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Poltava. Find tandems. 141 language exchange partners in Poltava looking to learn languages. Ahmed, 22. Poltava. Speaks Arabic. ... Ideal conversation exchange partner Native German and Italian folks, shining with positive vibes. My learning goals To be able to communicate in German, ... 1-room apartment specially for you! Everything new – repair, furniture, household appliances. The only one thing stay old – the price! The flat if located in one of the best places in Poltava close to Sunny Part, Local Lore Museum, for 10 minutes you can observe so-called “Khreschatyk” in Poltava with famous monument to galushka, lovers lane and the White Arbor! Battle of Poltava, (8 July 1709), the decisive victory of Peter I the Great of Russia over Charles XII of Sweden in the Great Northern War. The battle ended Sweden’s status as a major power and marked the beginning of Russian supremacy in eastern Europe. Poltava Sad Ltd is a medium-sized farm which cultivates grain, spices and vegetables in central Ukraine. Poltava-Sad group started out in 1994 as a small pumpkin farm with two hectares of land. Today, the farm rents over 9,000 hectares from 1,884 private landowners and rural dwellers. Participants dressed in embroidered shirts traveled on horses and in marriage. There were agency-singers and dancers. A biplane flew by, and soon several parachutists landed on the field. This is a traditional event during the big holidays in Poltava. Poltava is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine on the river Europe. Poltava a city in central Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Poltava Oblast (province), as well as the administrative center of the surrounding Poltavskyi Raion (district) within the oblast. The city itself is also designated as its own separate raion within the oblast. The current estimated population is 313,400 (as of 2004).

TW Fan Ideas on a future Total War Empire 2 game. (As a warning this is a long post...You can skip to the end to see my faction ideas)

2020.02.01 03:18 HPCthulhu1 TW Fan Ideas on a future Total War Empire 2 game. (As a warning this is a long post...You can skip to the end to see my faction ideas)

Hello everyone! It has been a while since TW has made a game concentrated on gunpowder. With Three Kingdoms and Warhammer 2, I believe CA has all the capabilities of making an incredible 18th century game. Here are some of my ideas I hope an Empire 2 Total War game might implement in the future. (As a note: Many of the ideas I propose here are inspired or based from Europa Universalis IV).
Diplomacy of War:
Other Aspects
Potential Factions and DLC/FLC Factions:
Grand Campaign:
GreatBritain, France, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Prussia, Austria, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Maratha Confederacy, and USA (US should have a late starting date).
I would love to see a free American Revolutionary War campaign as seen in the first Empire Total War.
DLC Ideas:
Masters of the Sea: Portugal, Pirates, Barbary States, (Denmark as FLC)
Muslim Empires: Mughal Empire, Safavid Empire, Omani Empire, (Morocco as FLC)
Italian States: Venice, Genoa, Papal States, Malta (Savoy as FLC)
German States: Bavaria, Saxony, Hanover, Switzerland (Hesse as FLC)
Asian Empires: Qing Empire, Dzungar Khanate, Korea, Kingdom of Mysore
Native American Nations: Pueblo Nations, Iroquois Confederacy, Cherokee, Huron Confederacy
African Kingdoms: Kongo, Benin, Ethiopia, Merina
East Indies: Ayuthaya, Toungoo Empire, Dai Viet, Cambodia
Campaign DLC Ideas: 30 Years War, Great Turkish War, English Civil War
Potential Historical Battles:
Battle of White Mountain (30 Years War DLC required)
Battle of Breitenfeld (30 Years War DLC required)
Battle of Marston Moor (English Civil War DLC required)
Battle of Vienna (Great Turkish War DLC required)
Battle of Blenheim
Battle of Poltava
Battle of Fontenoy
Battle of Monongahela (Native American DLC Required)
Battle of Plassey (Muslim Empires DLC required)
Battle of Rossbach
Battle of Lagos
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Long Island
Battle of Brandywine Creek
Battle of Chesapeake Bay
Battle of Valmy
These are just ideas. Please tell me what you think and share your own thoughts on what you want in a future Empire TW game!
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2015.01.04 21:17 SomeoneOnThelnternet Why the West's claims of "Russian soldiers in Ukraine", "The rebels are all Russian" or "Russia sending weapons to the Rebels" don't matter

I think it doesn't matter who is supplying weapons and equipment to the rebels. It doesn't even matter if some of the rebels turn out to be actual Russian soldiers, since they are defending democracy and were asked for help by the civilians who had their democratic rights taken away.
tl:dr; A bunch of fascists start Maidan [source1] [source2] [source3] This Maidan has foreign backing and support [source1] [source2] [source3] More ultra nationalists come in from the west of the country. These armed men then cause turmoil in many other parts of Ukraine. The interior police forces are then disbanded and after the president runs away the country is left in turmoil without a leader.
The people in the East who have always overwhelmingly supported the president and Russia are helpless. Their president has been removed and masked men are terrorizing anyone who dares speak up against this. The east doesn't want the IMF, they don't want Europe. Shouldn't someone come help them? Where is their democracy? Where is their referendum that they ask for?
  • Nov 24 - Maidaners trying to storm government cabinet of ministers buildings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp2PAVQm2iI
  • Nov 26 - Maidaners take over police car and seize equipment, police violently try to disperse them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wmuZdywvMk
  • The catalyst that started the murders, shooting and chaos was when the police violently dispersed of the protesters from Maidan on Nov 30. This riled many people up to the 'brutality' of the current president. A year later Yanukovich said that this violent dispersal was a provocation organized by Sergei Lyovochkin, the then head of the presidential administration. http://english.pravda.ru/news/world/24-12-2014/129379-yanukovych-0/
  • Nov 30 - The police very violently disperse the demonstrators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZCQdlthEjk another vid: http://youtu.be/i3oBUC7mxNM
  • Dec 1: Maidaners beginning of the violent clash with police using a bulldozer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PboRiMB8Psc They even take hostage one of the police at 14 minutes. Police respond with flashbangs at 17 minutes Part 2: http://youtu.be/vIQgcejE5k8 Police storm the crowd and they disperse. Part 3: http://youtu.be/jMLW2B3_3Go (At the end the future president even says that there were provocateurs with knives, bats) Part 4: http://youtu.be/iWJhDt52WQM This is the video the media shows - "peaceful demonstrators getting beaten up and chased after by violent police"
  • Dec 1: The maidaners getting violent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN-JZLm0xoI
  • Dec 1: Maidaners occupy two government buildings and attack police: http://ria.ru/tv_society/20131201/981002210.html
  • Dec 30: Half of Ukrainians don't even support EuroMaidan: http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/poll-half-of-ukrainians-dont-support-kyiv-euromaidan-rb-334469.html
  • Jan 1 2014: Neo nazi procession torch a hotel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oyNybynxGo
  • Jan 19 - Rioters beat up police: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pkzi6-zz55M
  • Jan 20ish - Someone in at ruck runs down berkut police, some of them are killed (NSFW): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yJzpNreX4U
  • Jan 20 - Kiev center in chaos, demonstrators throw molotovs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrP0A5uPJnk
  • Jan 22 - Maidaners throw molotov cocktails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEKviJYIlJ4
  • Jan 22 - Police violently disperse maidaners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EH4KRGzhhQ
  • Jan 25 - Ukraine protesters attack government building with police in Kyiv http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/ukraine-protesters-attack-building-with-police-inside-in-kyiv-1.2510868 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stK3YPz6WTc
  • Feb 2 - Government building occupied by right sector. Police talk about how they were shot at, stabbed, molotovs thrown on them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGosi48kD38
  • Feb 19 - Maidan spreads all over Ukraine. Lviv: Maidaners burn down police station and get the police to give up their gear and leave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8SeD2xHupA
  • Feb 20 - Activists seize government buildings in the west of the country, steal weapons and ammunition: http://www.euronews.com/2014/02/20/ukraine-s-regions-begin-to-rise-against-yanukovych/ According to the chief of police in Lviv, Dmytro D. Zagariya, around 1,200 weapons, mostly pistols and Kalashnikov rifles, were seized in raids on five district police stations and the headquarters of the Interior Ministry’s western command.
  • Feb 20 - People from the west of the country start flocking to Kiev with weapons that they stole from police: http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/police-seize-weapons-from-lviv-kyiv-train-passengers-337200.html
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/04/world/europe/ukraine-leader-was-defeated-even-before-he-was-ousted.html?smid=re-share&_r=0 Western diplomats in Kiev, including the American ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt, also heard about the guns grabbed in Lviv and worried that, if brought to Kiev, they would turn what had begun as a peaceful protest movement that enjoyed wide sympathy in the West into an armed insurrection that would quickly lose this good will.
  • As the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland and a senior French diplomat met Mr. Yanukovych to negotiate a truce on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 20, at the presidential offices, Mr. Pyatt and several European envoys met at the German Embassy with Andriy Parubiy, the chief of the protesters’ security forces, and told him to keep the Lviv guns away from Kiev. “We told him: ‘Don’t let these guns come to Kiev. If they come, that will change the whole situation,’ ” Mr. Pyatt recalled telling Mr. Parubiy, who turned up for the meeting wearing a black balaclava.
  • Andriy Tereschenko, a Berkut commander from Donetsk who was holed up with his men in the Cabinet Ministry, the government headquarters in Kiev, said that 16 of his men had already been shot on Feb. 18 and that he was terrified by the rumors of an armory of automatic weapons on its way from Lviv. “It was already an armed uprising, and it was going to get worse,” he said. “We understood why the weapons were taken, to bring them to Kiev.”
  • The Secret Agenda of Ashton and Nuland Revealed http://www.voltairenet.org/article182601.html It has become a ritual that works every time: whenever Washington engages in regime change, mysterious snipers turn out to kill both government forces and opposition protesters. Then they disappear and are in principle never found. That is the case today in Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela.
  • Feb 20 - *Maidan Massacre: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bbc_1412640053 *
  • Feb 20 - Maidan what really happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tXYY23A_ZI
  • Feb 20 - at 7 minutes 25 seconds, the reporters are being shot from a maidan controlled hotel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg3R_BSz0Cc
  • Feb 20 - German TV channel analyzes the shootings (make sure to turn on captions): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOMfIQEGsic (Ukraine basically determined who was responsible before the investigation was even finished)
  • Feb 20ish - Kiev in chaos, more clashes, the center of the city burns, police are being shot by firearms and other weapons and are brutally beaten. Berkut tells of how they don't agree with this western sponsored coup. The police is there to protect their country, and refuse to put down their weapons (Note this small fact, because in Donetsk, the police and berkut DO put down their weapons and DO join the civilians). The perpetrators who shoot at police will not be tried, as the new government has given every one on maidan amnesty. So basically if you destroy the city and kill police, you are a patriot: http://youtu.be/BzlvPuBYDyM
  • Feb 20 - Estonian Foreign Minister Paet says the shooters weren't hired by Yanukovich but by the organizers of Maidan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEgJ0oo3OA8 and http://nsnbc.me/2014/03/05/busted-leaked-phone-tape-eus-ashton-reveals-kiev-snipers-hired-maidan-leaders/
  • Famous US director Oliver Stone says the shootings have all the fingerprints of a CIA op: facebook com/TheOliverStone/posts/901387646552202 and http://rt.com/news/218899-stone-kiev-massacre-cia/ “Details to follow in the documentary, but it seems clear that the so-called ‘shooters’ who killed 14 police men, wounded some 85, and killed 45 protesting civilians, were outside third party agitators,” he said. “Many witnesses, including Yanukovych and police officials, believe these foreign elements were introduced by pro-Western factions – with CIA fingerprints on it.”
  • Secretive Neo-Nazi Military Organization Involved in Euromaidan Sniper Shootings http://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-secretive-neo-nazi-military-organization-involved-in-euromaidan-snyper-shootings/5371611
  • A Reuters examination of Ukraine's probes into the Maidan shootings - based on interviews with prosecutors, defence attorneys, protesters, police officers and legal experts – has uncovered serious flaws http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/10/us-ukraine-killings-probe-special-report-idUSKCN0HZ0UH20141010
  • Feb 21: Even though Yanukovich agreed with all the demands of the opposition, they didn't back down. Obviously their plan wasn't just to get what they want, but to create chaos, turmoil, and remove the president: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26289318
  • *The coup was unconstitutional: https://dartthrowingchimp.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/ukraines-just-coup/ the vote to remove Yanukovych doesn’t seem to have followed constitutional procedures. Under Articles 108-112 of Ukraine’s constitution, there are four ways a sitting president may leave office between elections: resignation, incapacitation, death, and impeachment. None of the first three happened *
  • So the police are being shot at, more armed people are coming to the capital city of the country to cause chaos. And what does the parliament do? They disband all the police: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/04/world/europe/ukraine-leader-was-defeated-even-before-he-was-ousted.html?smid=re-share&_r=0 the retreat was merely a response to a resolution adopted late Thursday that week by the Ukrainian Parliament that ordered all Interior Ministry troops and police officers to return to their barracks. Mr. Pashinsky estimated that in all, he arranged escorts out of the city for more than 5,000 officers from the riot police, Interior Ministry forces and other security units, like the special operations unit, Alfa....he did not know where the order to retreat had originated.... Mr. Dobkin spoke with a senior presidential official whom he declined to name and was told that the sudden departure of security forces on Friday afternoon had taken the president and his entourage entirely by surprise. “the police were without the power to shoot, so they were afraid of Maidan, so they left.”
  • Yanukovych gets scared and runs away to Russia. President has now been toppled. The country is now without a leader. There is no government. Armed masked thugs are roaming the streets and attacking anyone who is still for the toppled president. What are the people who did vote for him to do? Sit and watch as their country is destroyed? You can see from the previous Ukrainian elections which regions of the country voted for whom. The east/south and Crimea always voted overwhelmingly in favor of more pro-Russian leaders, while the west voted more pro-Ukrainian/pro-Western: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_in_Ukraine#Voting_patterns Obviously the people in the east, having their majority voted president toppled are now extremely angry. Where is their democracy?
  • Feb 21: Armed Maidan/right sector thugs take over government buildings in Chernygiv and Poltava. Attack police buildings in Vinnitsa trying to get weapons. Crimean self defence forces say that "all you maidaners don't bother coming to ukraine as you will be detsroyed" : http://youtu.be/12BqmEbuCLQ
  • Feb 24: Kharkov main government building blocked and blockaded by armed maidaners. thousands of civilians show up in Sevastopol in Crimea to defend their country against the coup and instability. Thousands march in Odessa chanting "we won't give up Odessa": http://youtu.be/tLKEEumse1M
  • Feb 25: Ukraine minister completely disbands berkut police. They now go to Crimea because there they are wanted and welcomed. The berkut now comprise a civil defence force there. They now man checkpoints to prevent right sector and other provocateurs from getting into Crimea and causing the same damage they did in Kiev. Crimea is holding huge pro-Russian demonstrations. The Tatars are for the new Ukrainian government, the people in Crimea are against Ukraine and for Russia: http://youtu.be/AlM5k-Gw-XE
  • Berkut finds safety in Crimea. Crimea begins to form self defence forces against any right sector invaders so that it doesn't turn into another destruction filled Maidan like in Kiev. People are saying they don't agree with the coup. They don't like that masked armed men are causing destruction all over the country. http://youtu.be/pdHvRcPirnk
  • Feb - Kharkov: right sector Maidaners bussed in from Kiev came to terrorize city. Destroyed oplot building (local fight club) and stole their cash. Police stood around and did nothing: http://youtu.be/BkmjN6SRfyc
  • March 1 - Kharkov. Local anti-maidan pro-Russians free the Oplot fight club from right sector goons. It's completely destroyed and vandalized. They fight weapons, nazi spray-paint and flyers. http://youtu.be/Cs4xpbu5ios
  • March 1 - Kharkov. Thousands of regular civilians storm the government building and free it of right sector radicals that have captured it. Weapons are found on the right sector thugs: http://youtu.be/vgMxZ-c6dBI and another angle: http://youtu.be/qsTQEI3jUwo The right sector thugs had shotguns and pistols on them. Notice how the civilians don't attack police. They then fly the Russian flag. http://youtu.be/VVJD6HMzNDM Again ask yourself, who are the terrorists? The right sector thugs or the civilians? The Western media currently calls the civilians the terrorists. Another video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa63IjsaWIk This could be a provocation by the new Ukrainian government. They send in these people who take over government buildings, the government then says "Oh look, terrorists are in government buildings, lets send in the army"
  • March 2 - Right sector fascists chant "Kill all Moscovites": http://youtu.be/9iR4AjS_o3c
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2015.01.04 21:01 SomeoneOnThelnternet I think that the claims "Russian army in Ukraine", "Russia supplying weapons to rebels", "The rebels are Russian soldiers" don't matter even if they are all true.

I think it doesn't matter who is supplying weapons and equipment to the rebels. It doesn't even matter if some of the rebels turn out to be actual Russian soldiers, since they are defending democracy and were asked for help by the civilians.
tl:dr; A bunch of fascists start Maidan [source1] [source2] [source3] This Maidan has foreign backing and support [source1] [source2] [source3] More ultra nationalists come in from the west of the country. These armed men then cause turmoil in many other parts of Ukraine. The interior police forces are then disbanded and after the president runs away the country is left in turmoil without a leader.
The people in the East who have always overwhelmingly supported the president and Russia are helpless. Their president has been removed and masked men are terrorizing anyone who dares speak up against this. The east doesn't want the IMF, they don't want Europe. Shouldn't someone come help them? Where is their democracy? Where is their referendum that they ask for?
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2014.07.29 23:23 GreatestWhiteShark Let's get historical r/CFB. If teams in your conference were nations/empire from history, what would they be?

Ohio State - The British Empire. The largest empire the world has seen, and one of the most powerful. There was a time when the British could take on just about anyone without the fear of losing. Of course, such power breeds arrogance, and if THE British Empire was known for anything, it was arrogance. Wealthy and powerful, the British Empire ruled the world. And then, bit by bit, their empire slipped away, and the balance of power began its shift away from England. Now the British are struggling with their new place as a state that, while important, does not have the influence, power, and relevance that it once possessed.
Michigan - The Ottoman Empire. A small principality in Anatolia became one of the most powerful empires in the world, almost overnight (on a historical scale). In their heyday, their armies dominated those they went up against. As time went by they grew comfortable, and took their successes for granted. As powerful as they were in the Middle East, when they took their armies west they were met with defeat after defeat (Rose Bowl). Ineffectual rule and a too-late attempt at reform and modernization left them behind the rest of the world powers, and their lofty position became firmly planted on their historical success. This was truly solidified when the people of the Balkans defeated them in a war for independence. Small powers from the mountains brought one of the eminent world powers to defeat. Sound familiar?
Michigan State - Prussia/Germany. Methodically and efficiently, Prussia incorporated the German states into itself. Once the little brother to the Holy Roman Empire, Prussia slowly and assuredly grew in power. With a surprisingly and non-proportionately powerful, disciplined army, Prussia took Europe by surprise. Where the hell did this powerful state come from? How did we not notice? Prussia and Germany certainly weren't this good before, so what happened? A stoic, imposing leader happened, who made it his mission to unite the German lands and become the sole power in Germany. Mark Dantonio, Otto von Bismarck, same dudes really.
Penn State - Mughal India. In its first century of existence, the Mughal dynasty had just three rulers, which contributed to a long period of stability and success. The Mughals were rich; absurdly so. The Mughals were huge; they ruled over a diverse, populous area. The Mughals were powerful; they expanded across the Indian subcontinent, ruling more of India than any empire in the world but one (Britain). The Mughals were successful. And in the end, the success was to their detriment. Vassal states and landholders prospered and became rich, and they worked their influence within and expanded their power. We like to think that the British subjugated India, but make no mistake - Mughal India, first and foremost, was destroyed from within.
Nebraska - The Mongols. The Mongols are something of an anomaly. Who would have ever guessed that bunch of tribes from the plains of bum-fucking-nowhere would have terrorized the known world? Probably few people, if we didn't know that it happened. But it did happen. Temujin, later known as Genghis Khan, united the Mongol Tribes and began a period of conquest that would create the largest empire that had ever been seen, and after his death his successors would take the empire to its height. They ran over their opponents, and when they suffered a loss, they would avenge it, leaving nothing in their wake. They went up against the world powers of their time, and they won. But nothing lasts forever. For the first time ever, at the Battle of Ayn Jalut, the Mongols advance was permanently halted by a southern power from an arid land, the Mamluks (this is a Texas reference). And from that day, the Mongols, while they had their successes, would wane in power as time went on.
Wisconsin - Russia/USSR. Russian history, it has been joked, can be effectively summed up in 4 words: "then it got worse." While it's true that the Russian people have faced mediocrity and oppression, both internal and external, to say it got worse continuously is facetious. Because Russia, as we all know, in recent history had its time as a superpower. This can largely be attributed to the efforts of one man, and his five year plan, Josef "Barry Alvarez" Stalin. Stalin transformed Russia into a world power, beyond anything it had achieved before. His successors maintained this power. However, in spite of their position, in later years they were unable to compete with the West (Coast). Now in the hands of a man who is popular at home, Russia may again rock the world. And they're all alcoholics.
Iowa - The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Poland-Lithuania had a long history, and its power ebbed and flowed. Sometimes it was formidable, sometimes it wasn't. It was, by my money, your archetypal middling Medieval European power. It was part of a triangle of wars between Russia and Sweden. The Poles were notable for their formidable Winged Hussar cavalry, one of the most effective and dangerous rushing attacks back when cavalry were still relevant and not cursed by and Angry Poland-Lithuania Cavalry Hating God (APLBHG). You know, kinda how the tides have turned against Iowa running backs.
Minnesota - Sweden. For a brief time, Sweden was a world power. Their military prowess and tactical abilities were unmatched. The Lion of the North was the name given to the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus, arguably one of the best military commanders of world history. Another king, Karl XII, fought in the Great Northern War, wherein Sweden was attacked by a triple alliance of Denmark-Norway, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and Russia. Karl XII defeated two of three, and then pushed into Russia, intending to take Moscow. Then in 1709, the Battle of Poltava occurred, and Sweden's days as a world power almost immediately came to an end.
Northwestern - The Umayyad Caliphate. The people of the Arabian Peninsula, for a long time, were not particularly relevant on a global scale. Once in a while they would raid out, maybe snag a few victories, but the large powers, particularly the Sassanids and Eastern Rome, would put them in their place. Then a Prophet arose in the Arabian Peninsula, and a strange new religion was born. The Arabs took the Middle East by surprise and exploded onto the world stage, aided by a new found zeal and a powerful attack, and they expanded all the way to the western Ocean. Their newfound power was not to last, unfortunately, and the Umayyad Caliphate was overthrown by the Abbasids. The Umayyads settled into their role as a decent power in Iberia. Cordoba's Big Ten Team
Illinois - France. The French are, for various reasons, easy to make fun of. Nowadays they are considered weak and their military capability is the butt of jokes. However, until the second World War, France was a powerhouse. Go back earlier, and France was the preeminent power of the world. Did you know France has won more wars than any nation in history? No, you probably didn't. Because that was then, not now. Did you know Illinois has 5 claimed national titles? They were good back then. But that was then, not now. Did you know, outside of Michigan, Illinois has given Ohio State its most Big Ten losses? That, of course, was then, but not now.
Purdue - Egypt. Egypt was one of the Cradles of Civilization, and Purdue is likewise the cradle of quarterbacks. Egypt has a long history, and it has, like Iowa, alternated between good and bad. Egypt is the home of many impressive feats of engineering. Many famous names have come from Egypt during its long history, from many different eras. Currently, Egypt is a dumpster fire of a country.
Indiana - Punt. In Ancient Egyptian records, there is mention of a land called Punt, located somewhere to the south of Egypt, that served as a trading partner to Egypt. Historians are still undecided on where Punt actually was. Or whether it actually existed. Likewise, you could say the same thing about Indiana football. That, and Punt is also the name of one of Indiana's signature plays. (Don't worry, Indiana, if this was basketball you'd be a real, known country. You'd be the Ottomans.)
Maryland - Greece. My friends and I once had a discussion about countries that peaked thousands of years ago. Greece was one of them. Greece was a regional power in its history. There was that time that a Greek (Macedonian but whatever) king conquered the known world. And then they peaked, and that was that for the Greeks. They were conquered. And then they went bankrupt. And now they're part of an organization of nations that is mercilessly run by the Germans. Poor Greece.
Rutgers - Akkad. Before there were empires, Ancient Mesopotamia was comprised of city states. Then a man named Sargon had an idea: why not own more than one? Sargon, from his seat in Akkad (now lost) conquered the cities around him, creating what could be considered the world's first empire. Then he died, and his empire didn't last particularly long. Basically, that is what Rutgers (Buttgers?) is to college football.
Now you give it a try!
EDIT: What should I do next? Give me ideas cfb and I just might do them!
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2014.01.25 14:24 jupit3r33 Ukrainian Protests - News as it's Being Released - Jan 24, 2014 - Part 2

Jan 24, 2014 Part 2
23:56 EST - Ukraine shows the ‘color revolution’ model is dead - Washington Post (opinion piece)
23:55 EST - Video: Ukrainian Protesters Storm Government Building in Kiev - ABC News
23:52 EST - Image: Twitter data of the past 5 days of #euromaidan - Facebook
23:50 EST - Audio: From Kiev To The Country At Large, Ukraine Protests May Spread - NPR
23:44 EST - Ukraine: Stop the violence - fidh.org
23:36 EST - Ukraine: Police Beatings, Kidnappings in Kiev - Human Rights Watch
23:27 EST - Today, Party of Regions has had a full scale political retreat across Ukraine - Euromaidan PR Facebook
23:06 EST - Police have been leaving large numbers of mutilated bodies at morgue in Kyiv - Gazeta.ua
22:56 EST - Building pressure, Ukraine protesters enlarge territory, strike at other cities - Washington Post
22:53 EST - Video: Ukraine Erupting in Anger - ABC News
22:46 EST - (possibly from December 12, 2013?) Document: Department of internal affairs asked department of Defense for a transfer of additional ammunition, material and technical means - Euromaidan PR
22:43 EST - Ukraine leader pledges government reshuffle ahead of more rallies - Reuters
22:40 EST - Ukraine riots resume, fires light up night sky - Fox News
22:34 EST - Interview of Teenage student clubbed and beaten severely by Berkut - Voices of Ukraine
22:28 EST - Dr. Taras Kuzio, University of Toronto - "I don't believe Yanukovych will survive until March 2015" - Youtube
22:26 EST - Kiev Truce Falls Apart, and Unrest Resurges - NY Times
21:59 EST - There has been an explosion, just now, at County Police Station in tumultuous city of Chrekassy - Euromaidan PR Twitter
19:23 EST - Video / Article: Ukraine: 'Activist killed with approval of state' - BBC News
19:16 EST - Water cannon in action spraying fires and protesters on #Grushevskogo - Euromaidan PR
19:08 EST - American Reporter in Kyiv - Hamish Macdonald, ABC News - Twitter
19:07 EST - Espresso.tv just said that hospitals' staff was ordered to inform the authorities about any patients that are brought from the Maidan - haelucenogenotism
19:05 EST - Dispatch from Ukraine: A Journalist Describes the Unrest from Inside - Fee.org
19:03 EST - Photo: Mykola Pasichnyk, 72 years old, has been recently arrested when being on Grushevskogo Street - Euromaidan PR Facebook
18:51 EST - Clear signs of Russian FSB (Federal Security Bureau) protest suppression in Ukraine (posted earlier in day) - Voices of Ukraine
18:45 EST - Video: Burning tyres light up the night - RT / Youtube
18:41 EST - Kharkov Ultras Football Club Begin Protecting Local Evromaydan - Liga.net
18:35 EST - Hordes of FSB officers, political strategists and PR have arrived in Kiev - Voices of Ukraine
18:24 EST - (Verification of Translation Needed) Maidan Self Defense Capture 3 Policemen, 1 Stabbed - Stabbed Officer Now Released & Hospitalized - Interfax.com.ua (translated to Eng)
18:18 EST - Ukraine clashes resume, fires light up night sky - Washington Post
18:04 EST - Sergei Kudimov, resigned from TV Business Channel - Euromaidan PR
18:04 EST - Julia Galushka, chief ed First National, resigned - Euromaidan PR
17:54 EST - Video: Ukraine protesters burn tyres in Kiev - BBC News
17:51 EST - Photo: Man with Chain Saw on Live Feed
17:45 EST - Video: Berkut Taking Protester Patient from Hospital - TVI.ua
17:42 EST - We Stand For Ukraine: Rally Tomorrow in Copenhagen - 3:30pm - 600pm UTC+01 - Facebook
17:35 EST - Body of police officer with a gunshot wound to the head found near Kyiv Holosiyivo ("6 Km from Maidan" - Reddit) - Pravda.com.ua (translated to Eng)
17:33 EST - Picture: @StephenAtHome We in Kyiv Ukraine are having a revolution here. It's good you finally noticed it. Thank you! - Euromaidan PR Twitter
17:30 EST - Video: Kiev 22.01.14 Various Clips Put to Music - Youtube
17:28 EST - Confirmed: Protesters in Ukraine Kidnapped From Hospitals And Executed - Intellihub.com
17:25 EST - Video: Ukraine in One Minute - Youtube
17:18 EST - Video: (Starting just after 4 minute mark) Special Address by John Kerry "We will stand by the People of Ukraine" - weforum.org
17:13 EST - USA to Stand by Ukraine, John Kerry Announces - Guardianlv.com
17:12 EST - John Kerry: US "Will Stand With the People of Ukraine" - RIA.ru
17:08 EST - Video / Article: (Earlier Today?) In Khmelnytsky, Anti-government protesters seized the oblast administration building - Pravda.com.ua (translated to Eng)
17:05 EST - Video / Article: (Earlier Today) Protesters seized Chernivtsi Oblast State Administration - Pravda.com.ua (translated to Eng)
16:55 EST - Map: Updated Map Showing regional administrations that are occupied or under assault - PeterShuklinov Twitter
16:49 EST - "Batkishchina" Party Leader, Arseniy Yatseniuk stated that Ukrainian is in crisis and it will be difficult to solve without mediation by Western partners - Euromaidan PR Facebook
16:46 EST - Photos: Protest Rally in Poltava - Pravda.com.ua
16:42 EST - Police Say Protesters Have Broken the Truce - Pravda.com.ua (translated to Eng)
16:30 EST - Video: People in Sumy take action in government building - Euromaidan PR Twitter
16:28 EST - Report of another sniper victim, fire barricades reignited - Euromaidan PR
15:56 EST - Call to U.S. Citizens to Support Congressional Resolution H.Res.447 Resolution For Ukraine–Targeted Sanctions
15:55 EST - Party of Regions MP (ruling majority party), has registered a bill (#4010) that would abolish some of the draconian laws dragged through parliament by the party of regions on the 16th of January - Euromaidan PR Facebook
15:34 EST - Lviv honours activist Yuriy Verbitskiy: kidnapped, tortured, left to freeze to death - Euromaidan PR Twitter
15:30 EST - New Tire Wall of Fire Being Created
15:29 EST - Opposition rejects Ukraine leader’s concessions - Washington Post
15:29 EST - Ukraine and the "Social War" - Washington Post
15:29 EST - Map to help understand Ukraine’s crisis - Washington Post
15:29 EST - Boxing champ leads Ukraine uprising - Washington Post
15:19 EST - Yanukovych says foreigners involved in radical actions in Kiev - Voice of Russia
15:12 EST - Just who is Ukraine's opposition? - CS Monitor
15:07 EST - Photos: Demonstration in Davos, Switzerland Supporting Ukraine - Facebook
14:59 EST - Klitschko: Square can disperse only after the resignation of Yanukovych - Pravda.com.ua (translated to Eng)
14:19 EST - Ukraine protests: what exactly is going on in Kiev? - The Independent
13:48 EST - Video: American comedian Stephen Colbert does skit on Ukraine's EuroMaidan revolution (Jan 23) - Colbert Nation
13:40 EST - Reddit /IAmA from Protester in Kyiv
13:05 EST - Please Take a Minute to Vote On a Photo of "Clash in Kiev -- (Efrem Lukatsky / AP)" at NBC. - NBCnews.com
13:04 EST - Photos: The Battle in Kiev: Two Killed in Ukraine Protest (Jan 22) - TheAtlantic.com
12:36 EST - Violence in Ukraine: Can Russia or the West Make it Stop? - Time.com
12:35 EST - Yanukovych says more talks with opposition needed - KyivPost
12:30 EST - Mykhailo Havryliuk,the man that was undressed and brutally beaten, speaks about what Berkut did to him - Euromaidan in English Facebook
12:20 EST - Ukrainian president reportedly offers concessions to protestors after violent clashes - Fox News
12:11 EST - Video / Article: Ukraine protesters seize building, put up more barricades - Reuters
12:03 EST - Videos: Edited Videos with a More Humorous Spin - Watcher.com.ua
12:00 EST - Yanukovych: Authorities to stop radicals either in friendly way or within framework of law - UNIAN.info
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