check myself, to see if I am really doing what's best for my goals or philosophy, or if I'm merely stubbornly clinging onto an idea because I WANT to be right. It also allows me to check and evaluate other philosophies to expand my own. Though unlike the childish naivety of Tumblr or Twitter (Or the American Political system :P) that is so laughably incompetant at debate that they confuse "Listening" with "Agreeing", I will NOT instantly or immediately accept your worldview. That would be reckless. Instead I will explore it. I will question it and challenge it and disect it. Weighing up pros and cons before deciding whether or not to internalise it to my own philosophy. Many fearful and immature people for instance, fear that such open debate would lead to people accepting nazism as an acceptable philosophy. As someone who engages in such debate however, I have found nazism or other such close-minded, irrational or ignorant ideals to be INCAPABLE of defending themselves, rationalising themselves or even just FUNCTIONING outside of blind ignorant emotion. Prejudice categorically fails at rational debate because there is NOTHING rational about it.
So debate allows us to see beyond such irrational bias.
In perhaps contrast to this overly serious and political attitude I've put forth, it may or may not surprise you that I am considered to be a large source of comedy in my friend group. Something that, as long as I'm not trying to force a joke, I find comes easily to me. Also, I delight in the suffering puns cause in others. XD
In terms of hobbies and interests, as a child I was fascinated by both mythology and zoology, hobbies that have not died in my adult life. I love storytelling in all it's forms and consider myself a connioseur of fan fiction.
When it comes to my tastes in fiction, the stories I appreciate most are those who can stimulate my emotions to the strongest degree. In contrast to the analytical approach I take to the real world. This is probably why I have such a strong love for professional wrestling. There is no other artform that can get me as emotionally invested as consistently as professional wrestling.
That's not to say I LACK an analytical side to fiction as my numerous headcanons, charts and graphs will attest.
There is more I could say, but I fear this is becoming long as it is, so I suppose I should move on to the next question
What are you looking for in a partner or friend? Which is to say, what aspects of humanity do you value the most about humanity?
Of my love languages, quality time is the most important. I love talking to my friends, discussing stories, debating ideas, sharing shows and games with each other. I feel it is also important to share who I found I CANNOT tolerate in my life, and consistently, the people I choose to distance myself from are people who refuse to change. Who refuse to learn, who consistently make excuses or blame OTHERS for their own faults. I strongly believe in redemption so this is not a decision I make lightly. I truly believe even the worst person can better themselves if they CHOOSE to. But their comes a time it is simply not practical to wait around hoping they'll make that choice for themselves. Your first priority is to protect yourself and your loved ones.

You are granted a super-human ability, what would you choose and how would you wield that power?
I want to answer this in multiple ways.
First, in terms of powers, I would ask for two: The power to teleport so I could freely visit my friends across the globe, and secondly, the power to create any fiction or simulated scenario. Am I curious what would happen if Takato Matsuki met Deku Midoriya? Bam! That story is created. Would I like to see this book in visual format? Bam! A faithful movie now exists. Do I want to know what would happen if dinosaurs were still alive? Bam! Simulation.
This power would of course have sliders to adjust. How accurate do I want this? Am I looking more for a good story? Do I want to set additional parameters ( Dinosaurs still exist today, but they DIDN'T eat everyone) ect. All would be possible.
Second, if I had three wishes, my three step plan would be:
1) Wish that all wishes made, including this one, will have exactly the effect I DESIRE (No "Monkey's paw" bullshittery)
2) Unlimited wishes (No brainer)
3) I cannot inflict any harm on myself or others unless it would prevent equal harm from being done. If a wish I make would cause such harm, I will be made aware of how and whom this will hurt . This wish is permanent and irreversible (This shall prevent any "Mad with Power" "Power corrupts" or simple reckless hubris scenarios from occuring.)
Finally, a friend once asked me: "If you had unlimited power, how would you fix all the worlds problems"
And I said: "I have neither, the knowledge, intelligence, perception or wisdom to make such a choice without risk of SERIOUS catastrophe due to ignorant action. Therefore, my first step would be to use my Omnipitence to grant myself the knowledge, perception and intellience necessary so that I could make the most informed choice possible that would consider all possible ramifications."
What is something that people do or value that you have a hard time comprehending why?
Nothing. Part of my philosophy of debate comes in understanding WHY people make the choices they do. Even actions I consider abhorrent, I understand the motives. I just think they're being idiots.
Before the trail is finished and our conclusions given, here is an opportunity to say anything we would not have ever think of asking, something to better conceal your attitudes and idiosyncrasies. Please, make it entertaining:
I do not write sane people. Ever.
When roleplaying, I have a tendency to play ruthless or even outright sinister characters. The kind that will frequently do Amoral or even disturbing actions to achieve their goals. My characters will almost gleefully lie, threaten, harm and kill to protect what they value and are often the first ones to do the "dirty work" as it were.
Despite that, my favourite characters to read are often the paragons. The characters who are genuinely and earnestly kind for kindness sake.
I have been diagnosed with Aspergers, I THINK I might have some ADD and I am an INTP bordering on ENTP.
Finally, THIS might be one of my proudest moments (I am the voice offering the deal)
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2020.09.14 07:08 cyberzee My (unsolicited) thoughts on Mackenzie

I was late watching tonight’s episode so I missed out on the live thread and it’s at nearly 8k comments so this may have been mentioned and I haven’t seen it.
Mackenzie went through a “redemption arc” in Casa Amor and in this sub, but I was never fully convinced and tonight kind of proved that. I’ve seen some comments making Jalen out to be the bad guy but I truly don’t see what he did wrong.
Mackenzie made some pretty cruel comments about Connor and their relationship in her confessionals and in her recoupling speech. That being said, I do think she wanted a bigger reaction out of Connor and was upset he handled it remarkably well. After their talk, they ended on a good of a note as they could’ve. So in the preview, her justifying her behavior to Jalen as “I’m going through a breakup” didn’t make sense to me and felt a little manipulative.
As far as Mackenzie/Jalen/Kierstan, being an outsider means we have information from all 3 sides. Disclaimer: I am not defending Jalen, as I think he’s been a little shady in his LI journey, but two things can be true at once. From Mackenzie’s point of view, she’s seen Jalen comfort and be an ear for Kierstan...the only single girl in the villa who put herself out there and was rejected in a pretty cruel way. And to Mackenzie, that is a red flag that she’s not comfortable with because she would rather Jalen want to spend all his free time with her. While that feeling is valid in the real world, it feels a little naive inside the LI bubble. Especially after Jalen had a conversation with her about wanting to keep the pace slow — which to me says “I want to keep my options open and not be all in with you right now” aka “I still want to talk to other girls”.
Something I’ve noticed, especially during Mackenzie’s conversation with Moira, she speaks in a lot of “I” statements. How she always feels being a “second choice” of sorts - both in the villa and in life. How her love tank is empty and she needs someone (in this case, Jalen) to fill it. It all sounded so self-centric and borderline narcissistic (not trying to armchair diagnose here. not saying she’s narcissistic, just that her words sound are).
I understand wanting someone to spend all their time with you and I understand quality time being someone’s love language (it’s one of mine). But what I don’t understand is having that conversation and spinning it to make your partner feel in the wrong as opposed to saying “hey, this is how I’d like to receive love”. Mackenzie briefly got there during her conversation with Jalen but the vibe I got was more aggressive than it should’ve been.
I 100% think I’ve gotten to the BEC stage with Mackenzie and I’m not sure she can redeem herself in my eyes. But to those of you who have become Mac stans or are on her side, I’d love to hear your thoughts and know why.
tldr: Mackenzie’s insecurities and how she handles them make her extremely unlike-able in my opinion and I’m curious to hear other points of views from people who like her.
EDIT: added tldr to ease the pain of reading my ramblings
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2020.09.11 00:11 Jules-Rami My predictions for what’s going happen...

These are my predictions for who people are going to chose when everyone is ultimately back in the villa.
The Boys:
Carrington: Will obviously choose Laurel
Johnny: Now this may be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think he’ll couple up with Mercades. However, this will make for great drama as someone will definitely inform Cely he couldn’t keep it in his pants and she’ll dump his ass but I’m really hoping she doesn’t pull a Kelsey and self eliminate.
Calvin: Will definitely choose Faith although they’ll prob be the first couple kicked off the island since they’re pretty boring which will cause Calvin’s head to explode as he thinks America “loves” him.
Caleb: Now before ya’ll attack me I too was once a Jaleb stan but I really do like Sher and think Caleb has a better connection with her 🥺.
Connor: Won’t pick anyone to return with him in hopes of mending his crumbling relationship with Mackenzie.
The Girls:
Justine: I think her connection with Aaron is genuine and they seem like a really cute couple so I’m hoping she couples up with him also because I don’t want her to be left single and vulnerable.
Cely: Will come back single thinking her and Johnny will go back to being the “power couple” they once were but when she finds out he was slobbing it up in Casa Amor she’ll definitely call it quits.
Mackenzie: Now I’m not entirely sure what Mackenzie will do because she has a connection with Jalen but then again so does Moira. I’m not sure if she’ll pull through with it though in hopes of mending her relationship with Connor.
Moira: Like I said I’m not sure who’ll end up choosing Jalen I guess it’ll be whoever gets to him first. But if Mackenzie does end up choosing Jalen before Moira I think she’ll be smart and choose Pat despite not having a connection with him because she knows Calvin won’t stay loyal and will try to save herself from being single.
Kierstan: Lastly she’ll definitely choose Mike and will finally have a person who looks her in the eyes when speaking to her.
Feel free to give your predictions in the comments! 😚
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2020.09.10 04:55 JavierStorm Actualización de la comunidad, 9 de Septiembre 2020 Temporada 10

Actualización de la comunidad, 9 de Septiembre 2020 Temporada 10
¡Saludos, comunidad de Call of Duty: Mobile hispano! Finalmente llegamos al tan esperado 9 de septiembre y eso significa que es hora de otra temporada totalmente nueva de Call of Duty: Mobile. La temporada 10 The Hunt ya ha llegado en todos los dispositivos y viene con una amplia variedad de contenido nuevo. En primer lugar, solo porque nos gusta dar hype y revisar en una hermosa animación parte del contenido, echemos un vistazo al trailer oficial de esta temporada 😉:
Hemos visto a muchos de ustedes hablando sobre como si la temporada 9 acabara de comenzar y ya se terminó, y estamos de acuerdo. Fue una temporada única llena de contenido nuevo, fantásticos diseños de personajes, un tema musical maravilloso y, por supuesto, el armero. Fue nuestra mayor actualización de COD: en la historia de dispositivos móviles y, si bien la temporada 10 no es tan masiva en el juego, trae consigo algunos personajes estelares, como Mara, Makarov y Mace, junto con uno de los más mapas de Call of Duty mas esperado por los nostálgicos y veteranos soldados de Call of duty - ¡Terminal!.
Por supuesto, hay mucho más en juego que un pequeño fragmento de información, ¡así que saltemos a la actualización ahora! Repasaremos todos los detalles y, como es habitual, los esperamos en la caja de comentarios al final de este post para compartir todo este nuevo contenido juntos.
Aquí está la vista completa de los eventos lanzados recientemente o los que se ejecutan hasta el final de la temporada:

  • 9/10 - 9/24 ~ Cuartel general (MP)
  • 9/10 - 9/27 ~ Terminal 24/7 Lista de reproducción (MP)
  • 9/10 - 9/17 ~ Boarding Pass Evento (MP), Juega en Terminal para obtener una variedad de recompensas.
  • 10/9 - 17/9 ~ Evento Carpe Diem (MP), Completa una variedad de tareas relacionadas con el cuartel general y consigue Spec Ops 4: tren de carga, nuevos camuflajes de armas y más.
  • 9/10 ~ Tres nuevos desafíos de temporada lanzados
  • 9/10 ~ Actualización de la tienda de crédito
  • 9/10 ~ Comienza el nuevo evento de inicio de sesión mensual
Antes de pasar a todo y desglosar muchos aspectos de este lanzamiento, nos gustaría compartir nuestra hoja de ruta diseñada con cuidado y cariño para que tenga una idea de lo que está disponible y lo que vendrá a lo largo de esta temporada. ¡Échale un vistazo!
Nos gustaría hacer un énfasis en la Echo, un arma nueva. Esta escopeta automática tiene un gran poder y puede derribar a varios enemigos seguidos siempre que estés lo suficientemente cerca para golpearlos con toda su potencia de fuego. Puede obtener la versión base y el proyecto de Epic Demon Eyes en el BP.
Temporada 10 - Pase de batalla
The Hunt está aquí y con eso trae un nuevo Pase de batalla lleno de personajes, armas, proyectos, camuflajes y una increíble cantidad de valor. Sabemos que todos los miembros de la comunidad en línea son generalmente conscientes de esto, pero el Pase de batalla es la forma más barata de adquirir algunos de los mejores artículos del juego además del beneficio adicional de proporcionar suficiente CP para comprar un nuevo Pase de batalla. cada mes.
Fuera de eso y de los aspectos más destacados enumerados anteriormente, aquí está la lista de algunos de los elementos principales que puede encontrar en el Pase de batalla de la temporada 10.
Pase de batalla gratis
  • LK24 - Suelo forestal (nivel 4)
  • Habilidad de nuevo operador: ecualizador (nivel 14)
  • Nueva arma: Eco (nivel 21)
  • HS0405 - Suelo forestal (Nivel 31)
  • Tarjeta de visita: Asalto al bosque (nivel 38)
  • Amuleto: la seguridad es lo primero (nivel 46)
  • HG 40 - Suelo del bosque (nivel 50)
Pase de batalla pagado
  • Mara - Valkyrie (nivel 1)
  • GKS - Scion (nivel 1)
  • Amuleto - Viuda negra (nivel 1)
  • ICR -1 - Línea de sangre (nivel 10)
  • Outrider - Amazonas (nivel 12)
  • RPD - Carnívoro (nivel 20)
  • Makarov - Astilla (nivel 35)
  • XPR - Aracnofobia (nivel 40)
  • Echo - Ojos de demonio (nivel 50)
  • Mace - Tombstone (tier 50)
  • Tarjeta de visita legendaria: atracción fatal (nivel 50)
Si bien eso es solo una sinopsis rápida, también hay muchos otros elementos disponibles, incluidos los camuflajes de Battle Royale, un emote, un avatar, la serie de camuflajes Bloodline y más. El Pase de batalla ya está disponible, así que echa un vistazo y comienza a subir de nivel para obtener todo!.

Modo Cuartel general
Este modo multijugador clásico de Call of Duty es similar a Hardpoint, donde es una ubicación en movimiento en el mapa que debes capturar para sumar puntos para tu equipo. Sin embargo, aunque es igualmente estratégico, tiene bastantes diferencias clave:
  • La radio del Cuartel General no puede cambiar de bando una vez capturada por un equipo, solo puede ser destruida
  • Mientras se captura una radio, el equipo que la capturó ya no puede reaparecer.
  • El objetivo es ser el primer equipo en capturar la radio, una vez que se genera, y mantenerla el tiempo suficiente (hasta 50 segundos) para acumular puntos para su equipo.
Este modo estará activo durante un par de semanas, ¡así que asegúrese de probarlo y díganos lo que piensa! Por último, si está buscando algunas ayudas visuales, puede echar un vistazo a todo en acción a continuación.
Mapa Terminal
Este mapa de Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 querido y favorito de los fanáticos ha sido uno de los mapas más solicitados para CODM y ¡finalmente está aquí! Lucha en la pista, la sala de salidas, varias áreas interiores o dentro del avión, cada una de las cuales ofrece soporte para diferentes estilos de juego.
Al principio, este mapa está disponible para Team Death Match, Domination, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, 10v10 TDM, 10v10 DOM y más. Por supuesto, dependerá del éxito que tenga para ver si algo como 10v10, estará disponible de forma permanente próximamente. ¡Depende de ustedes soldados!
Hay una variedad de ventajas, equipamientos, armas y opciones diferentes para enfrentarse a este mapa único. Si está buscando algún consejo sobre cómo dominar este, ¡tenemos una publicación de Terminal Map Snapshot blog post lista para usted!

Modo Hardcore
Para cualquiera que haya jugado a Call of Duty antes de esta versión móvil, siempre hay un grupo de jugadores que prefieren mucho un modo que sea rápido, brutal y que recompense la precisión y la estrategia: este es el modo Hardcore. Un modo que tiene muchos rasgos únicos que lo hacen perfecto para aquellos que buscan una experiencia multijugador más realista donde cada bala cuenta. Aquí están los detalles principales:
Así es, el fuego amigo está encendido, hay un hud reducido y es mucho más fácil morir por una bala perdida. Todos los títulos de Call of Duty manejan el fuego amigo de manera un poco diferente, por lo que con este modo puedes matar a un miembro de tu equipo dos veces y luego cualquier otro fuego amigo después de eso se volverá reflectante, lo que significa que te hará daño a ti en lugar de a un compañero de equipo. Mantenga su puntería, no queremos soldados heridos.

Desafíos estacionales
¡La nueva temporada significa nuevos desafíos estacionales! Tenemos tres en este momento con cuatro más lanzados durante la temporada. Como de costumbre, hay mucho para agarrar a través de estos, ya sea Battle Pass XP, elementos únicos, proyectos y más.

Kit de supervivencia
Este desafío estacional de seis partes te pide que te sumerjas en Battle Royale y completes una variedad de tareas enfocadas en armas, muertes y saqueos. Este tiene bastantes recompensas, pero presenta un modelo de arma épico, el HG 40 - Flytrap. Cualquier artículo de rareza épica no se encuentra comúnmente en los desafíos de temporada, así que asegúrese de tomar esta HG 40 impresionante cubierto de enredaderas.

  • (Poco común) RUS-79U - Piel
  • (Raro) Spray - Terror nocturno
  • (Raro) HG 40 - Tren de mercancías
  • (Raro) Marco de Venus
  • (Épico) HG 40 - Trampa de moscas

Operador maestro
Este desafío estacional de siete partes te permite volver al modo multijugador y específicamente te pide que vayas a dominar el campo de juego con habilidades de operador. Tendrás que usar cinco habilidades de operador diferentes para completar cada tarea en esta, incluida la nueva habilidad de operador de Ecualizador que se puede encontrar y adquirir a través del nuevo Pase de batalla. Mira las recompensas:
  • (Poco común) FHJ-18 - Verde plateado
  • (Poco común) M4 - Verde plateado
  • Tarjeta de visita (rara) - Camper
  • (Raro) M16 - Iridiscente
Correr y disparar
Este desafío estacional de seis partes orientado al Gunsmith se centra en el modo multijugador y requiere que uses varias armas con configuraciones / accesorios específicos. Si bien las tareas en sí son relativamente simples, necesitará una variedad de armas al menos algo niveladas para completar cada tarea. Las principales recompensas de este son:

  • (Poco común) J358 - Piel
  • (Poco común) GKS - Pelt
  • (Raro) Spray - Carga
  • (Raro) GKS - Tren de mercancías
  • Consulte cada semana siguiente
¡Echa un vistazo a cada actualización semanal de la comunidad para conocer los detalles de cada próximo lote de desafíos estacionales!

Mapa Pine
¡Tenemos otro nuevo mapa multijugador que saldrá más adelante en la temporada y este mapa con mucha vegetación se llama Pine! Este mapa de espacios reducidos es adecuado principalmente para el modo Gunfight y 1v1. Estará disponible más adelante en esta temporada el 25 de septiembre (UTC). Esté atento a más información al respecto.
Clase BR - Hacker
Otra nueva pieza de contenido que saldrá a finales de esta temporada es una clase de Battle Royale, el Hacker. Esta clase te da la habilidad de volverte extremadamente molesto para tus enemigos mientras evitas que usen equipo, deshabilitas su minimapa y varias opciones que generalmente les hacen la vida más difícil.
Las dos habilidades principales son Picahielo, la principal y mas molesta. Ice Pick bloquea el minimapa de cualquier enemigo cercano y evita que use cualquier dispositivo. Hard Wired, por otro lado, dificulta que los enemigos afecten negativamente tu minimapa. Vea esa nueva clase en movimiento en nuestra página de CODM YouTube page (solo podemos publicar tantos videos en un mismo post por publicación de Reddit).

Exceso de medios
Hace algunas actualizaciones agregamos la ventaja llamada Overkill en ingles y exceso de medios en español en el menú del juego, pero aún no lo hemos desbloqueado. Como resultado, muchas personas se han estado preguntando después de cada actualización "¿cuándo se lanzará Overkill?". Bueno, la respuesta es mas o menos complicada, aun creemos que no está lista todavía para ser lanzada, especialmente después de que Gunsmith ingresó al campo de juego y cambió la forma de como todo funciona con las armas actualmente.
Vamos a publicar su estreno cuanto antes una vez que esperemos lanzarla. Solo espere y siga teniendo un poco de paciencia en esto.

Actualización de la tienda de crédito
La última pieza de contenido nuevo que nos gustaría destacar para este lanzamiento de la temporada 10 es la primera actualización de la tienda de crédito, que también fue lanzada hoy. Esta actualización de la tienda de crédito se centra en las armas junto con una racha de puntos. Compruébalo todo en el juego ahora y aquí están todos los elementos que se agregaron:
  • (Poco común) M21 EBR - Sotobosque
  • (Poco común) UL736 - Anochecer
  • (Raro) HVK-30 - Celosía
  • (Común) Racha de puntos de ataque de racimo
  • (Epic - Proyecto) BK57 - Secuelas nucleares

Reporte de Bugs
Si bien normalmente no hacemos esto durante una actualización o publicación de lanzamiento de temporada, hay un problema que queríamos mencionar aquí debido a que los jugadores se comunicaron con frecuencia al respecto.
Problemas de recompensas de eventos
Durante el fin de semana y al comienzo de esta semana, hemos visto a los jugadores hablar sobre problemas con dos eventos: Regimiento de 10 hombres y Habilidades de supervivencia. El problema que surge con ambos eventos es que algunas recompensas no se pueden cobrar a pesar de que el rastreador está lleno. Esto se muestra claramente en la página de eventos de cada uno. Aquí hay un ejemplo:
La última recompensa allí, a pesar de que este rastreador de progreso del evento se completó, no es coleccionable. Hay un problema similar con dos recompensas en Survival Skills. Seguimos trabajando en ambos e investigando opciones para obtener recompensas para aquellos que aun se encuentran con estos problemas.
Solo sé fuerte por ahora y mantente atento a las noticias sobre todo eso. Por último, gracias a todos los que han informado sobre estos problemas y se han acercado y publicado cada post en esta comunidad. Hemos tratado de transmitir este mensaje a todas partes y replicado, pero por favor, compártelo con los demás y ayudémonos entre todos.
Opciones de soporte
Por último, mencionamos varias veces lo importante que es informar cualquier error o problema que esté viendo con las nuevas actualizaciones, así que asegúrese de comunicarse a través de cualquiera de los canales de asistencia. Si bien vemos e informamos errores a través de esta comunidad, generalmente solo tratamos directamente los problemas mas grandes y claramente identificados, mientras que los mas específicos los derivamos a los canales especializados de soporte mencionados al final. Nuestros equipos de soporte al jugador pueden revisar todo tipo de informes y de una manera mucho más detallada. Estos son esos canales principales en los cuales te pedimos informar:

Notas finales
La próxima temporada que se lanzará después de esta será durante nuestro mes de aniversario de Call of Duty: Mobile y habrá mucho que hacer entonces, pero por ahora disfruta de la Temporada 10: The Hunt y todo el contenido nuevo que se publica a lo largo de la ¡temporada! Todavía hay muchos eventos diferentes en camino, diferentes modos, diferentes listas de reproducción y tantas recompensas para obtener nuevas recompensas (como una ventaja llamada Alerta alta), como otro evento de temporada de mecanica similar al Finest Hour.
¡Estamos a 1 mes del aniversario de CODM y no sabemos como agradecerles todo el amor que han entregado a este juego! Ha habido muchos miembros de esta comunidad que han estado aquí desde el principio, ya sean creadores de contenido, Usuarios destacados entre la comunidad y decenas de miles de miembros mas. Continuamente nos sentimos honrados por este apoyo, por el tamaño de la comunidad y por la creatividad, amabilidad, humor y pasión que todos ustedes exhiben todos los días.

¡Gracias a todos y disfruten de la décima temporada de Call of Duty: Mobile!
-El equipo de Call of Duty: Mobile
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2020.09.08 11:43 OddballRaccoon Marco d'Amore interview - New informations on season 5 (Spoilers for **L'immortale**)

Il Mattino released an interview of Marco d'Amore in which he gives several informations about season 5 :
Keep in mind that the article is in Italian which I don't speak so there might be mistakes
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2020.09.08 09:41 BockasaurusRex PC Game Giveaway - Purrfect Date

Kia ora PC Gamers,
Winner (if we want to say that) - u/Kazri , please keep an eye on you inbox for the key
Recently I have looked at the amount of game keys I have that are collecting virtual dust and it saddens me they are not being loved, so I will be slowly giving them away.
The idea for the giveaway was mainly to help those who are new to PC gaming and may not have included buying games into the budget of getting into PC gaming. But all those in the subreddit are welcome to enter!
I will look through my collection and pick a game to raffle off and post information about it below.
This week the game that will be up for grabs:
Purrfect Date -
As Cat Island’s newest arrival, it’s not long before you realise something’s seriously amiss, or should we say… amorous! A blend of mystery, intrigue and wickedly black humour, will you discover your Purrfect Date before it’s too late? Remember, curiosity killed the cat...
To make it fair it will be a simple pick a number between 1-1000 (inclusive) and if multiple people have the same number then it will be a "first in first served" with who posted the number.
However don't feel you are restricted to ONLY posting a number, feel free to share your experience with gaming and start a discussion with the PC gaming community.
Example: 658 - Absolutely love indie games, any recommendations?
Giveaway will be drawn on Saturday (NZST) of each week, please refer to your time zone.
The winner of Purrfect Date will be drawn at the time(s) below:
Of course the most important part the winning.
I will update the post with the user and of course get in touch with them to provide the key via direct message.
Once the winner has claimed the prize I will set up the next giveaway (providing I have a key to give away) so those who missed out can enter in the next draw.
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2020.09.07 23:01 Coldcoffees Pre WWE RAW Discussion Thread! - September 7th, 2020: Labor Day RAW!

Welcome everyone, to Monday Night RAW!

RAW Preview

By Cageside Seats because doesn't have one today for some reason.
The Headliner(s)
As of Monday morning, WWE hasn’t released much information about the Labor Day edition of Raw. They’re asking if anyone can stop Randy Orton ahead of the Clash of Champions rematch with WWE champion Drew McIntyre he just earned by pinning Seth Rollins last Monday, but that seems like an odd question given we just saw the Viper take loses at the last two PPVs. Sure, they’re referring to the punts that put McIntyre in the local medical facility two weeks ago and not getting beat by the champ and Keith Lee - but still. What do they think Randy is, RETRIBUTION or something?
That lack of information, and the fact that in putting out two events over the last three weeks WWE’s given us reason to examine & re-examine everything about their shows, did make one thing clear. Raw would benefit greatly from a reshuffling of its roster.
Lee’s arrival helped, and The Limitless One could be Rollins’ new dance partner with Rey Mysterio out. But especially on the men’s side of things, it feels like we’re watching many of the same feuds we’ve watched since WrestleMania. It shouldn’t take personnel changes to transition out of stories, but that looks like what it might take to get them to stop booking matches between Angel Garza & Andrade and Street Profits for the latter’s Raw Tag titles.
Fortunately, everyone from the dirt sheets to Triple H has said a WWE Draft/Superstar Shake-up is coming this fall.
New match-ups will only take us so far. We’ll probably tire of a Big E/MVP program if they run it for six months, just like we did the Apollo/Crews MVP one. But once we get to the end of the year, it’s Royal Rumble season. The Road to WrestleMania gives new motivation to old rivalries, and voila, we’re through another year of the longest running weekly episodic television show in history.
Pass some time thinking about who you’d like to see move from NXT and SmackDown to Raw while we run through the rest of the red brand’s affairs.
The title scene
From the way last Monday played out, it looks like Raw Women’s Champ Asuka’s next challenger could be Mickie James or Natalya. Either would make for a good one PPV program while the newly solo Peyton Royce is built up... or while we wait for one of the four women in the new WWE Women’s Tag title championship program to refocus on singles glory. Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Liv Morgan or Ruby Riott would all make logical opponents for the Empress.
If I were new United States titleholder Bobby Lashley, I’d stick to Raw Underground. The Hurt Business always gets to be badasses in Shane McMahon’s worked shoot lair. When MVP, Lashley & Shelton Benjamin are upstairs, they take losses. Down below, they dominate the same guys.
He’s got his baby back! Here’s hoping R-Truth’s 39th run as 24/7 champion is a long one.
Other stuff to keep an eye on
  • Mentioned them briefly in the top section, but we may have actually seen some development with RETRIBUTION last week. The rabble-rousers broke up the tornado tag between long-time rivals Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, Andrade, Garza. They beat-up a game Zelina Vega, but may have sparred Angel’s amore Demi Burnett. Hmmm...
  • In addition to business being good for The Hurt Business, Raw Underground was also good for Riddick Moss and MMA Horsewomen Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir last week. It was not good at all for the heartbroken Billie Kay.
  • One-eyed man Aleister Black continued to target Kevin Owens, costing KO a chance at a Clash of Champions title shot. If I were Black, I’d want a piece of Rollins. But I am looking forward to KO vs. Aleister when they give us an actual match.
  • Are we finally about to see Dominik Mysterio work with someone other than Seth?
Three weeks until Clash of Champions!
What are you looking forward to on Raw tonight?
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2020.09.05 10:12 Toberak GDT TORNEO EN FACEBOOK? [Español]





Únase a GDT para obtener este increíble premio patrocinado por FROGMIND📷📷
Envíe un mensaje si necesita ayuda o no no posee DISCORD:






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2020.09.04 22:24 EmergencyDraft Golden Ticket, Part III, by Thane MacFluff

Part I
Part II
Angel had screeched and wailed when Lex left him with Emily but had been soothed by promises of spaghetti and finally getting to “pway” with another fluffy.
After he finally stopped clinging to her leg, Lex went home. When she got back to the trailer that night, her father was there, for once. He was sprawled on the couch while the TV buzzed against the far wall, drunk off his ass.
“Hey,” he slurred. “Where the hell were you?”
He didn't actually care. He never did. He was just picking a fight. Lex tried to slip past him. He grabbed her arm.
“Where the hell were you? It’s late.”
“It’s 8:00. Dad—let me go.”
“Tell me where you were.”
“It’s fucki—”
He cuffed her in the head. Her ears rang. It was the first time in a while.
Streak: broken.
“Don’t curse at me,” he snapped. “And I’ve been smelling shit and piss around the house? What the fuck is that, huh? We have rats again? You buy any traps?”
Lex’s blood turned to ice. Oh God. At least the fluffy was out of the house.
“I’ll do it next time I’m out,” she offered, voice trembling. Her head throbbed.
“Tomorrow,” her father collapsed back on the couch. “Do it tomorrow.” He mumbled something unintelligible and then laughed.
"Okay," she squeaked, voice trembling.
Lex managed to slink into her room and pressed a cool pillow to her head. She thought of her fluffy, and the fact that thanks to that dumb little shit, in a few months she was going to have enough money to be free of this place and her father forever.
Then she thought of the way she would flick Angel in the nose, and the way he'd cry after, and she felt a wave of guilt wash over her. She wet her pillow with tears before falling asleep.
At school, Emily would give her occasional updates on what was going on with Angel.
“Cherry and Angel are getting along really well,” Emily said, one afternoon in fourth period. “Cherry’s been wanting babies for a while, and I was wondering if—”
“I don’t care,” Lex said. “Let them fuck. Cool with me. As long as Angel doesn’t kill himself or try to fly again, we’re sweet.”
Within another two months, just ahead of Christmas, Angel could be said to be fully grown. Lex took to periodically dropping in by Emily’s to see how her million dollars were coming along. Angel always started babbling about “wub Wexie," and while she still thought it was corny as hell, she could at least appreciate the sentiment. Sometimes she even gave him "scwatchies" behind the ears if she was in a particularly good mood.
He and Cherry had made pretty good friends, and then more than friends.
“Angew wub pwettiest speshow fwen.”
“Nice pointy an wingeh speshow fwen am best speshow fwen,” Cherry reciprocated.
“Gross,” Lex muttered, as she sat with Emily on the patio and watched the two chase each other around burbling, “hee hee, gon catch ‘ou!”
“Aww,” Emily sighed. “They’re cute.”
Around Christmastime, Cherry got pregnant.
“You want me to let you know when the foals come?” Emily asked.
“I guess,” Lex responded, patting her friend’s shoulder.
A few weeks into the new year, Emily delivered another piece off very welcome information during their free period.
“Hey, so…you know my uncle that breeds fluffies? He says if you really wanna sell Angel he can get you in touch with lots of people who will buy. And—get this—a lot of alicorns are sterile. But we know Angel isn’t, because of Cherry’s litter. So—get this, seriously—Angel can go for more than $2 million on the market.”
Lex nearly choked on her coke.
“You’re fucking with me.”
But the earnestness in Emily’s great blue eyes said otherwise. “Nope.”
“You—I—I’m giving you a cut. I don’t care what you say. Thank you so much for everything. We can go 50/50—”
“It’s whatever. Want to talk to my uncle?”
“Yes. Absolutely. God bless you.”
Lex took a great bite of her sandwich, dreaming of a life turned on its head.
She didn’t notice Nick Cross listening in from three tables over.
Then everything fell apart.
Lex was coming out of Burger King with lunch when her phone rang. It was Emily. Maybe they’d found another buyer.
Emily’s cracked voice came through the line, raw. It was clear she’d been crying. “Lexie—”
Lex didn’t reprimand her for the diminutive of her name, as she would usually have done.
“Wow, hey—what the fuck happened?”
“The—Angel’s gone—they took him—”
That was all Lex got from her friend’s tearful rambling. It was enough. She was at the LeMay house within twenty minutes.
Emily’s parents were out of town, so they were alone in the house. As soon as she opened the door, Emily fell into Lex’s arms, sobbing. Lex saw her nose was busted. She had a black eye. Her stomach churned.
“Hey…hey…Em…what the fuck happened?”
“God,” Emily sniffed. Before she could explain, Cherry came limping in from the kitchen. She was in worse shape than her owner. Her back-right leg was shattered, and she was dragging it painfully behind her, huu-huuing with each step, leaving a trail of blood in her wake. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and Lex could see she was missing a few teeth.
“Chewwy hab wowstest owies,” she burbled.
Lex was honestly still not Cherry's biggest fan, but she knew Emily loved the thing to death, and so she felt a pang of sadness on her behalf.
“What happened?” Lex asked again, squeezing Emily’s shoulders.
“Some guys—showed up,” Emily wiped blood from her nose. “They jumped the backyard fence. Wearing masks.”
“Meanie hoomins take speshow fwen,” Cherry sniffled. “Chewwy twy sabe Angew, bu meanie hoomins gib wowstest owies, huu huuu.”
“I heard Cherry screaming,” Emily said. “I ran outside and these guys were grabbing Angel. I didn’t know what to do, I’m sorry, I—”
“It’s fine, it’s fine,” Lex assured her. “God, I’m so sorry.”
“They hit me in the face. They—”
“Jesus.” Lex’s eyes narrowed. She was pissed. She still might not give too much of a shit about fluffies, but she liked Emily. Emily was the nearest thing to a friend she’d had in a long time, and she’d been more helpful and more accommodating than Lex had any right to expect, and the fact that this had happened to her because of Lex—because of her fluffy.
Her fluffy. They’d taken her fluffy. Her fucking several million-dollar fluffy! He was hers goddammit.
And then she realized who was responsible.
“Nick,” Lex hissed.
“Nick Cross.”
Lex stood, clenching her fists.
“Lexie, what are you talking about?”
“I’m going to get Angel back.”
But Lex was already gone.
Emily picked up Cherry and cradled her.
Angel was terrified.
He’d just been sleeping next to his special friend in Miss Emiwy’s backyard, thinking about his soon-babbehs, when some awful meanie hoomin monsters dressed in black grabbed him. He’d screamed and made scaredy poopies.
Cherry woke up and tried to make the meanie hoomins go away with sorry hoofsies, but they gave her sorry hoofsies, and boo boo juice came out. Angel started to cry when he saw his special friend’s leggie break. He hoped her tummeh-babbehs would be okay.
“Nu take speshow fwen!” Cherry was wailing as the meanie hoomins carried Angel away, no matter how much he kicked and screamed.
Then Miss Emiwy came out to help, and the meanies hit her, too!
Angel was in hysterics by the time the kidnappers bundled him into a car.
They brought him to a housie he’d never seen before. It didn’t smell pretty and he said so, so a hoomin flicked him in the nose. Lexie hadn't done that in a long time and he cried.
One of the hoomins carried him inside. There were a lot of hoomins in there. Maybe more than Angel had ever seen. They were sitting on stuff and drinking weird wawas and some of them even looked like they were having almost-special hugs!
There was music playing somewhere, but it was loud and mean and not like the soft fun music from FluffTV.
The hoomin that brought him in said to the other hoomins, “yo, check this out.”
Another hoomin, a bigger one, said. “Yo, Nick, is that one of them retarded horses?”
“Fwuffy nu am wetawded howse—” Angel sniffled.
Nick cut him off. “It’s called a fluffy, dude. Come on. You live under a rock?”
“Man, whatever.”
“But this is a fucking expensive ass fluffy,” Nick laughed. “I’m serious. I’ll make serious fucking bank on this shitrat.”
“Nu am shitwat!” Angel wailed, terrified. He wanted mummah Wexie. He wanted his fluffy mummah. He just wanted to go home.
All the meanie hoomins crowded around him. Some poked him. Some laughed at him. He made scaredy poopies again.
“Ew!” someone gasped.
Nick swatted him on the nose.
“Nu huwt!”
“He’s kinda cute,” one lady hoomin said.
“Pwease nice wady,” Angel sniffled. “Pwease sabe fwuff—”
She just laughed.
“Ain’t these things supposed to dance or somethin’?” someone asked.
“A-Angew can make dancies,” Angel sniffled, desperate to do anything to ameliorate his situation. He began to shake his upper body back and forth, tears streaming down his cheeks
“Man, that ain’t no fuckin’ dance.”
“Angew am be dancie fwuffy, pwease!”
Everyone kept laughing at him, until one of the meanie hoomins said, “yo, I got an idea.”
They brought out some nummies that looked kind of like chocolate.
“Hey, fluffy, you want some brownie?”
“B-brownie am gud nummies?” Angel sniffed.
“Yeah, these are real special good brownies!” a hoomin lady laughed.
“S-speshow nummies fow fwuffy?”
Nick held out a piece of brownie, still laughing. Angel was still terrified, but he took a tentative nibble. Everyone laughed harder.
It didn’t take long for him to start feeling weird. “Tummeh nu feew pwetty,” he sniffled. But his head felt okay. He felt lighter, somehow. And he wasn’t worrying as much, even though he still wanted to go home to mummah Wexie.
“Man, he’s high,” some giggled.
Angel didn’t understand. The table wasn’t that far off of the floor.
“These retarded horses are crazy, yo,” someone else said.
Angel’s mind dissolved into a vague haze.
Lex got angrier with each step.
Was it still over the $100 worth of weed?
Nah. Nick was just a greedy, delinquent son of a bitch. He must have overheard them talking about Angel at lunch.
And he’d crossed a line. Emily was her friend. And Angel, whether she intended to sell him or not, was her fluffy. She'd raised him and he was hers.
She soon came to the house she was looking for. It wasn’t Nick’s. She didn’t know whose it was, actually. It was dilapidated, in a particularly shitty part of town, and had that ‘crack house’ look about it. But Nick Cross could be found there more often than not, holed up with a number of his fellow ne’er-do-wells and a few more serious criminals, besides, enveloped in clouds of marijuana smoke while some junkie tweaked out on the floor.
From across the street, Lex could hear the shitty pop music blaring through the windows. Loud enough she could make out all of the words. The windows were full of silhouettes. Oh, there was a party, tonight. For a moment, she imagined someone might call the cops. But, no, no one called the cops in this neighborhood.
She watched the house for a while, trying to formulate a plan. Just storming in wouldn’t get her anywhere. They’d throw her out on her ass, and she’d be lucky if someone didn’t rough her up, first.
If Angel was in there—and he surely was—she actually felt bad for the little guy. Fluffies were, of course, notoriously susceptible to sensory overload. And a party of this caliber definitely qualified.
Then it hit her. This thing was about a fluffy. So…
It was a stupid idea. Lex could recognize that. But fluffies were kinda intrinsically stupid, anyways. And the more she thought about her plan, the more she realized she couldn’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work.
Lex took off down the street. She arrived at the dollar store within five minutes, and rushed up to the cashier, breathing hard.
“Can I help y—”
“I need skettis.”
Lex shook her head. Damn fluffies were getting to her.
“I need spaghetti. Or like…pasta, in a can, whatever, doesn’t matter.”
“Umm….aisle six?” the cashier said.
Lex swiped a single can of Chef Boyardee mini-ABCs with meatballs. She payed and rushed back out into the night.
Her next stop was the public park. It was a fucking dump. She wasn’t sure a kid had touched the playground equipment since the 2000s. Now it served mainly as a drop-off point for dealers and a place for hookers to service their johns. The whole park was covered in litter, empty wrappers, crumpled cans. Which of course, meant the place was constantly crawling with feral fluffies desperate for whatever ‘nummies’ they could find.
She didn’t see any as she took her first step past the “EVERGREEN COMMUNITY PARK” sign. But they were there.
Lex peeled open the Chef Boyardee can, letting the sent of ‘skettis’ catch on the breeze.
Fluffies were programmed to love humans, but a lot of ferals had experienced enough human-induced trauma, intentional or otherwise, that their programming was overridden. Like most wild animals, they hid when man approached.
“Fluffies!” Lex called. “Oh, fluffies!” She paused for a second and put her hands on her hips. “I sure hope there are some good fluffies in this park I can share my sketties with!”
She waited another ten seconds. That was all it took. A thin green unicorn hobbled out of a nearby bush. “Fwuffy am gud fwuffy!” he called. “Get sketties?”
“Sure. But I want to give sketties to all the fluffies? You have some friends?”
“Fw-fwuffy hab fwens…”
Another two fluffies emerged from the bushes. Another three from behind a rusty chain link face. A mare with foals popped out from behind an aluminum slide.
Soon, the night was alive with the usual inane fluffy babble.
“Sketties? Nyu mummah? Get huggies an wuv?”
Lexie rattled the can. The fluffies closed in on her, and soon she felt the familiar sensation of soft, if calloused, marshmallow hooves tapping at her legs.
“Fwuffies hav sketties now?” begged an adolescent colt covered in mud and leaves.
Lex surveyed her new audience. She couldn’t count them all. There must have been at least forty, Jesus. That ought to be enough. And they’d probably pick up more on the way. “Oh, no!” Lex faked dismay. “I didn’t expect this many fluffies! I don’t have enough sketties for all of you!”
A wave of despair washed over the little creatures. “Nuu! Wan sketties! Fwuffy su hungwy!” A chorus of “huu huus.”
“Wait!” Lex called. “I know! There’s a house not far from here! A house full of sketties! Enough sketties for all the fluffies in the world!”
“W-weawwy?” inquired a brown Pegasus.
“Oh, yes,” Lex promised. “You guys just have to follow me.”
Easy as pie. Lexie dumped the Chef Boyardee on the ground. The fluffies rushed in like piranha. In twenty seconds it was all gone, and the great majority of them, which had not gotten so much as a taste, began to cry. Even those which had gotten a lick or two were whining for “mow sketties!”
“Follow me, fluffies!” Lex urged.
And she led her makeshift army out of the park.
She must have been quite a sight, marching down quiet residential treets with a legion of fluffies at her back. Thank God most everyone was in bed. She passed an old lady on her porch, who eyed the bizarre procession in disbelief.
Lex didn’t know what to say, so she just waved and said, “hey.”
The fluffies took that as a cue and burst forth with “hewwo nice wady!” and “fwuffies am get sketties!”
The old lady said nothing, though her eyes got quite wide.
Soon, they were back at the house. A few of the fluffies shrank back at the rap music blaring from stereos inside.
“Okay, guys,” Lex said. “That’s the sketty house.” She pointed across the street. “So here’s what you do—you run over there and knock. As soon as the door opens you rush in! You need to find the sketties as fast as possible, before someone else nums them, understand?”
“Fwuffies unastan!” some fluffy squeaked. But Lex wanted popular assent, so she asked again. “Understand?”
“Fwuffies unastan!”
“Alright. Ready…go!”
The technicolor horde rushed across the street. Soon two dozen little hooves backed by dozens more at the rear of the mob were pounding (or tapping, more accurately) on the front door.
Lex watched it open, and some guy who even at a distance was obviously drunk or high stumbled onto the step. When he saw the fluffy army, he probably figured he’d taken a bit too much of whatever they were enjoying in there.
“Yo, what the f—”
The fluffies poured into the house like a tidal wave. The sounds of laughter, carousing, stereo, and general partying were instantly drowned out by the childlike babbling of the little beasts and a complementary litany of squeals and cries of protest from the revelers.
Lex drew up her hood, ducked her head, and charged across the street in the fluffies’ wake. In the commotion, no one noticed her slip through the open door.
The house had already been filled to capacity for the party. Couches were crammed, so were tables, seats, and the floor. The strong twin smells of weed and alcohol hit hard. Someone was OD’ing on…something in the corner.
And now fluffy ponies had been added to the mix. People jumped on tables and chairs to get out of the way as the herd dispersed through the house, searching for imaginary sketties.
“What the fuck?”
“What is this!”
“Get them out!”
Lex shuffled through the crowd, pushing aside bewildered partygoers and trying not to step on any fluffies.
Lex saw a hooker she recognized from the Motel on Route 34 trying to shake off a fluffy that clung to her leg and begged for a “nyu mummah.” In the kitchen, an irritated stoner she recognized form fourth period was pouring out bong water onto a mother and her foals, who screeched that they “nu wike.” A few fluffies were forcing their way upstairs in a rather daring venture, shoving aside an amorous couple who reacted with shocked squeals.
Lex went completely unnoticed in the pandemonium. “Angel?” she called. “Angel!” She pushed through the crowd into the kitchen. “Angel?”
She watched a fluffy desperately trying to paw open a pantry, its hooves not up to the task. “Pwease meanie doow, open fow fwuffy!”
An angry guest booted it aside and it crumpled into a heap, huu huuing quietly.
“Angel! Angel! Angel?”
And then she heard it. “Wex? Dat am mummah Wexie?”
She didn’t even mind being called ‘mummah Wexie.’
She charged through the kitchen, through the dining room, and into the laundry room behind that. Opened the door. There, on top of the dryer, under an overturned laundry basket repurposed into a cage, sat her fluffy. His eyes lit up when he saw her, and Lex had to admit she felt relief at his safety almost as much as for her salvaged millions of dollars.
Lex threw off the basket and scooped him up.
But he didn’t seem particularly frightened or upset. “Hewwo Wexie,” he giggled. “Fwuffy am feew so siwwies.”
She looked into his eyes. And—Jesus—they were a little red. They hadn’t—
“Hoomins am gib Angew funny buwny stick—nu wike but den num smokies an feew su siwwy.”
“They gave you a fucking joint—”
“Den hoomins gib cwazy wawas tu fwuffy. Nu taste pwetty bu make fwuffy feew siwwy!”
Lex’s jaw dropped. The Fluffy was fucking crossfaded. She swallowed her fury, tucked him under her arm, and turned to go. Stepping over feral fluffies, she wended her way back to the living room—and ran straight into Nick Cross.
“Get out of my way Nick.”
Nick crossed his arms. There was a Glock tucked into his waistband. Safety wasn’t even on. She hoped he shot his dick off.
“Give me back the retarded horse, Lexie.”
“Don’t call me Lexie. And it’s my retarded horse.”
Nick pulled the pistol. Aimed it at her. Lex’s heart was in her throat.
“I ain’t fucking playin’, bitch!”
A red stallion trailed by two mares and another stallion shuffled by them, completely oblivious to the drama, still on a single-minded search for nummies. Another plan came together in Lex’s head—one that had to be executed quickly.
“Okay,” Lex said. She crouched. “Let me put the fluffy down.”
“Do it,” Nick hissed.
“Hehehe upsies an downsies,” giggled the completely out of it Angel.
Nick kept the gun trained on her. Lex gently set Angel on the ground. Then fast as she could, she shot out her right hand, gripped the red stallion by the scruff of his neck, and flung it at Nick’s face. “Bad upsies!” the stallion cried as it sailed through the air. But it struck Nick with a crunch. Lex was unsure whether it was his nose or a fluffy’s notoriously brittle bones. Nick stumbled back. His finger flexed. The gun boomed. A pregnant mare exploded and the kitchen floor was covered in foals and amniotic fluid.
The gun tumbled from Nick’s fingers. In a blind range he groped for something, anything, to strike back. Blood trickled from his nose. The red stallion Lex had hurled at him waddled away, huu-huuing. His fingers landed on a small-ish blue earthie trying to climb into the sink.
He hurled it at Lex. It struck her in the stomach, but she absorbed the blow and righted herself.
Lex snatched Angel back up with her left hand. “Fwuffy fwy upsies!” he laughed. A mare with foals riding on her back rushed by, still squealing for sketties. Lightning quick, Lex grabbed a foal.
“Nuuu! Nu take babb—”
Lex wound up her arm and threw the foal at nick as hard as she could. It struck him square in the chest, sprayed him with shit on impact, and then bounced to the floor, where it began to crawl about, chirping in desperation.
“What the f—”
“Fwuffy babbeh make poopies,” Angel mumbled, eyes hazy. “Babbeh poopies.”
Nick kicked a mare at Lex. She caught it and hurled it back. He stepped to the side and the mare went flying into the living room, trailing shit.
Nick picked up two fluffies, one in each hand. They sobbed about “bad upsies,” and then he whipped them at Lex in quick succession, one after the other. The first she dodged by ducking to the side, and the orange colt crashed into the hallway beyond. The second she deflected with her elbow, like a dodge ball.
Then she picked up a brown Pegasus pawing at her leg begging for ‘wuv’ and threw it at Nick, aiming directly at his crotch. The fluffy struck dead on. Nick doubled over, eyes bulging.
Lex took her shot. She secured Angel under her arm and rushed out of the house. On the way out of the living room she passed a girl being swarmed by fluffies demanding huggies, and another girl stomping every feral that came within reach of her wicked stiletto heels.
Ah, fluffies.
As she burst into the cold night, one partygoer so high he hardly took notice of the carnage, mumbled into the air, “yo Nick, bitch took your retarded horse.”
Lex ignored him and dashed back down and across the street, just as three police cruisers whipped around the corner, sirens wailing. Lex slid behind a shady oak, as she watched the police cars pull up in force in front of the house.
It might be that no one ever called the cops in this neighborhood under usual circumstances, but even this dump couldn’t take a house full of fluffies at 4 AM. Lex watched the cops pour out of their vehicles and storm into the place.
“Wights pwetty,” Angel breathed, coming down from his high, watching the red and blue glow flash in the night.
“Yep. They sure are,” Lex said.
And, fluffy in hand, she turned to go.
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2020.09.04 15:32 droidshatt Song by a female singer, from a TV show

Here is the link it is:
It's a Spanish song which starts with the verses: "Tres hermosas flores viven en la hacienda todas todas son distintas y todas buscan amores todas buscan un amor".
It is from a TV show named: "Pasión de Gavilanes".
I hope with this information you guys can help me. Thanks.
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Vicentico - Esclavo de Tu Amor (Official Video) - YouTube Rocío Dúrcal - Amor eterno - YouTube Carin Leon - Tu Amor Barato (video oficial) - YouTube JOSE JOSE AMOR AMOR - YouTube Jennifer Lopez - Amor, Amor, Amor (Official Video) ft ... Christian Nodal - Adiós Amor (Video Oficial) - YouTube Amor Informal Emil Lassaria feat. Caitlyn - Tu amor (Official Video ... Tu Amor - YouTube Mila e Jottapê - O Amor Que Tu Perdeu ( ...

Amor Informal

  1. Vicentico - Esclavo de Tu Amor (Official Video) - YouTube
  2. Rocío Dúrcal - Amor eterno - YouTube
  3. Carin Leon - Tu Amor Barato (video oficial) - YouTube
  5. Jennifer Lopez - Amor, Amor, Amor (Official Video) ft ...
  6. Christian Nodal - Adiós Amor (Video Oficial) - YouTube
  7. Amor Informal
  8. Emil Lassaria feat. Caitlyn - Tu amor (Official Video ...
  9. Tu Amor - YouTube
  10. Mila e Jottapê - O Amor Que Tu Perdeu ( ...

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Stream/Download Adios Amor here: Music video by Christian Nodal performing Adiós Amor. (C) 2017 Fonovisa Una Divisi... Carin Leon Tu Amor Barato Autores: Carin Leon / Javier G. 'El Tamarindo' KLAK HITS Tamarindo Rekordsz Aquí esta otra producción que hemos realizado con mucho... Subscribe to your favourite music: Facebook: Instagram: http:/... Depois do hit 'Tudo OK' da Mila ela chega em parceria com o Jottapê, dos hits 'Paredão', 'Sentou e Gostou' e 'Eterna Sacanagem', para lançar 'O Amor Que Tu P... PayPal Donaciones (NO obligatorio), aquí... Descárgalo en iTunes en: Amor Informal · Don Beto Nossa Imaginação ℗ 1978 Som Livre Released on: 1978-02-02 Music Publisher: Ed. Warner/Chappell Music Publisher: Som Livre Edições Ltda. Musicais Auto-generated by ... Watch the official music video for 'Amor, Amor, Amor' by Jennifer Lopez feat. Wisin Listen to Jennifer Lopez: Subscribe... Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Tu Amor · Jon B. COOL RELAX ℗ 1997 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Released on: 1997-04-21 Keyboards, Producer:... Vicentico – Esclavo de Tu Amor (Official Video) (De 'Último Acto') Escuchá la Playlist Escuchá la Playlist https://smartu...