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Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Review Thread

2020.11.12 08:48 beary_good Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 89 average - 94% recommended - 16 reviews

Critic Reviews

Game Informer - Joe Juba - 8.5 / 10
Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is the best way to play an already-good game, but the fine-tuning doesn’t elevate the experience to new heights.
GameSkinny - David Jagneaux - 9 / 10 stars
Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition makes a great game even better with a new character, new modes, and overhauled visuals for next-gen consoles.
GameSpew - Richard Seagrave - 9 / 10
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is the ultimate version of Devil May Cry 5. Including all of the additional content released for the original version and more, it makes a great game even better, it’s as simple as that. It’s a shame that ray tracing comes at such a cost when playing at 4K, but it still looks glorious without it, and if you want to make use of Turbo or Legendary Dark Knight Modes they can’t be used in conjunction with it anyway. The real draw for most, though, will be the chance to once again take control of Vergil, and he doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve been itching for more of the high-octane action that only the Devil May Cry series provides, you’d be mad to let Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition pass you by.
Gameblog - Jonathan Bushle - French - 8 / 10
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is still a very good game, with graphics ehancements for PS5 and Xbox Series X and a few bonuses modes for the fans.
GamingTrend - Ron Burke - 90 / 100
From a purely technical perspective, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is a triumph. Delivering gorgeous ray traced lighting, blistering framerates, and high resolution, coupled with speedy load times and eye-popping visuals, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is the best possible rendition of the game. Returning special features like Turbo mode, Legendary Dark Knight mode, and Vergil himself is sure to keep any air-juggling Devil May Cry fan happy.
Heavy - Elton Jones - 9.8 / 10
Capcom managed to fulfill fans’ biggest requests for DMC5 and also freshen up its overall experience with the inclusion of new modes and visual enhancements. Vergil’s gameplay adds a new layer of excitement to all the demonic destruction thanks to his signature attacks and brand new skills. And getting to play around with his and the original trio’s flashy maneuvers in Turbo and Legendary Dark Knight Mode is an experience you’ll never forget. Having to leave your prior save progress behind and start anew is pretty disappointing, of course. But first-time players and returning veterans will get an equal amount of enjoyment out of this excellent special edition.
Hobby Consolas - David Martinez - Spanish - 90 / 100
Devil May Cry 5 was one of the best hack´n slash of the current generation, and gets even better with ray tracing, up to 120 FPS (in performance mode) and the new Dark Knight difficulty level. The new character, Vergil adds new gameplay mechanics to the original crew.
Metro GameCentral - 9 / 10
It might not change anything fundamental, but this special edition not only looks and plays better but has an impressive amount of new content too.
PSX Brasil - Ivan Nikolai Barkow Castilho - Portuguese - 90 / 100
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is the definitive edition of one of the best games released by Capcom. Whoever played the original can take advantage of technical improvements, new modes and Vergil. But, in general, the game remains basically the same, so I strongly recommend it to those who haven't checked out the original yet.
PlayStation Universe - John-Paul Jones - 9 / 10
A fantastic way for newcomers and lapsed series fans to get back into the Devil May Cry franchise alike, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is a value stuffed offering that lays a coat thick, next generation paint across the surface of one of the best hack and slash yarns of recent years. If you've not played Devil May Cry 5 before and you're looking for something new to show off your shiny new PlayStation 5 console, you really, really cannot go wrong with Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition.
Press Start - Shannon Grixti - 9 / 10
Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition pulls out all the stops to give players enough reason to come back. The loading is insanely fast, the ray-tracing is absolutely delicious and the frame rates are buttery smooth. If you've previously struggled to get into Devil May Cry, this won't necessarily appeal to you any more than previous games have. But if you're looking for a killer app to show off either your precious new hardware or television, then you should look no further.
Saudi Gamer - Arabic - 10 / 10
An enhanced version of the best hack 'n slash game on the market, with some nice additions that don't necessarily elevate the experience but do enhance it. The only missed opportunity is playable Trish & Lady.
Spaziogames - Stefania Sperandio - Italian - 8.5 / 10
Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is Devil May Cry at its finest. If you skipped the original release this is a must buy: otherwise, the add-ons are fun but far from being essential.
Stevivor - Steve Wright - 7 / 10
The same feeling of repetition is present throughout Devil May Cry 5's story, basically becoming background noise as you move from encounter to encounter.
The Games Machine - Stefano Calzati - Italian - 9.2 / 10
Devil May Cry V debuts on the new consoles with a definitive Special Edition, which confirms its status as the best stylish action of the last generation. The new modes and the presence of Vergil as a playable character are great additions, while the Ray Tracing does not feel like it adds much, and certainly not enough considering it comes at the cost of a slashed frame rate or resolution.
TheSixthAxis - Stefan L - 9 / 10
DMC5 Special Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series XS builds on the excellence of the original release. It's not the most essential purchase, since you will soon be able to buy Vergil as DLC for the original release, but with some new game modes like Legendary Dark Knight difficulty and the new graphical options making the game smootheprettier than ever before, it's sure to be tempting for fans of the series.
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2020.11.06 19:15 DirtDisrespector "Oh you like JoJo? Name every JoJo character." (+stands)

Part 1

Jonathan Joestar
Will A. Zeppeli
Robert E. O. Speedwagon
Erina Pendleton
George Joestar I
Dio Brando
Wang Chan
Dario Brando
Kempo Fighter
Poco's Sister
Jack the Ripper
Mary Joestar
Will's Father
Elizabeth I
Mary Stuart
Aztec Chief
Mark Watkin
Jeff Back and Dan Hamar
The 77 Rings Challenge Winners
Father Styx
Dio Brando's Mother
Woman from Bar
Ring Announcer
Jonathan's Former Friends
Joestar Mansion Butler
George's Doctors
Ogre Street Criminals
Police Zombie
Speedwagon's Friend
Jack the Ripper's Date
Zombie Knights
Poco's Bullies
Oriental Doctor
Ceiling Zombies
Zombie Mother
Chimera Zombies
Poco's Dad
Executed Zombies
London Bartender
Coffin Transporters
Ship Zombies
Elizabeth's Mother

Part 2

Joseph Joestar
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
Lisa Lisa
Rudol von Stroheim
Erina Joestar
Smokey Brown
Suzi Q
Wired Beck
Mario Zeppeli
George Joestar II
Adolf Hitler
Straizo's Disciples
SPW Excavators
Coco Cola Seller
New York Police Officers
SPW Plane Hijackers
SPW Plane Pilot
Impatient Driver
Brass Knuckles Gangster
Bruto's Girlfriend
Female Reporter
Stroheim's Servants
Nazi Doctors
Stroheim's Prisoners
Courageous Mexican Child
Mexican Thugs
Vampire Prisoner
Nazi Gatekeepers
Santana's Body Host
Santana's Nazi Victims
SPW Researchers
Rome Hotel Waiter
Caesar's Date
Hypnotized Girl
Nazi Officer
Wamuu's Nazi Victims
Ripple Clan
Mark's Girlfriend
Joseph's Doctor
Nazi Spy
Puppy Saved By Kars
Drunk Drivers
Kars's Nazi Victims
Luxury Cat
Caesar's Siblings
Caesar's Distant Relative
Italian Hoodlum
Kars's Vampires
Skeleton Heel Stone Warriors
Bad Breath Vampire
Vampire Horses
Kars's Double
SPW Special Technology Fighting Team
Stroheim's Ultraviolet Army
Superior Officer Zombie
Kars's Squirrel
Pillar Men Clan
Funeral Directors
Hollywood Screenwriter
Japanese Tourist

Part 3

Jotaro Kujo
Muhammad Avdol
Noriaki Kakyoin
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Holy Kujo
Enya the Hag
Vanilla Ice
Hol Horse
Daniel J. D'Arby
Pet Shop
Telence T. D'Arby
Kenny G.
Gray Fly
Impostor Captain Tennille
Devo the Cursed
Rubber Soul
J. Geil
Steely Dan
Arabia Fats
Mannish Boy
Wilson Phillips
Sherry Polnareff
Sadao Kujo
Captain Tennille
Prince, Michael and Lionel
Caravan Serai
Moor Family
Christian Vander
Shozo Mayama
Chibi and Buchi
Dr. Elliot
Treasure Hunters
Japanese Police Officers
Jotaro's Groupies
School Nurse
Mr. and Mrs. Kakyoin
Speedwagon Foundation Sailors
Singapore Hotel Valet
Singapore Thief
Cable Car Tourists
Calcutta Waiter
Little Calcuttan Boy
Calcutta Drifter
Calcutta Beggars
Varanasi Doctor and Nurse
Cafe Marhaba Denizens
Karachi Jewelry Store Guards
Arab Cessna Pilot
Arab Villager Lady
Speedwagon Foundation Pilots
Japanese Manga Artist
Chaka's Father
Friends of Chaka's Father
Papyrus Seller
Four Mice
Young Anubis Wielder
Luxor Old Woman
D'Arby's Cat
Dealer Boy
Cairo Airport Punks
Cairo Informant
Dog-loving Boy
Speedwagon Foundation Doctors

Part 4

Josuke Higashikata
Okuyasu Nijimura
Koichi Hirose
Rohan Kishibe
Hayato Kawajiri
Reimi Sugimoto
Shigekiyo Yangu
Mikitaka Hazekura
Yukako Yamagishi
Yuya Fungami
Tamami Kobayashi
Toshikazu Hazamada
Tonio Trussardi
Aya Tsuji
Shizuka Joestar
Tomoko Higashikata
Ryohei Higashikata
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshihiro Kira
Keicho Nijimura
Akira Otoishi
Anjuro Katagiri
Ken Oyanagi
Toyohiro Kanedaichi
Terunosuke Miyamoto
Masazo Kinoto
Not Bug-Eaten
Shinobu Kawajiri
Nijimura's Father
Koichi Hirose's Mother
Ayana Hirose
Kosaku Kawajiri
Josuke's Savior
Lady Murakami
Ghost Alley's Residents
Takashi and Kazuko Sugimoto
Ichiro Morishita
Yuya's Fangirls
Minako Okura
Satoru Nakae
Hiroshi Yoshimura
Kai Harada
Rika Tachikawa
Masaya Yoshizawa
Josuke's Groupies
Nijimura's Mother
Mr. Hirose
Class President
Speedwagon Foundation Agent
Speedwagon Foundation Ship Captain
Old Monk
Kira's Coworkers
Centipede Shoes Store Owner
Kawajiri Family Cat
Morioh Tourist
Mikitaka's Mother
Rude Nurse
Rio's Neighbor

Part 5

Giorno Giovanna

Bruno Bucciarati
Leone Abbacchio
Guido Mista
Narancia Ghirga
Pannacotta Fugo
Trish Una
Coco Jumbo
Vinegar Doppio
Mario Zucchero
Risotto Nero
Sorbet and Gelato
Donatella Una
Man X
Paolo Bucciarati
Abbacchio's Partner
Diavolo's Mother
Antonio Rossi
Mrs. Menini
Mela Ghirga
Monica Ultello
Airport Security
Giorno's Admirers
Giorno's Mother
Giorno's Stepfather
Female Prison Officer
Old Janitor
Truck Driver
Narancia's Father
Narancia's 'Friends'Elderly Victim
Blackmailing Criminal
Woman Saved By Mista
Thugs Killed By Mista
Bruno's Mother
Drug Dealers
Copy of Coco Jumbo
Venetian Suit Man
Hotel Maid
Bug-Catching Boy
Sardinian Fortune Teller
Sardinian Taxi Driver
Soccer Kids
Natural Resources Workers
The Arrows' Creator
Diavolo's Foster Father
Victims of SCR
Flower Shop Owner
Scolippi's Girlfriend
Female Tourists
Unlicensed Taxi Driver
Yacht Renter
Assassination Target
Assassinated Woman
Fugo's Parents
Shady Engineer

Part 6

Jolyne Cujoh
Ermes Costello
Emporio Alnino
Foo Fighters
Narciso Anasui
Weather Report
Enrico Pucci
Donatello Versus
The Green Baby
Johngalli A.
Sports Maxx
Miuccia Miuller
Thunder McQueen
Lang Rangler
Viviano Westwood
D an G
Romeo Jisso
Perla Pucci
Gloria Costello
Savage Garden
Sonny Likir
Ron the Viper
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go
Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf
Kenshiro and Raoh
Mother Goat and Seven Young Goats
Prince Charming
Vincent van Gogh
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Put Back Hero
Sergeant McCoy
Wes Bluemarine
MIH Bystanders
'Tom Cruise'
Jolyne and Ermes' Co-Prisoner
Jolyne's Mother
Jolyne's Lawyer
Judge in Jolyne's Trial
Strip Search Staff
Prison Doctor
Prison Hairdresser
Female Ward Security Staff
Blonde Bully
Bullied Prisoner
Prison Visit Guard
Search Party Guard
Male Prisoners Killed by Foo Fighters
Female Prisoners Killed by Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters' Would-be Bully
Courtyard Guard
Surveillance Technician
Prison Backyard Guard N#1
Prison Backyard Guard N#2
Prostitute Prisoner
Maximum Security Ward Prisoners
Anasui's Former Girlfriend
Little Prisoner
Speedwagon Foundation Doctors #2
Swamp Searching Party
Bohemian Rhapsody Victims
Versus's Family
Judge In Versus's Trial
Juvenile Detention Inmate
Racist Detective
Nice Tourist
MIH Victims
Alternate Jolyne
Alternate Jotaro

Part 7

Johnny Joestar
Gyro Zeppeli
Lucy Steel
Steven Steel
Hot Pants
Mountain Tim
Diego Brando
Norisuke Higashikata I
Funny Valentine
Pork Pie Hat Kid
Dr. Ferdinand
Ringo Roadagain
Eleven Men
Mike O.
Magent Magent
Axl RO
Alternate Diego Brando
Benjamin Boomboom
Andre Boomboom
L.A. Boomboom
Mrs. Robinson
Sugar Mountain
Scarlet Valentine
Gregorio Zeppeli
George Joestar I (Steel Ball Run)
Nicholas Joestar
Diego Brando's Mother
Captain Valentine
Urmd Avdul
Dot Han
Baron Roocatugo
Mark Becker
David Hagen
Paul Lukather
Dixie Chicken
Zenyatta Mondatta
Caravan Serai (SBR)
Baba Yaga
Sloop John B
Billy White
Fritz von Stroheim
Mack the Knife
Rotters Club
Tarkus (SBR)
Georgie Porgie
Dario (SBR)
Anne Joestar
Danny (Mouse)
Adam Pendleton
Silas and Mary Pendleton
Alice Pendleton
Pendleton Children
Sandman's Sister
Steel Ball Run Staff
Pocoloco's Fortune Teller
Gyro's Mother
Gyro's Siblings
Neapolitan Noble
Beautiful Prisoner
President's Aides
Diego's Wife
Farm Worker
Ringo's Father
Ringo's Mother
Ringo's Sisters
Potato Killer
Gyro's Hospital Patient
Milwaukee Gangsters
Wekapipo's Younger Sister
Wekapipo's Brother-in-law
Hot Pants' Brother
Shooting Witnesses
Coach Driver
Railroad Worker
Victims of Love Train
Funny's Father
Diego's Fans
Slow Dancer
Silver Bullet
Gets Up
Ghost Rider in the Sky
Hey! Ya!
Foxy Lady
Little Wing
Crosstown Traffic
El Condor Pasa
Europe Express
Ramblin' Man
Moon Flower
Nut Rocker
Country Grammar
Catch a Wave
Love Unlimited
Black Rose

Part 8

Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)
Yasuho Hirose
Rai Mamezuku
Norisuke Higashikata IV
Jobin Higashikata
Mitsuba Higashikata
Tsurugi Higashikata
Joshu Higashikata
Hato Higashikata
Daiya Higashikata
Kaato Higashikata
Kyo Nijimura
Yoshikage Kira (JoJolion)
Josefumi Kujo
Karera Sakunami
Holy Joestar-Kira
Tamaki Damo
Yotsuyu Yagiyama
Aisho Dainenjiyama
A. Phex Brothers
Satoru Akefu
Urban Guerrilla
Doremifasolati Do
Poor Tom
Wu Tomoki
Dododo De Dadada
Ojiro Sasame
Maako Kitani
Suzuyo Hirose
Hair Clip
Kiyomi Kujo
Rina Higashikata
George Joestar II (JoJolion)
Josuke (Dog)
Elizabeth Joestar (JoJolion)
Joseph Joestar (JoJolion)
Suzi Q (JoJolion)
Yoshiteru Kira
Norisuke Higashikata II
Norisuke Higashikata III
Tomoko Higashikata (JoJolion)
Sadafumi Kujo
Atsunori Iwakiri
Zaihei Nigatake
Rena Nanami
Hospital Security Guard
SBR Hat Shop Owner
Kidnapped Girl
The Man from Josuke's Memories
Ojiro's Friend
Johnny's Daughter
Oblivious Grandmother
Crying Little Boy
Hospital Taxi Driver
Extortive Mother and Child
Shakedown Road Veteran
Three Drug Dealer Thugs
Carrier Girl
Shakedown Road Cops
Mysterious Baby
The Old Man in the Wheelchair
Aisho's Girlfriend
Yakitori Shop Owner
Bald Salaryman
Morioh Police Officers
Bar Owner
Milagro Man's User
Cab Driver #2
Courier Boy
Mature Woman
Female Delinquent
Bicycle Boy
Cab Driver #3
Boy-scout Bully
Yasuho's Dad
Angry Patient
Woman in bed
Maako's Daughter
Bus Stop Murderer
Rock Human Mother
Mamezuku's Father
Mamezuku's Mother


Jolyne Cujoh (GUCCI)
Minoru Kaigamori
Kyoka Izumi
Nanase Kishibe
Rohan Kishibe's Grandmother
Naoko Osato
Gunpei Kamafusa
Mai Katahira
Mao Katahira
Yoma Hashimoto
Mika Hayamura
Mochizuki Family
Moon Rabbit
Masago Ayashi
Dolce and His Master
Masago Ayashi
Bruno Bucciarati (GUCCI)
Leone Abbacchio (GUCCI)
Polpo (GUCCI)
Nizaemon Yamamura
Female Monk
Leather Goods Artisan
Frida Giannini
Wanted Man
Asian Man
Corn Market Workers
Obese Man
Model Scout
Fitness Trainer
Deliveryman Sawaki
Gym Patron
Gym Manager

Light Novels

The Scribe Ani
Takuma Hasumi
Chiho Futaba
Teruhiko Futaba
Akari Hirai
Hanae Orikasa
Crybaby Boy
Sogliola Lopez
Sheila E
Cannolo Murolo
Massimo Volpe
Vladimir Kocaqi
Vittorio Cataldi
Angelica Attanasio
Gianluca Pericolo
George Joestar II (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Lisa Lisa (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Tsukumojuku Kato
Penelope de la Rosa
Erina Joestar (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Steven Motorize
John Moore-Brabazon
Kenton Motorize
Darlington Motorize
Jonathan Joestar (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Joseph Joestar (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Straizo (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Ngapoi Ngawang Tonpetty (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Dio Brando (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Antonio Torres
William Cardinal
Alejandro Torres
Maria Torres
Javier Cortes
Funny Valentine (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Messina (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Jim Graham
Ben Motorize
Julio Gonzales
Edvard Noriega
Charles Rolls
Scarlet Valentine (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Mr. Fernandes (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
George Joestar I (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Danny (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Will Anthonio Zeppeli (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Poco (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Poco's Sister (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Leonora Cortes
Juan Rovira Cortes
Graham Pendleton
Harriet Motorize
Frank Dimarest
Peter Fraser
Royal Aero Club Members
Vincent Lecoeur
Kars (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe: Future Timeline)
Jotaro Kujo (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe: Future Timeline)
Funny Valentine (Jorge Joestar 2nd Universe)
Lucy Steel (Jorge Joestar 2nd Universe)
Alternate Diego Brando (Jorge Joestar 2nd Universe)
Jorge Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Narancia Ghirga (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Rohan Kishibe (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Reimi Sugimoto (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Koji Hirose
Muryotaisu Nijimura
Fukashigi Nijimura
Bruno Bucciarati (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Leone Abbacchio (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Guido Mista (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Pannacotta Fugo (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Pocoloco Tripleseven (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Goyathlay Soundman (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Trish Una (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Vinegar Doppio (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Shigekiyo Yangu (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Aya Tsuji (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Enrico Pucci (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Yoshikage Kira (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Funny Valentine (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Funnier Valentine
The Funniest Valentine
Dolcio Cioccolata (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Secco Rottario (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Jonathan Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Dio Brando (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Jonda Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Jodoh Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Joseph Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
George Joestar I (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Joeko Joestar
Denta Shishimaru
Kosaku Kawajiri (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Shinobu Kawajiri (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Hayato Kawajiri (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Chien Kunimido
Prosciutto Cappano (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Pesci (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Ghiaccio (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Melone (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Johnny Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Hisao and Yohei
Guruguru Majin
Nail Peeler
Shirai Masami
Serika/Satoshi/Seshiru Kato
Namahage Detective
Takumi Kumoi
Sachiari Hakkyoku
Nekoneko Nyan Nyan Nyan
Chomaru Bariya & Others
Daibakusho Curry & Runbaba 12
Yukako Yamagishi (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Wilhelm Beer & Johann Mädler
Maria Urias Zeppeli
Giorno Giovanna (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)
Diavolo (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)


Stand User
Old Man Stand User
Heaven Ascension DIO
Dija Maker


Part 3

Star Platinum
Magician's Red
Hermit Purple
Hierophant Green
Silver Chariot
The Fool
The World
Tower of Gray
Dark Blue Moon
Ebony Devil
Yellow Temperance
Hanged Man
Wheel of Fortune
Death Thirteen
High Priestess
Tenore Sax
Holy's Stand
Joestar Stand

Part 4

Crazy Diamond
The Hand
Heaven's Door
Love Deluxe
Killer Queen
Sheer Heart Attack
Bites the Dust
Aqua Necklace
Bad Company
Red Hot Chili Pepper
The Lock
Pearl Jam
Achtung Baby
Atom Heart Father
Boy II Man
Earth Wind and Fire
Highway Star
Stray Cat
Super Fly
Cheap Trick
Nijimura's Father's Stand

Part 5

Gold Experience
Sticky Fingers
Moody Blues
Sex Pistols
Purple Haze
Spice Girl
Chariot Requiem
Gold Experience Requiem
King Crimson
Black Sabbath
Soft Machine
Kraft Work
Little Feet
Man in the Mirror
Beach Boy
The Grateful Dead
Baby Face
White Album
Talking Head
Notorious B.I.G
Green Day
Rolling Stones
Sorbet & Gelato's Stands
Resource Worker's Stand

Part 6

Stone Free
Burning Down the House
Foo Fighters
Diver Down
Weather Report
Made in Heaven
Goo Goo Dolls
Manhattan Transfer
Highway to Hell
Marilyn Manson
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Limp Bizkit
Planet Waves (FKA Earth, Wind, and Fire)
Dragon's Dream
Yo-Yo Ma
Green, Green Grass of Home
Jail House Lock
Bohemian Rhapsody
Sky High
Under World
Boiling Water Stand
Emporio's Mother's Stand
Stand Collection

Part 7

Ball Breaker
Oh! Lonesome Me
Scary Monsters
Cream Starter
Ticket to Ride
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
D4C Love Train
In a Silent Way
Hey Ya!
Tomb of the Boom 1 2 3
Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure
Catch the Rainbow
Sugar Mountain
Tatoo You!
Tubular Bells
20th Century Boy
Civil War
Chocolate Disco
Emerald Searcher's Stand

Part 8

Soft & Wet
Paisley Park
Nut King Call
Paper Moon King
King Nothing
Speed King
Killer Queen (JoJolion)
Fun Fun Fun
California King Bed
Born This Way (FKA Going Underground)
Les Feuilles
I Am a Rock
Doobie Wah!
Love Love Deluxe
Schott Key No.1
Schott Key No.2
Vitamin C
Walking Heart
Milagro Man
Blue Hawaii
Doggy Style
Brain Storm
Ozon Baby
Doctor Wu
Awaking III Leaves
Wonder of U
Kaato's Stand

Light Novels

Dark Mirage
Satanic Coupler
The Book
Memory of Jet
The Cure
Public Image Limited
Joy Division
Purple Haze Distortion
Voodoo Child
All Along Watchtower
Manic Depression
Rainy Day Dream Away
Dolly Dagger
Night Bird Flying
Heaven's Door (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Grand Blue
Blue Thunder
Killer Queen (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
The Passion
Cube House
Arrow Cross House
The Iron Ladies
The World (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Gold Experience (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)
Gold Experience Requiem (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)
King Crimson (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)
Whitesnake (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
C-Moon (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Made in Heaven (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Rear Window
Singing in the Rain
Stray Dog
Right Stuff
Evil Dead
Fugo's Stand
Doppio's Stand
The World Ultimate
Ultimate D4CU-Boat Ultimate
Whitesnake Ultimate
C-Moon Ultimate Requiem
Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem
Dream Manipulation
Dune Ultimate
The Trinity


Stand User's Stand
Strange Relation
Gucci Bag Stand
Remote Romance
The World Over Heaven
House of Holy
The Shelter
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2020.11.05 14:22 spindizzy_wizard [Lords of Terra] Patriarch Funding Review: Run 8: Y5 Q3

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Patriarchy Funding Review: Run 8: Y5 Q3

LCVP-S Mk 1 Mod D: "Deneb"
The meeting has run for hours already. The information provided on the successes and failures of "Deneb" has been in exhausting detail. Despite this, Ashedown is still showing mixed emotions.
"The Patriarch is well pleased with the last five years and fully expects that the final quarter will continue to show the same capabilities. However, these figures for Year Six and beyond are insupportable."
General Davis reminds Ashedown politely. "The Patriarch is reminded that the entire agreement was presented, and agreed to, by the Patriarch, in writing."
Ashedown is adamant and irritated. "Irrelevant. The fact is that the agreement is simply more money-grubbing by a corporation that receives far too much of the Patriarch's budget as it is. $150,000 per unit for a unit that has cost less than $50,000 for the preceding five years is price gouging!"
Pauling chimes in, oh so respectfully, "Would the Patriarch care to take notice that GMT, for the last five years, has accepted a loss of $100,000 per unit on purely monetary terms of the contract? Also accepting another $150,000 loss by allowing the Patriarchy to purchase new, vastly improved, equipment in exchange for obsolete equipment?"
Ashedown attempts to respond, "I am fully aware of..."
Pauling interrupts Ashedown. It is evident that Ashedown is unused to interruption but is sufficiently stunned that Pauling can continue his remarks. "Then I think the Patriarch should listen carefully to a repeat of selected elements from the Operations presentation from Captain Fielder before saying anything that the Patriarch may regret coming to the attention of the Lords of Terra."
Ashedown is obviously angry. "Is that a threat!? Because if it is..." He leaves his remark unfinished, but the implications are there.
Pauling answers cooly, calmly, and with a certain amount of disdain. "That is not a threat. It is a clear statement of intent for an OTK's responsibility to report any issue that may prove detrimental to the capabilities of the TFAF."
Ashedown is angry enough that he's almost at apoplexy. "No one in this room is OTK, and the meeting is classified. Divulging this information to anyone not present in this room at this time is a violation of your agreement regarding classified information."
In that same cool tone, Pauling responds: "Your information is out of date. I am Sir Apollo, Order of the Terran Knights, legally obligated to report any condition which impacts the capabilities of the TFAF, the security of the Terran Federation, and our ability to support both allies and associated species."
Again, Ashedown is stunned. This is entirely unforeseen. "As... As of when?"
"Two years ago."
Ashedown, recovering from this sudden setback, "And you did not think it appropriate to inform us of this change in your status?"
"I saw no pressing reason to. After all, the Patriarchy would never stoop so low to make an OTK report necessary. All know this is true." Davis and Fielder are privately amazed at Pauling's ability to deliver that last line without any sarcasm at all."
"Coombes? Were you aware of this?"
"Yes, I was Ashedown."
"Why did you not inform me?"
"I assumed that you knew. It was part of the yearly announcement of honors from the Lords of Terra."
Dismissively, "No one..."
"Ashdown, if you were about to say 'no one reads those,' I should like to point out that I have read every one of them since being elevated to Patriarch. You may also be interested in knowing that you have gained a reputation for being a boor by failing to recognize new honors at the plethora of entertainment you used to attend. Haven't you noticed a drop in the invitations over the last two years?"
Bewildered, "They're not inviting..."
"No, they aren't, Ashedown. And to be blunt about it, even if it is rude, your position as a Patriarch is seriously in doubt. Failure to handle this contract with extreme care may have the most unfortunate consequences."
Regaining some fire in the face of this statement, Ashedown replies, "That is a threat."
On the other hand, Coombes could not care less. "Take it how you will. The simple matter is that you have managed to offend every new honor for the last four years, repeatedly, and they are talking with each other as well as the other Patriarchs. None of whom wish to be anywhere near you when the excrement finally lands on you."
Hotly, finally losing his temper, "I do not have to sit here and put up with this ill-treatment from a bunch of louts!"
Coldly, Coombes warns him. "Then you will cease being a Patriarch before the end of the quarter."
Returning to a cold, dead, analytical voice, "At this time, 60% of the active Patriarchs are prepared to vote you out just as soon as they get enough votes to reach 75%. Enough undecided and inactive Patriarchs have kin in the TFAF Marine Corps that if word of your attempts to squeeze money from a Knight of the Order of Terra gets out, it won't be 75% that vote you out; it will be 90%. And they'll clear the ten percent of the remaining Patriarchy that still adhere to your lifestyle along with you. Each one of you eliminated makes it that much easier to eliminate the others."
Ashedown is unable to speak.
"So, what will it be? Follow the agreement? As written and signed by both of us? Or renege, and be out of office within the month?"
Nearly incoherent, Ashedown finally finds his voice. "I... I... DAMN you! Have it your way! Contract Agreed! $150,000 per unit for the next five years, but where the hell the Patriarchy will find the money, I do not know."
Now coolly amused, "Oh, I think we all know where that money can be found. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a large proportion of it is already being returned. Your cronies have already seen the writing on the wall, discovered overcharges, repaid into the treasury as we speak. It remains only to discover where the remaining 50% of the missing funds are before we can easily afford this proven new system among many other upgrades that the TFAF have been begging for, for the last twenty years."
Ashedown, seeking to recover some control, "Proven?! Now that is a bald-faced lie!"
Courteously, Coombes asks for a favor, "Captain Fielder, would you please reprise the part of your report on casualties over the last five years?"
"Certain, Patriarch Coombes."
TFAFMC Operations Report
Five Year Review
Casualty Summary Chart
Missions Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5[1]
Successful 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Casualties 20% 18% 12% 5% 2%
- Enemy Act 5% 5% 4% 3% 2%
- Equipment[2] 15% 13% 8% 2% 0%
  1. Year 5 as of the third quarter.
  2. All equipment failures are directly traceable to the LCVP-S Mark 1 Mod C.
"As you can see, over the intervening years, while the mission success rate remained stable, the casualties have dropped significantly. Even though Year Five is not finished, we have confidence that these figures will remain true."
"And how does this prove the new landing craft?"
"Patriarch Ashedown, all, repeat all of the equipment failures are clearly traceable to the use of the Mark 1 Mod C landing craft still in inventory. Until we had sufficient "Deneb" craft, we had no option but to use the "Higgen's" still in inventory. As more of the new craft became available, we reduced our casualties drastically. The new craft provided unparalleled mobility on the battlefield, including extended deployment time, medical evacuation, and tactical and strategic advantages in increased mobility and increased cargo capacity. Since ejection was no longer useful, the ejection system was deleted; all of that mass could be allocated to additional armor, point defense, and life support."
Of all the things to be bothered by, Ashedown chose the ejection system. "You've stopped using the ejection systems?"
"Yes, Patriarch Ashedown, we have. The ones manufactured by Ashedown Armaments have recently been found to be of shoddy construction, with substandard materials and poor workmanship throughout. There is also some evidence of documentation falsification, bribery, coercion, and other behaviors unbecoming of any company that does business with the TFAF. The TFAF, as a whole, was delighted to finally do away with the ejection systems that caused the majority of the injuries."
Utterly deflated, Ashedown finally agrees to sign. "I agree with the five-year extension; please hand me a pen so that I can sign the contract. I seem to have misplaced mine."
"Excuse me, Patriarch Ashedown?"
Ashedown continues to sign the agreement. "Yes, General Davis?"
"Was it 18k gold, with platinum, diamond, and authentic Terran pearl inlay?"
There is a twitch, a slight jog in one of the signatures. "Yes, it was. I'd hoped to sell it to make some small contribution to the budget shortfalls expected to occur in the upcoming years. I also expect I will be divesting myself of much of my portfolio to add to my fellow Patriarch's contributions."
"You may put your mind at rest then. I found it on the floor just inside of the Patriarch's landing platform. Since I could not find anyone to claim ownership, I sent it to the TF PAO office of contributions. They will see to its liquidation, and the funds will go directly to the budget shortfalls. If you like, I will inform them that the contribution was from you."
The Patriarch puts down the pen, having finished signing. His fist clenches to stop the shaking. "I would appreciate that. There, the contract is signed. Now, if you will forgive me, I have some personal matters that must be attended to."
Ashedown leaves the room, head held high, but at a vastly greater pace than usual. As the door shuts, General Davis comments. "There, I've finished notifying the PAO regarding the pen. He should receive full credit for the contribution."
Patriarch Coombes speaks in Ashedown's absence. "Sir Apollo? My apologies for the treatment you have received from some of my colleagues."
"I need no apologies from you, Patriarch. You have been, by all reports, a consistent and constant friend of the TFAF, of which my son was part."
"I do have some news for you that you may find of import."
Interested, Sir Apollo queries. "Oh?"
"Yes. The Patriarchy of this system — those sober enough — have informed the Lords of Terra that you and your son have, by grievous sacrifice, both personal and financial, performed an invaluable service for the Terran Federation. The Lords of Terra offer you and your son the opportunity to travel to Terra to receive both honors and treatment for your son and all others injured in the Deneb incident. You will also be pleased to know that every other casualty for the last twenty years, whether directly attributable to the Higgens lander issues or not, will also be receiving the same level of treatment on the nearest Lords of Terra seat."
Sir Apollo's indignation is real. "I didn't do this to get a reward!"
"Of course not, which is exactly why you are receiving additional honors and the treatment for your son. The Lords of Terra are also aware that it was your son who insisted that the landing craft had to come before his treatment. That you could have afforded treatment on Terra, if you hadn't spent your company and yourself nearly into insolvency to make sure that this never happened to another TFAF member."
Stunned silence is the only response.
General Davis joins in, indirectly informing Sir Apollo of another point of interest. "Sir Apollo, your son awaits you at the StarPort, along with the other members of the Deneb incident, their families and friends. You will be traveling by IG Magrail in the Mark Three craft, civilian model, with full service and full landing capability."
"But that was just on the drawing boards!?"
Captain Fielder quietly answers, "The entirety of TFAFMC took the liberty of arranging a funding session paid by us to ensure that the first five LCVP-S Mk 3 Mod A 'Apollo' (Civilian) craft would be available for this mission. The funding session specifically stated that you were not to know of the session until after the 5/4 review."
Davis continues, "That way, if anything fell through, you would still have the completed designs and prototypes for the Mk 3, to rebuild your company with."
Coombes adds to the good news, "As an OTK, who has expended himself far beyond the norms, you could call on the Lords of Terra for aid. Under the circumstances, they could hardly refuse."
"If you will please excuse me, I believe I have an important event to attend at the StarPort today."
"Sir Apollo, if anyone owes an apology, it is I. We, the Patriarchs, should never have allowed things to reach this state before taking corrective action. My limousine awaits you at the Patriarch's landing platform. Your clearances are already in place. Now go, before I become even more maudlin than I already am."
The first is spoken in all seriousness—the latter in a spirit of jest. Sir Apollo departs at the run, undignified, but the broad smile and happy eyes grant him forgiveness from all but the most jaded. Such a man, running with joy, should be enjoyed, not derided.
"General Davis? That was a particularly cruel and underhanded thing you did."
Puzzled and trying to figure out what Coombes means, "It was? What did I do? I thought Apollo was quite happy."
"Oh, not Apollo, who is most deservedly happy, but Ashedown."
"Ashedown? Not that he doesn't deserve whatever it is, but what did I do to him?"
"You honestly don't know?"
Captain Fielder replies, "No, Patriarch Coombes, he does not know."
"Then it was you, Captain, who found the pen?"
"I can neither confirm nor deny that comment."
"Then General Davis found it?"
"You'll have to ask General Davis about that. I was not present at the time."
Still puzzled, but becoming mildly irked, "It is as I said. The pen was on the floor outside the Patriarch's landing, with no one around who could identify whom it belonged to. As I remember, Fielder was not present at the time, nor was anyone I know to be associated with her."
"Then you may be shocked to know that the pen was also a recording device with several highly incriminating conversations on it from the last fifteen years. It was the source of Ashedown's power. As a result of it being turned over, an additional fifty Patriarchs who have illegally profited from Ashedown's actions will be removed by Terra's Lords.
"These... soon to be former... Patriarchs are spread in a chain of deceit and thievery all the way from here to Terra itself. The PAO will be audited, as will all the Patriarchs in question. It is estimated that when all is said and done, the PAO will discover itself with a budget surplus of some $283 trillion."
General Davis is shocked into speech, "My God! That's double the current debt!"
"Indeed, it is. It is also the reason that you are now General Sir Anson Richard Davis, O.T.K."
General Davis' reaction is adamant and entirely typical of the man. "You will take that honor back! I will not have it for deceitful reasons, much less deceitful reasons that I did not have any part in creating!"
"You insist?"
"I do so insist, and will resign rather than bear that dishonorable and disgusting abuse of the honors!"
"No reason to resign. The honors will be quietly withdrawn. They haven't been announced yet. I was pretty sure that is how you would react, so I made sure I had time to deal with the matter privately with you."
Chill, but mollified, "I thank you for your courtesy."
"On the other hand, you now have no excuse to refuse the following."
"I have a distinct sense that I'm being mousetrapped."
"Perhaps, Lord General Anson Davis of Terra."
Being elevated to the Lords of Terra is usually a speechless moment for anyone. However, that speechlessness is seldom expressed with strangling sounds.
"Anson, this is not for the current flap. This results from your last 20 years fighting a corrupted Patriarchy on behalf of the Terran Federation. You were already under consideration for this honor ten years ago. Your behavior and actions over the last ten years confirmed what I was already certain of. You are more than qualified for the Lords of Terra."
No speech, but more strangling sounds, more urgent than the first.
"Nor are you permitted to decline these honors. So swallow your gorge, hold your head up high, and give the same quality service you have for the last 30 years with the TFAF, by leading the establishment of a new Lords of Terra system, here, on your homeworld."
Lord General Davis finally regains his voice, "Mousetrapped. Now I'm stuck with it. Do you have any idea how hard I've worked to avoid..."
"It was precisely your hard work that landed you in this position."
In the silence, Captain Fielder. "Congratulations, Lord General Anson Davis of Terra."
"Yes, Indeed. Congratulations. I have another bit of news. It seems that there is a hole in the honors list that needs filling. Dame Rosen."
Davis is chortling, Fielder is silent. One can become stunned only so often in a day before it becomes your normal state of being.
"Knighthoods can be granted for service above and beyond that called for by duty, and that service need not be... overt. It can be covert, and you have proven very capable in that world. You will shortly receive notice of a promotion and an assignment to Intelligence Branch. Lord General Sir Anson? I wish you well. Check-in with your office; they should have your first communique from your fellow Lords of Terra regarding the new seat you will build. Captain Fielder and I have some other matters to discuss. We'll be on our way now."
Gathering Captain Fielder up, Patriarch Coombes prepares to leave. Lord General Sir Anson suddenly awakens from his ruminations. "Hey! You gave the 'Sir' to Fielder!"
"I thought you knew, Lord General Sir Anson. You cannot be a Lord of Terra without also being a Sir. Ergo, when one is elevated to Lord, one automatically gets a Sir. Sir Anson. Good day!"
Exit Coombes and Fielder, leaving a strangling sound behind them.

Epilogue: The Higgen's Incident

Ashedown, Matthias, Patriarch (Impeached): Currently serving 100 years on Choto Chemoto. Sometimes referred to as the "Furnace of Fire."
Coombes, Jonathan, Patriarch (Senior): Working with the Lords of Terra during the incorporation of Varwi Vanozorora as a Lords of Terra system.
Pauling, Apollo, GMT President, O.T.K.: Overseeing the third greatest company in the galaxy. The civilian versions of the landing craft his company pioneered have taken over the short to medium range civilian transportation market. He, and his son, are planning an expansion into the long-haul passenger service. This will require working with G.M.Northrop to extend the capabilities of the IG Magrail system.
Davis, Sir Anson R., Lord General, OTK, LT: Presently working with the Lords of Terra on incorporating Varwi Vanozorora as a Lords of Terra seat. After this, a transfer to the Lords of Terra Armed Forces is expected.
Fielder, Rosen, Captain, OTK: Dame Rosen's current status is unavailable.
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2020.10.31 10:13 VincentArcher November [Releases & Promotions]

This post is aimed to help users find new litrpg content on a month-to-month basis by constructing a list of new releases. This post will be updated based on multiple sources, including posting in this thread. This post is not meant to replace those submissions but to make it easier for users to find them.
The title should bring you to the relevant litrpg posting (if any) for comments, while the link column should bring you to the relevant content.
If you missed all the great content of October, there is a whopping 54 Amazon releases, 31 Audiobook releases, 9 great webseries, 7 short stories but only 2 omnibus releases of older series for you.
Note: Some entries for October might have been found late, so they are included in this month.
Here's what November 2020 brings you!

Title Author Link
Hayden's Book (Game Shift #3) GS Hodgson AMZ
Tales of Dungeons #4 Anthology AMZ
Mark of a Mage (Sigilist #1) Andrew Karevik AMZ
Dustfall (The Calforn Files #2) Frank Albelo & Frank Kirby AMZ
Coming Together (Descend #2) David Burke AMZ
Tolara: A New Life Crew W. Dykes AMZ
Tales from the Upgrade Dean Henegar AMZ
Avalon Online (The Gate Jumper #2) Forest Getter AMZ
Athena's Sanctuary (Sigma Worlds #4) D. Levesque AMZ
City of Fallen Souls (Underverse #3) Jez Cajiao AMZ
Steel Hearts (Space Seasons - Lyndsey) Dawn Chapman AMZ
The Way of the Chosen One (Cards of Fate #1) Anton Emelianov & Sergey Savinov AMZ
The Nightmare Game System Raymond Johnson AMZ
Death is the Destinty of All (Twenty-Sided Eye #4) Kip Terrington AMZ
The Warlock's Rise (Chainbreaker Chronicles #1) Derrick Truax AMZ
Dungeon Worlds (Rebirth Online #1) Aurora Weiss AMZ
Date (Monsters, Maces and Magic #6) Terry W. Ervin II AMZ
The First Peak of the Force (Heavenly Throne #3) Yuri Ajin AMZ
Isr Kale's Journal (The Alchemist #4) Vasily Mahanenko AMZ
Feeding The Troll (Imprisoned Online #2) P. A. Wikoff AMZ
Bugs & Loopholes (Beta Tester #3) Rachel Ford AMZ
Tallrock (Farming Livia #1) Xander Boyce AMZ
The Prodigal Son (EXODUS #1) Aaron Holloway AMZ
Fatedancer (Books of the Ascendant #1) Francis James Blair AMZ
Fair Dinkum Dungeon Diving (The Aussie Mana Apocalypse #2) Christopher Timms AMZ
Lair (Henchman #1) Carl Stubblefield AMZ
Characters (New Lands Online #2) Harry Thunder AMZ
Contingency (Star Divers #2) Stephen Landry AMZ
The Wandering Inn #3 part 1 Pirateaba AMZ
Defend and Conquer Jared Mandani AMZ
Worship (Wu Ji Chronicles #4) M.Q. Kajack AMZ
The Trains of Keldora (Factory of the Gods #2) Alex Raizman AMZ
Hive Queen (Trinity of the Hive #2) Grayson Sinclair AMZ
The Experimental Alchemist K. Dimmick AMZ
Even Odds (Dungeon of Chance #1) Jonathan Brooks AMZ
Artificial Jelly #1 Dustin Graham AMZ
Ruler (Light Online #5) Tom Larcombe AMZ
Dungeon of Envy (Seven Deadly Demons #1) Drake O'Keef AMZ
The Accidental Minecraft Family (non-omnibus releases) Pixel Ate AMZ
Golden Handcuffs (Delvers LLC #4) Blaise Corvin AMZ
Synergy (Somnia Online #7) K. T. Hanna AMZ
Moonlight Banishes Shadows (Infinite World #3) J.T. Wright AMZ
Darklands Online David Bushman AMZ
Dinosaur Warlord #2 Marcus Sloss AMZ
Unnatural Laws (Whispering Crystals #1) H.C. Mills AMZ
Devils, Demons and Dead Men (Kings & Conquests #1) Shane Lochlann BTB
Berserker (Apocosmos #1) Dimitrios Gkirgkiris AMZ
A Grim Demise and Even Worse Resurrection (Boneknight #1) Tim Paulson AMZ
Asgard's Fall (Digital Rebirth #1) Robert Hinshaw AMZ
Street Cultivation #3 Sarah Lin AMZ
Windwalker (Ciphercraft #2) Tim Kaiver AMZ
Veil Online #3 John Elijah Cressman AMZ
Root Words (Sigilist #2) Andrew Karevik AMZ
The Beginnings (Fairy Knights #1) Dames Handsome AMZ
I'm the Bad Guy Simon Archer AMZ

Title Author & Narrator Link
Blade of the Ancients (Respawn #5) Arthur Stone (narrated by Michael David Axtell) AUD
Two Choices (The Hapless Dungeon Fairy #2) Jonathan Brooks (narrated by Miles Meili) AUD
Three in the Heart (Headshot Online #3) Matthew Siege (narrated by Vikas Adam) AUD
Tribulation (Wu Ji Chronicles #3) M.Q. Kajack (narrated by Martin Landry) AUD
Dungeons and Noobs (Noobtown #4) Ryan Rimmel (narrated by Johnathan McClain) AUD
Divergence (The Beginning after the End #7) TurtleMe (narrated by Travis Baldree) AUD
Vampire Gate (Underworld #5) Apollos Thorne (narrated by Graham Halstead) AUD
Tree Guardian (Divine Seed #2) Andrew Karevik Narrated by: Neil Hellegers AUD
Crota (God's Game #1) Rohan M. Vider (narrated by Christian J. Gilliland) AUD
Dinosaur Warlord Marcus Sloss (narrated by Daniel Wisniewski & Rebecca Woods) AUD
Labyrinth to Tartarus (Eternal Journey #3) C.J. Carella (narrated by Guy Williams) AUD
Ascension (Altered Realms #1) B.F. Rockriver (narrated by Maximillian Breed) AUD
Echo Online #3 Zachariah Dracoulis (narrated by Klaus von Hohenloe) AUD
Lair (Henchman #1) Carl Stubblefield (narrated by Travis Baldree) AUD
Seran's Reach (Enora Online #5) Arlo Adams (narrated by Brian Meslar) AUD
Shroud of the Währsager (Enora Online #6) Arlo Adams (narrated by Brian Meslar) AUD
Caym (Enora Online #7) Arlo Adams (narrated by Brian Meslar) AUD
The Heroic Villain #3 Charles Dean (narrated by Jeff Hays, Annie Ellicott & Justin Thomas James) AUD
Fairyed (Monsters, Maces and Magic #4) Terry W. Ervin II (narrated by Jonathan Waters) AUD
War of the Posers (Bad Guys #4) Eric Ugland (narrated by Neil Hellegers) AUD
Forest of Desire (Alchemist #2) Vasily Mahanenko (narrated by Henry W. Kramer) AUD
Trial by Magic (Primeverse #3) R. K. Billiau (narrated by Eric Jason Martin) AUD
Gamified (Beastmaster #1) Brook Aspden (narrated by Pavi Proczko) AUD
The Golem Crafter (Ethria #2) Aaron Holloway (narrated by Christian J. Gilliland) AUD
Gauntlet (Legends Online #5) Ross Buzzell & Jonathan Yanez (narrated by Adam Gold) AUD
Defender (Light Online #4) Tom Larcombe (narrated by Derek Shoales) AUD
True Smithing #1 Jared Mandani (narrated by Henry W Kramer) AUD
First Sorcerer (Singularity Online #1) Kyle Johnson (narrated by Basil Sands) AUD

Series Author Link
Eternity Wars Samuel K. Kauffman RR
Dead Tired RavensDagger RR
The First Light Mage Xetirk RR
Tower of Somnus Cocop RR
Everyone is a Superhero! Apart from me Daniel Newwyn RR
Close your Eyes TK Hoshi RDM
A Lonely Dungeon Cathfach RR
The Stained Tower Tilted Axis RR
From Infant to Archmage Nolan T RR

Short Stories/Novellas:
Title Author Link
Aether Knight #1 Tracy Gregory AMZ
How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps Andrew Rowe (audio narrated by Suzy Jackson, Steve West) AMZ & AUD
First Steps into the Night Tao Wong AMZ
All Hallows' Eve 2020 (Tales of the Dungeons) Jeffery Logue and others AMZ
Vendormate (Seven Cities Online) Andrew O'Kelley AMZ
The Curious and Abnormal Journey of Taylor McQueen Jordan N. Carlson AMZ
Quick Draw: Fast and Funny Fiction Robert Bevin, Kit Falbo and others AMZ
The Weaponized #3 Victor Deckard AMZ
Pizza Mage Jesse Frazel AMZ
A Lonely Dungeon Cath Fach AMZ

Title Author Link
Enora Online #4-7 Arlo Adams AMZ
Hidden Wishes #1-3 Tao Wong (narrated by Patrick Zeller) AUD
Path of Transcendence #1-3 Brian McGoldrick AMZ
Path of Transcendence #4-6 Brian McGoldrick AMZ
Godslayer Rising #1-3 J.D.L. Rosell AMZ

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2020.10.27 01:41 Monkey_Pirate_Lord Imagining the NRL Over the Past two Decades if the Grand Final Loser Won

Inspired by this idea over on /nba and /afl thought it would be fun to do with the NRL now too. For the sake of sanity scores will just be switched, assuming team performances are mirrored. Man of the match will be awarded to the real winners opposite number. Any playecoach movement (e.g. Cronk to Roosters, Bennett leaving Broncos etc) will still happen and any GF results prior to 2000 will be as per normal.
2000: Roosters 14 def. Broncos 6
Roosters win their first title in 25 years and Freddy gets his first with the Roosters (and 2nd overall). Broncos miss out on getting 3 in 4 years, with Bennett losing his first as a coach after winning the previous 4. CCM - Luke Philips
2001: Eels 30 def. Knights 24
After a stellar season the Eels deliver when it counts and secure their first premiership since 86 after holding off a spirited Knights comeback. Hindmarsh gets a ring, as does Brett Hodgson and Jamie Lyon. Knights players like Danny Buderus miss out and will not get another chance. CCM - Jason Taylor
2002: Warriors 30 def. Roosters 8
Warriors win their first title sending NZ into raptures. Ivan Cleary and Stacey Jones get a ring. Roosters miss out on going 2 in 3 years. CCM - Awen Guttenbeil
2003: Roosters 18 def. Panthers 6
The Roosters avenge their loss from the previous year and win their 2nd title in 4 years. Panthers miss out after waiting for a chance since 91. Players like Ryan Girdler and Craig Gower miss out. CCM - Michael Crocker
2004: Roosters 16 def. Bulldogs 13
Roosters go back to back, the first team since the 97/98 Broncos to do so. Freddy gets his 3rd ring with the Roosters and retires. Ricky Stuart wins second title as coach. Bulldogs are runners up in their first grand final since 98, players like Willie Mason and SBW miss out. CCM - Peter Cusack
2005: Cowboys 30 def. Tigers 16
Cowboys win their first premiership with Thurston getting a ring 10 years earlier than the real timeline. Matt Bowen also gets one. Tigers miss out on their first chance since 89. Players like Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah do not get another chance. CCM - Jonathan Thurston
2006: Storm 15 def. Broncos 8
A Storm outfit led by a fresh faced Cam Smith, Billy Slater, Cooper Cronk and Greg Inglis win the Storm their 2nd overall title, but it is later stripped following salary cap breaches. Lockyer will not get another chance and will eventually retire with 2 rings instead of 4. CCM - Cameron Smith
2007: Eagles 34 def. Storm 8
Storm are unable to go back to back and Eagles pick up their first title since 96. The Stewart brothers get a ring and Lyon gets another after winning with the Eels. Des Hasler gets his first title as coach. CCM - Jamie Lyon
2008: Storm 40 def. Eagles 0
Storm avenge the previous years loss and thrash the Eagles by 40 points, even without Smith. However as with 2006 the title is later stripped due to cap breaches and the biggest margin in grand final history is stricken from the record. CCM - Jeff Lima
2009: Eels 23 def. Storm 16
Eels win their second title of the decade, Hindmarsh gets his 2nd ring, while Jarryd Hayne and Tim Mannah get one as well. Storm lose their 2nd grand final whilst breaching the cap. CCM - Jarryd Hayne
2010: Roosters 32 def. Dragons 8
Braith Anasta captains his side to premiership glory. Wayne Bennett’s move to coaching the Dragons from the Broncos comes up just short. Todd Carney and BJ Leilua get a ring and a few other big name Roosters like Jake Friend and JWH get one, but will not get another to date. CCM - Anthony Minichello
2011: Warriors 24 def. Eagles 10
Warriors triumph to win their 2nd title, downing the Eagles. Simon Mannering and Sean Johnson get a ring, as does James Maloney, who will not win another. Ivan Cleary wins a title as coach. CCM - Michael Luck
2012: Bulldogs 14 def. Storm 4
Michael Ennis leads the Dogs to a title, their first since 95. Josh Jackson, James Graham, Josh Reynolds and Ben Barba get a ring. Finucane gets his first with the Dogs as well. Storm still looking for a 2nd title. CCM - Kris Keating
2013: Eagles 26 def. Roosters 18
After losing their previous 2 grand finals the Eagles get their first since 07. DCE and Foran get a ring, as does Geoff Toovey as coach. SBW misses out again. Mitchell Pierce wins man of the match despite playing on the losing side. CCM - Mitchell Pierce
2014: Bulldogs 30 def. Rabbitohs 6
Dogs get their 2nd in 3 years even missing Ennis through injury and Souths fail to break their 40+ year drought. David Klemmer gets a ring and Hasler gets his 2nd as Dogs coach. Greg Eastwood goes down in folklore by fracturing his cheekbone in the first hit up and goes on to win man of match. Greg Inglis misses out and will eventually retire with zero rings. CCM - Greg Eastwood
2015: Broncos 17 def. Cowboys 16
Broncos get their first title since 98. Skipper Justin Hodges goes out a winner. Darius Boyd gets a ring after missing out twice before. Anthony Milford also gets a ring, as does Ben Hunt, who slots the game winning field goal in golden point after Thurston fumbles a kickoff. Bennett wins another title as coach after losing the previous 3. CCM - Ben Hunt
2016: Storm 14 def. Sharks 12
Storm at long last get their 2nd (legitimate) title in a tense match. Smith and Cronk get their first ring (again), but Slater still misses out through injury. After 50 years of waiting the porch light stays on for the Sharks. Players like Paul Gallen miss out and Luke Lewis and Chris Heighington miss out on their second chance and will not get another. CCM - Kevin Proctor
2017: Cowboys 34 def. Storm 6
After barely scraping into the finals the Cowboys shock the nigh unstoppable Storm from going back to back in one of the all time upsets. Thurston is unable to chase away the demons of 2015 due to injury but Michael Morgan, Gavin Cooper and Jason Taumalolo still get their ring. CCM - Lachlan Coote
2018: Storm 21 def. Roosters 6
Storm get their 2nd in 3 years, even after Cronk defects to the Roosters. Slater finally gets a (legitimate) ring and retires, while Finucane gets his 4th. CCM - Cameron Munster
2019: Raiders 14 def. Roosters 8
Led by Jarrod Croker and coached by Ricky Stuart, the Raiders break their drought and win their first title since 94. Roosters come up short for the second year running and Cronk retires with 1 ring and having lost 3 grand finals in a row. Keary wins man of the match in a losing side. CCM - Luke Keary
2020: Panthers 26 def. Storm 20
The Panthers put 22 unanswered points on and hold off a Storm comeback to win their first title since 91. James Tamou and Apisai Korosau get rings after missing out in 15 and 14 respectively. Ivan Cleary gets his 2nd ring as a coach and takes the his son to Maccas on the way home. CCM - Dylan Edwards
Roosters still have 4, with the Freddy years (3 from 4) being more successful than more recent team Friend (1 from 4)
Eels, Warriors and Bulldogs end up with 2 titles each instead of 1 between them.
Manly still have 2 wins and 2 losses
Cowboys have 2 instead of 1
Storm have 2 instead of 3. 2 other wins are still stripped, this time at the expense of the Broncos and Manly (again).
Raiders have 1 instead of zero
Panthers break even with 1 win and 1 loss
Broncos get 1 win and 2 losses, instead of the opposite
Tigers, Bunnies, Dragons, Knights and Sharks miss out on their only chances
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2020.10.26 15:03 MajorParadox This week in SUPER Comics Discussion [Oct 26, 2020] - Who should Lois Lane dress up as for Halloween?

Welcome to The (Not So) Daily Planet!
Comment below with discussion on the releases this week or the question of the week. Try to reply to others instead of starting new threads on the same topic. Keep the conversations civil and have fun!
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Who should Lois Lane dress up as for Halloween?
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2020.10.20 12:47 autobuzzfeedbot 14 Stories About Child Actors That'll Make You See Their Work In A Different Light

  1. While the 1996 film Matilda was in production, Mara Wilson's mother was dying of breast cancer. Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman — who played her evil parents in the film — invited Mara over to their house and took care of her during this difficult time.
  2. And Mara Wilson was embarrassed about the scene where she had to dance in Matilda, so Danny Devito had the whole crew dance too while they were filming.
  3. In 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen skipped their senior prom to host Saturday Night Live. The opening skit of the night was prom-themed.
  4. Linda Blair — who was 14 when The Exorcist was in theaters — received death threats from people who said she was glorifying Satan.
  5. And when Linda Blair was 15, she started dating 25-year-old musician Rick Springfield — singer of the hit song "Jessie's Girl."
  6. Susan Olsen, aka Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch, revealed in an interview that she used to make out with Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) in the doghouse on set. She also said Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) had a crush on Chris Knight (Peter Brady) and they "did kind of hook up later on."
  7. The role of Boo in Monster's Inc. was played by Mary Gibbs — the daughter of storyboard artist Rob Gibbs. She was only 2-and-a-half, so it was really difficult to get her to stand still and say lines. They ended up recording random noises and words she said while playing around, including the infamous "kitty."
  8. Judith Barsi — the voice of Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven and Ducky in The Land Before Time — was murdered by her father at the age of 11. Her father also killed her mother and himself.
  9. Cary Guffey — who turned 4 while playing the role of "Barry" in Close Encounters of the Third Kind — was nicknamed "One Take Cary" by the film crew because he was almost always able to deliver his lines in one take.
  10. Henry Thomas had such an impressive audition for the role of Elliot in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial that Steven Spielberg hired him on the spot. At the end of his audition, Spielberg said to him, "Okay kid, you got the job."
  11. Heather O'Rourke, the star of the Poltergeist movies, died from a bowel obstruction at the age of 12 — just months after Poltergeist III wrapped up filming. The circumstances of her death were considered "unusual" because she never showed any prior symptoms of a bowel defect.
  12. Kieran Culkin had no idea what Home Alone was about — or that his older brother, Macaulay, was the star — until seeing it in theaters. He was 7 years old when he played the supporting role of Kevin's cousin.
  13. Judy Garland — who was only 16 when cast as Dorothy — was put on a strict diet and given pills in order to stay thin on the set of The Wizard of Oz. She was forced to work long, strenuous hours, and by the time they finished filming, she was addicted to amphetamines and sleeping pills.
  14. And Cameron Crowe, the director of Jerry Maguire, said that Jonathan Lipnicki — who played Ray — was the one who came up with the infamous line, "Do you know the human head weighs eight pounds?"
Link to article
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2020.10.19 12:53 MythicalMusing Did Jesus Die in Outer Space? Evaluating a Key Claim in Richard Carrier’s 'On the Historicity of Jesus', James McGrath, 2014

"...the question of whether any Jews before the rise of Christianity expected the Davidic anointed one to die before restoring his dynasty to the throne is an interesting one, but whether one agrees with Carrier’s treatment of the evidence or not, it is clear that such pre-Christian thinking about a dying messiah, if it existed, could have inspired a historical individual who believed himself to be the messiah to try to get himself handed over to authorities. And so we could devote a whole article just to that question ..."
this article will...instead seek to interact with...what Carrier calls the “basic myth hypothesis” or the “minimal Jesus myth theory.” The first tenet Carrier lists is this: “At the origin of Christianity, Jesus Christ was thought to be a celestial deity much like any other.”[2] Carrier’s chapter summarizing that mythicist core begins with the Ascension of Isaiah, a text which was central to Earl Doherty’s mythicist case,[3] and in turn has played a key role in Richard Carrier’s ...
... according to mythicists, the time period between Paul and Mark witnessed the conversion of a purely celestial Jesus into the Jesus of the Gospels who lived on earth as a human being. Indeed, the attempt to place a purely celestial Jesus at the beginning of the process is at the heart of mythicism. And so a dating of Ascension of Isaiah to around the time of the Gospel of John, when mainstream historical study concludes that the earthly Jesus of the earlier Gospels had begun to be transformed into an earthly Jesus who embodies a pre-existent divine entity, creates difficulties for the trajectory which mythicists envisage.

There is, however, a common element of ancient thought which has important implications for the understanding of Ascension of Isaiah. In 7:10 we read, “And as above, so also on earth, for the likeness of what (is) in the firmament is here on earth.” As Carrier notes, “the narrative goes out of its way to explain that the firmament contains copies of everything on earth.”[23] And yet, presumably because of his aim to present a case for mythicism, Carrier does not discuss the natural implication of this ...
McGrath noted " The Second Treatise of the Great Seth uses language very similar to Ascension of Isaiah at times" and quoted from it and the Apocalypse of Peter, and then noted
And so Ascension of Isaiah seems not only to fit the otherwise-attested Docetic view of Jesus (that the life and crucifixion of the terrestrial Jesus was a revelation of a spiritual reality which was made known in the world but did not become part of the world), but to do so much better than the mythicist interpretation, otherwise unattested in ancient times. This is not to say that these works all have precisely the same viewpoint, or depict the story unfolding in precisely the same way – far from it. It is merely to suggest that Ascension of Isaiah fits in its own unique way within the spectrum of Docetic Christologies otherwise attested in ancient Christian literature.
McGrath then discusses aspects of the parallels Carrier highlights between Ascension of Isaiah and the Descent of Inanna and says
even if we were to grant that the author of this work [AoI] takes the Inanna myth and directly adapts it into a Christian version, the obvious follow-up question would be, “So what?”
McGrath discusses AoI more, eg. -
even if Ascension of Isaiah does have this view, that the celestial Beloved descends from the highest heaven to the firmament and no further, then that still does not support mythicism. Ascension of Isaiah emphasizes that what happens on the firmament is mirrored in the terrestrial realm. We should not treat the crucifixion of the Beloved to be an exception. In that case, we would be dealing with a rather distinctive Docetist vision of Jesus – one that has the celestial Jesus mistreated in the celestial realm in spiritual ways, never becoming entangled with flesh, at a safe distance from human suffering, even though apparently being killed in some celestial sense. This would have a counterpart in the human realm, and so would presumably have been understood as a “behind the scenes” (or “above the firmament”) picture of the celestial-spiritual correspondents to events that ancient Christian sources consistently presuppose to have unfolded in the vicinity of Jerusalem in the not-too-distant past ...
Of course, the depiction of the Beloved being slain, and subsequently plundering the angel of death, could be understood in ways that would situate Ascension of Isaiah closer to what became orthodoxy, than to the works from Nag Hammadi which I quoted above. But the death of the Beloved could also be understood in a manner akin to what Second Treatise of the Great Seth envisages, when it says “I did not die in reality but in appearance.” But whether it is Docetic or merely quasi-Docetic in outlook, the work seems to lend no support to Carrier’s mythicist hypothesis. Carrier is, however, quite right to highlight that the work is undeservedly neglected, and so, even if it does not depict Jesus as having been crucified in outer space, there are other reasons why it ought to receive much greater amounts of scholarly attention and study than it has.
There are some interesting comments in reply, including but of course not limited to
#24 - Neil Godfrey - 11/03/2014
... Carrier makes it clear that his discussion of the AoI is part of his definition of the mythicism he will be arguing and that his arguments will be given in future chapters.
... the very point Carrier is making [in is] his book [OHJ] [is he] intends to explore the probabilities of those respective contradictory reconstructions.
... Carrier uses the AoI as support for interpretations of texts based on other grounds. Far from using the AoI to "interpret" Paul, Carrier concludes his discussion of the AoI with the following:
"So is Paul here referring to the demonic execution of Jesus in outer space? That would certainly explain why he would say this cannot have been seen by anyone, but is known only by revelation (1 Cor. 2.9-10, cf. Rom. 16.25-26). That his makes particular sense–in fact more sense than what’s usually assumed–is what I shall argue in Chapter 11. Here my aim is not to argue that this theory is true, but to explain what this theory is." [p.48 OHJ]
#50 - Timothy Bagley - 12/07/2014
... Carrier discusses in many sections in his lengthy book this important text and makes it part of his definition, if you will, of a “minimal Jesus myth theory” that appears to have been existent at the time. McGrath cites Hall and an early work by Jonathan Knight in support of seeing the AoI as a late text. However, more recent scholarship, since the publication of Enrico Norelli’s magisterial critical edition and commentary in the CCSA series, weakens the arguments of both Hall and early Knight work. Even Hall, if read carefully, points to sections of the AoI as contemporaneous in thought with the definition that Carrier is working with. Godfrey is attempting to have the readers of this article and their comments to think about these dating and source critical issues in relation to Carrier’s argument throughout the book.
There has been a great deal of scholarship about the AoI since Norelli’s volumes came out. Hall’s and early Knight’s works do not reflect the findings in these later critical studies. See the excellent work done by Catherine Playoust in her Harvard dissertation (2006) or Jonathan Knight’s later work, Disciples of the Beloved One or the recent work by other Italian scholars Acerbi or Pesce ...
#56 - Richard Carrier - 03/05/2015 -
For my response, endorsing and adding to the responses of Godfrey and Covington:
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2020.10.17 02:38 beary_good ELI Hal Jordan: What's the deal with DC Future State?

Q: What is Future State?
A: DC Future State will be a two-month event that will span the entire DC Universe line in the months of January and February of 2021, similar to Convergence. It takes place several years into a possible future (set in 2030 and beyond), when the fabric of time and space has been torn asunder (which is more or less a typical Tuesday in the DC world). The mantles of heroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman will be held by a new generation of superheroes, some familiar (like Jonathan Kent, the new Superman), and others new (like Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman).
The event begins with the one-shot Generations: Shattered #1, which will release on January 5. The one-shot is written by Dan Jurgens, Andy Schmidt, and Robert Venditti, and will feature artwork from Ivan Reis, Bryan Hitch, Kevin Nowlan, Aaron Lopresti, Fernando Pasarin, Paul Pelletier, and others. In February, another one-shot titled Generations: Forged will close off the event.
In March 2021, DC will continue on publishing its regular line of monthlies. Certain plotlines may carry from Future State may carry over to the ongoing titles.

Q: What's the story behind all of these books?
A: The Future State books will be divided into three groups: the Batman Family, the Superman Family, and the Justice League Family. Each family of books has its own overarching storyline to deal with.
In the Batman books, Bruce Wayne is presumed to be dead (but shockingly enough, he isn't!), and Gotham has become a police state led by the Magistrate. A new mysterious figure has taken on the name of Batman, while Nightwing leads the Resistance against the Magistrate.
In the Superman books, Superman has exiled himself from Earth, and joined up with the New Gods. Meanwhile, Jon Kent was taken on his father's mantle, and a young Brazilian woman named Yara Flor has become a new Wonder Woman.
In the Justice League books, new heroes under familiar mantles come together, while their identities remain secret from one another. The books will also explore what happens when the Speed Force is disrupted, the Green Lantern power battery is dead, and a Teen Titans Academy is destroyed.

Q: Is there any required pre-reading?
A: Nothing is absolutely required to jump into these titles, but there are a few books that lead into this event and will give you an idea of what this new future looks like. Dark Nights: Death Metal is the big Crisis-level event that leads up to DC Future State, and you can read up about it right here.
Additionally, Dan Jurgens and Kevin Nowlan's short story "Generations: Fractured" from Detective Comics #1027 is a prelude to Generations: Shattered.
There are also snippets scattered through Detective Comics #1027 and Batman: The Joker War Zone #1 as well as some of the current ongoings that tease what is yet to come in Future State.

Q: Gimme the breakdown of titles. Let's go!
A: Here are the titles. You can read up descriptions for each title in the links below.

Batman Family
Title Writer Artist(s) Premiere Date Notes
Harley Quinn Stephanie Phillips Simone Di Meo Jan 5 2 issues
The Next Batman John Ridley Nick Derington, Laura Braga Jan 5 4 oversized issues
- Outsiders Brandon Thomas Sumit Kumar Jan 5 Back-up for The Next Batman #1
- Arkham Knights Paul Jenkins Jackson Herbert Jan 5 Back-up for The Next Batman #1
- Batgirls Vita Ayala Aneke Jan 19 Back-up for The Next Batman #2
- Gotham City Sirens Paula Sevenbergen Emanuela Lupacchino Jan 19 Back-up for The Next Batman #2
Dark Detective Mariko Tamaki Dan Mora Jan 12 4 oversized issues
- Grifters Matthew Rosenberg Carmine di Giandomenico Jan 12 Back-up for Dark Detective #1
- Red Hood Joshua Williamson Giannis Milonogiannis Jan 26 Back-up for Dark Detective #2
Robin Eternal Meghan Fitzmartin Eddy Barrows Jan 12 2 issues
Catwoman Ram V Otto Schmidt Jan 19 2 issues
Nightwing Andrew Constant Nicola Scott Jan 19 2 issues
Batman/Superman Gene Luen Yang Ben Oliver Jan 26 2 issues

Superman Family
Title Writer(s) Artist(s) Premiere Date Notes
Superman of Metropolis Sean Lewis John Timms Jan 5 2 oversized issues
- The Guardian Sean Lewis Cully Hammer Jan 5 back-up for Superman of Metropolis #1
- Mister Miracle Brandon Easton Valentine De Landro Jan 5 back-up for Superman of Metropolis #1 and Superman: Worlds at War #1
Wonder Woman Joëlle Jones Joëlle Jones Jan 5 2 issues
Kara Zor-El, Superwoman Marguerite Bennett Marguerite Sauvage Jan 12 2 issues
Superman/Wonder Woman Dan Watters Leila del Luca Jan 12 2 issues
Immortal Wonder Woman Michael W. Conrad & Becky Cloonan Jen Bartel Jan 19 2 oversized issues
- Nubia L.L. McKinney Alitha E. Martinez & Mark Morales Jan 19 back-up for Immortal Wonder Woman #1
Superman: Worlds of War Phillip Kennedy Johnson Mikel Janin Jan 19 2 oversized issues
- Midnighter Michael W. Conrad & Becky Cloonan Gleb Melnikov Jan 19 back-up for Superman: Worlds at War #1
- Black Racer Jeremy Adams Siya Oum Jan 19 back-up for Superman: Worlds at War #1
Legion of Super-Heroes Brian Michael Bendis Riley Rossmo Jan 26 2 issues
Superman vs. Imperious Lex Mark Russell Steve Pugh Jan 26 3 issues
House of El Phillip Kennedy Johnson Scott Godlewski February one-shot

Justice League Family
Title Writer(s) Artist(s) Premiere Date Notes
The Flash Brandon Vietti Dale Eaglesham Jan 5 2 issues
Swamp Thing Ram V Mike Perkins Jan 5 2 issues
Green Lantern Geoffrey Thorne Tom Rainey Jan 12 2 oversized issues
- The Book of Guy Ernie Altbacker Clayton Henry Jan 12 back-up for Green Lantern #1
- The Taking of Sector 123 Ryan Cady Sami Basri Jan 12 back-up for Green Lantern #1
Justice League Joshua Williamson Robson Rocha Jan 12 2 oversized issues
- Justice League Dark Ram V Marcio Takara Jan 12 back-up for Justice League #1
Teen Titans Tim Sheridan Rafa Sandoval Jan 12 2 issues
SHAZAM! Tim Sheridan Eduardo Pansica Jan 19 2 issues
Aquaman Brandon Thomas Daniel Sampere Jan 26 2 issues
Suicide Squad Robbie Thompson Javi Fernandez Jan 26 2 oversized issues
- Black Adam Jeremy Adams Fernando Pasarin Jan 26 back-up for Suicide Squad #1

Q: Is this basically 5G?
A: In a way, yes. It has been speculated for a while that DC had planned a line-wide relaunch that would see vast sweeping status quo changes across the DC line, including several mantle changes, in a branding initiative called 5G (the fifth generation of heroes). While 5G seems to be no longer happening, elements of those old plans appear to have been repurposed for this two-month event.

Q: Isn't 5G the thing that causes Coronavirus?
A: Shut up, Hal. Stop believing everything you see on YouTube!

Q: Where is Hal Jordan in all of this, anyway?
A: He's either lost in space, dead, or in prison. The possibility of all three cannot be ruled out during this time.

Links for more information:
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2020.10.12 17:54 thewestfamily Khloé and Malika on Emergency Contact with Simon Huck and Melissa Gray Washington

Simon and Khloé met when she was Nicole Richie’s assistant and Simon was Jonathan’s assistant. Khloé said her and Nicole were best friends growing up and she needed a job so she worked for her during the simple life days. She told Simon she met him “five faces ago”.
Khloé and Malika met when they’re 15/16, Malika was dating Khloé’s guy bff. He didn’t want them to meet and they know now that it was because he was lying to Malika, and he didn’t want her to find out. They accidentally met at his house and talked for two hours, then they went out that same night with Khadija, and they have been inseperable ever since.
They are each other’s emergency contact, Khloé says they may have borrow friends, or she may hang out with Kourtney and her friends whenever she needs a different energy, but she always goes back to Malika because that is her ride or die. Malika says she lets her have other friends for five seconds, but they are each other’s comfort zone.
Khloé says that Kim was obsessed with reality tv and Kourtney had been in a show before, but she was completely new to it and didn’t think it’d last, so she tried to have as much fun as possible. Simon says he realised the show had gotten huge when they shut down SoHo. Khloé says she realised in the first season of the Miami spin off because they were dealing with security, paps and fans. They couldn’t move as freely as they used to.
Malika used to be Khloé’s assistant, she said she learned a lot from Khloé, and it’s why she’s so organised now and she loves that she came along on Khloé’s journey. She said it started to negatively impact their relationship, when she was in work mode all day at Khloé’s house and when it was time to be friends, she was too exhausted to hang out.
Simon asks about the show, and if there were ever anything they didn’t want to show. Khloé says they’re really lucky to have the same film crew since day one and that they became like a second family. The crew would ask if they wanted to cover the stories in the news, and if there were ever anything they weren’t comfortable with they could just say no and it wouldn’t be a part of the show. Khloé says it can be hard because you relive the same trauma over and over again. You film it when it’s still fresh, then film interviews about it a month later, then watch the promo months later, then the episode air and you have to deal with the aftermath (the internet).
Khloé said they’ve been doing it for almost 15 years, that they’re all in such different places in their lives, they only get around 2 weeks off a year, and that some of them needed the break more than others. She isn’t good with change, she likes the consistency, she thinks it’s scary to take the break. Malika had a gut feeling it would end after season 20 but she didn’t want to bring it up. She thinks this break is good for Khloé because she has a lot of potential and she’ll discover something new. Khloé says she knows Malika will always be there, and it’s the same with her sisters, she can say the craziest things but she doesn’t care because she’ll see them the next day. She can still be sad over the show ending even though it was their decision.
Malika always saw them having babies around the same time, and they’re always talking about parenting. Khloé said it would be weird if one them had a baby and the other didn’t. Khloé is strict and firm, she is very militant. She has a strict schedule, she doesn’t give True artificial sugar but Kris did it for the first time a couple of months ago. Khloé is scared of giving unsolicited advice so she does it carefully, but Malika is very receptive.
Quiz time: Malika answered a bunch of questions and Khloé had to get the same answer.
What habit does Malika have that annoys Khloé the most? Khloé says it’s the crying.
What is Khloé’s biggest pet peeve? Malika said mess and Khloé said burping and poor manners.
What product can Khloé not live without? Khloé said powder or cleaning products. Malika said mascara
What is your most memorable argument? Khloé said it was over a truck Malika said Khloé saying she saw a UFO. Khloé said she was driving a hummer, she saw a UFO but Malika did not look up fast enough and didn’t see it. Khloé also filmed a UFO.
What is their favourite trip together? Khloé said it was Cuba. Malika said Turks and Caicos.
What is one talent that Malika has that people would be shocked to know? Khloé said braiding her hair Malika said it was untangling jewelry really fast.
What three celebrities - living or dead - would Khloé have at a dinner party? Khloé said Anna Nicole Smith, and her dad. Malika said Marilyn Monroe, her dad and Gladys Knight.
If Khloé could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? Khloé said Cuban food Malika said pizza or pasta
Besides your phone what material item would Khloé bring on a deserted island? Khloé said music Malika said a bathing suit or sunglasses
What is their theme song? Khloé said Golden Girls theme song Malika said TLC what about your friends
They end with a question for both of them. What would people be surprised about to know about Khloé and Malika? Malika said Khloé is like a hard boiled egg, she has a shield up but she is very sensitive and sweet. Khloé said Malika is really a fun wild person, and we don’t really see that side.
What is their last dm or text to each other? Khloé sent a quote and Malika said amen. They usually talk shit about everything.
They end with a multiple choice quiz about tsunamis.
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2020.09.28 22:36 subreddit_stats Subreddit Stats: DisneyPlus top posts from 2019-04-11 to 2020-09-28 14:01 PDT

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    2. Season 2 of The Mandalorian coming Fall 2020 (2211 points, 154 comments)
    3. The Princess Bride is coming to Disney+ on May 1 (1382 points, 91 comments)
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    5. Hamilton Official Trailer Disney+ (867 points, 102 comments)
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    10. Tatiana Maslany To Play ‘She-Hulk’ In Marvel Series (212 points, 17 comments)
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    1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is comming to Disney+ on May 4th! (1765 points, 306 comments)
    2. Disney+ added Celebrate Black Stories (1317 points, 117 comments)
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    10. The Simpsons episodes in original 4:3 aspect ratio are coming to Disney Plus on May 28. (207 points, 34 comments)
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    10. After ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ the future of Star Wars is on Disney+ (235 points, 40 comments)
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    1. Sebastian Stan Says ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Has Same Tone as ‘Captain America The Winter Soldier' (1250 points, 42 comments)
    2. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ Release Moves Up to August (1120 points, 63 comments)
    3. Tom Holland Wants Spider-Man to Appear in Disney+'s WandaVision (965 points, 67 comments)
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    9. Daniel Radcliffe Being Considered For Titular Role In ‘Moon Knight’ (248 points, 43 comments)
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    8. Lamp Life coming the 31st of January (254 points, 17 comments)
    9. Finally we get some info on Pixar in Real Life (180 points, 20 comments)
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    2. Bob Iger just hinted that we could see more theatrical releases getting dumped onto Disney+ in the future (938 points, 127 comments)
    3. Disney CEO Bob Chapek has said that Mandalorian Season 2 will still keep it's October release date (937 points, 22 comments)
    4. The Mandalorian has officially been confirmed to have weekly premieres in the UK, two episodes will debut on launch (805 points, 66 comments)
    5. Disney Plus Orders Series Adaptation of R.L. Stine’s ‘Just Beyond’ Graphic Novels (637 points, 32 comments)
    6. The story of Maggie Simpson in "Playdate with Destiny" continues in tonight's Simpsons episode (523 points, 18 comments)
    7. The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II will air on ABC on May 10th, and will be on Disney+ a few days after it airs. (477 points, 20 comments)
    8. Artemis Fowl (debuting tomorrow) currently has a 12% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes (302 points, 82 comments)
    9. A reboot of "Doogie Howser M.D." is in development for Disney+ (175 points, 22 comments)
    10. Some details on what will be on Disney+ in the UK on launch (83 points, 35 comments)
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2020.09.09 10:40 JAMESFAULKNERSS Top 10 Superhero Films of All Time

Everyone has their own lists, and everyone will have their own opinion. This list includes films that not only have a good story, staggering box office numbers, and mystifying visual effects but also a strong international appeal, even a global cult following, and most importantly, a strong villain. Here are our top ten superhero films of all time.
📷 Captain Marvel
2019 was a big year for Marvel. Not only were they able to garner over $3 billion at the box office, but they also introduced their first female superhero-Captain Marvel.
The Brie Larson starrer was a film that preceded the Avengers: Endgame and sort of had a similar job that Black Panther had for Avengers Infinity War.
No question about Larson’s acting prowess but there are very few who consider the film better than Wonder Woman. Even Marvel fans weren’t too excited about Larson, someone like Emily Blunt would have certainly made them appreciate the film more. Furthermore, Larson’s endeavor to connect the film with her activist movement didn’t help the film’s PR strategy. As a result of this, there isn’t much excitement about the sequel of Captain Marvel.
Man of Steel
Zack Snyder’s 2013 film was pitched as a film that will reinstate Superman as the most powerful superhero in pop culture and announce the arrival of the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), aka Justice League franchise, at the box office. The film was reasonably successful because of the visual spectacle, Henry Cavill’s persona, and Hans Zimmer’s deeply engaging soundtrack.
However, lackluster villains, no proper planning, and abysmal editing in film’s sequels led to the eventual downfall of DCEU.
DC is in the rebuilding phase after the shocker of the Justice League and is looking forward to bringing the franchise back on track.
Thor: The Dark World
The second film in the Thor franchise was the final film that Natalie Portman did with MCU before she parted ways citing creative differences. However, she will return as Jane Foster almost after a decade with the fourth installment of the Thor franchise (Thor: Love and Thunder)
The film gives more insights on Asgard than the first film, and although it could be criticized for utilizing scientific annotation in a wrong way the cinematography, action, and the acting of the ensemble cast makes the film worth a watch.
Wonder Woman
2017 blockbuster directed Patty Jenkins remains to this day arguably the best film of the DCEU franchise, and before that, there wasn’t anything really substantial in terms of fan appeasement. However, DCEU has been in the rebuilding phase, and with recent films like Shazam and Aquaman, there is so much to look forward to.
The Gal Gadot starrer also has a sequel in line, which is gearing up for the October the 2nd release date.
Avengers: Infinity War
It broke the record of Avatar in a matter of days and remained the highest-grossing film of all time until, of course, its sequel was released. Avengers: Infinity War is famous for his powerhouse of stars, visual effects, and Josh Brolin’s dominance as Thanos.
The climax of the film is very dark and arguable will remain the darkest moment in Marvel film history for a long time. I mean, how dark can Marvel get? It’s not DC. This should be the threshold.
Infinity War is an insane film, and I mean the literal word-insane. Ten years before, if somebody had mentioned an idea like this, he or she would have been called nuts. The film should have been impossible to make, but it happened, and for it to happen, several blockbusters had to be made in order to set up the events in Infinity War.
The sheer audacity and the strategy involved to create a franchise like this is nothing short of a work of genius.
Doctor Strange
It was the second film in phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and starred Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role.
Doctor Strange possessed both magic and intelligence, and this origin film firmly established Cumberbatch’s prominence in Marvel’s plans for the future. He is arguably the frontrunner, along with Brie Larson, to take the place of Robert Downey Jr as the face of the franchise.
Batman (1989)
Tim Burton’s film was the first installment in the Batman franchise, which slowly but surely lost its way with its sequels.
The film had Michael Keaton starring as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker. The film explored Batman’s early days (which Matt Reeves is also planning to do) and his rivalry with the supervillain Joker.
The film was critically approved and attained commercial affluence. Despite the likes of Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson donning the caped crusader suit years after, Michael Keaton has remained one of the most beloved Batman actors.
But as a fun fact, there were voices at that time that said nobody could surpass Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Not to doubt Nicholson’s virtuosity, but the voice turned out to be wrong…the point, which we will address with the first ranked film in our list.
The Dark Knight Rises
Although it is regarded as one of Christopher Nolan’s weakly written scripts, the soundtrack, cinematography, sequence, and the acting done in the film are top-notch.
Nolan reluctantly agreed to do this film and finally bid adieu to the Batman franchise as a director. The film perfectly ended the story of Bruce Wayne and gave the possibility of continuation through Robin’s character, but the franchise hasn’t been touched upon ever since.
It ranks on 12th position in the highest-grossing films of all time and is Christopher Nolan’s highest-grossing film ever. Nolan co-wrote the script of the film along with his brother Jonathan and David S. Goyer. Just like its prequel, the focus was mainly on the visuals and the story and less on the action.
V for Vendetta
It’s not so much of a superhero film, but it is one of the rare films ever made. V for Vendetta was a DC film based on the 1988 storyline of a limited series of the same name from DC Vertigo comics.
The film starred Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman in lead roles. The film is filled with symbolic significance, acting brilliance, and powerful dialogues. Portman won a Saturn Award for this film and it is one of her best performances.
The Dark Knight
The 2008 film directed by Christopher Nolan is arguably one of the best films ever made. The film is always held in juxtaposition with the vintage film Godfather but the most surprising thing is that it wasn’t even nominated in the best film category at 2009 Oscars.
The film holds the pedigree of not being just the best superhero film ever made but also the best crime thriller ever made.
The ensemble cast of Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Aaron Eckhart delivered a performance that is unfathomably difficult to recreate if not impossible to surpass.
So, here were our top 10 picks for the best superhero films of all time. There can be few honorable mentions that you would argue should have been there in the list itself such as Avengers: Endgame, Logan, Wolverine, Deadpool, Superman Returns, etc.
Source-Superhero Films of All Time
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2020.09.01 20:08 Changeling_Wil Medieval Mapping: Or how Plebby quest distorts reality

Also known as: Killing time while Crusader kings 3 downloads and I can play and then sin that.
Anyway. So the game [Plebby Quest: Crusader] is pretty simple. Addictive slightly and repetitive but simple and neat. I'd recommend it for a lark. But that's not the point. The point is that it has some bad history.
Now, the game tries to argue that it is a game so the bad history doesn't matter
Alas, this means nothing to this subreddit.
Now, there is a lot I could be picking at. Like how Roger II's daughter was born after he died, how Machiavelli wasn't a 12th century Sicilian administer, how using a money grabbing jew as a loan shark that tries to take over a kingdom has issues.
But the game goes and does it for us
But all is not lost:
First off, this is a game that starts all scenarios/free play in the 12th century at 1174. Witch hunts in so far as the witch hunt craze everyone knows of are an early modern thing.
More importantly, there are some glaring issues that the game doesn't apologise for: Geography.
For starters, Crete and Rhodes
They're owned by the Knights Hospitaller. In 1174. Crete was Byzantine in the 961 (reclaimed from the Arabs) to 1204 period, after which it was claimed by Boniface of Montferrat who sold his claim to Venice but Genoa captured it instead and held it till 1212.
Rhodes? Rhodes was Byzantine (having been recaptured from Muslims by Alexios I) with Caesar Leo Gabalas ruling an adhoc little dominion that included the island and some others after the fall of Constantinople in 1204 till the Genoese occupation, who were then in turn later kicked out. The Knights Hospitaller didn't own it till the 14th century. We know it's meant to be set in the 12th century since...well, the date. And it has Gerard, the founder of the Knightly Order. So not sure what they're doing here.
But wait there is more
It's 1174. Why does the Papal States control Bari? For that matter why does it control any of Apulia? Unless I've accidentally fallen into an alternative universe again, that stuff is Norman. Well, Sicilian by this point. Well. Norman-Italian-Sicilian listen medieval ethnic identity is hard okay.
In addition, you can see it in the other image but here shows it better
The hell is Venice doing. Sure it expands into Lombardia and Fruili in the 15th and 16th centuries...but what is it doing there in the 12th century? Why do you own Milan. Venice please, you're meant to be merchants, stop.
The only other confusing thing would be Issac the II rising up in revolt against Manuel 1 in the first mission where you play as one of the Turkic princes. And yes, this is a scripted event (presumably so you can eat Greek Land without going to war with the Byzantines, given that the game pushes you to ally with them) not just a game play mechanic.
You know, the Issac II that historically coup'd Andronikos who had Coup'd Manuel's son after Manuel kicked the bucket.
Secondary Sources
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2020.08.31 12:49 RobJHayes Self Published Fantasy Releases – September 2020

Self Published Fantasy Releases – September 2020
You can find the original post, complete with all the shiny covers, here.
If you would like to be kept up to date with the upcoming lists, please subscribe to my newsletter by clicking this link. I don’t send out letters too often, pretty much once a month when this list goes out… and occasionally if I release a book or something.
As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.
If you have a fantasy novel you are self publishing in September or beyond, let me know either in the comments, or by emailing me, and I shall add it to the page. There are but 3 requirements:
  1. It must be a self published fantasy novel.
  2. It must have a Goodreads page.
  3. It must have a cover.

28th August – The Mauler (The Holly Sisters #2) by Jonathan Pembroke

The gang war ended. The Faery Gang and their allies emerged victorious and assumed undisputed control over crime in Woodhollow. Now the second-in-command to her sister Marla, Sydney thought she could relax. She was wrong.
From hostile dwarven guilds to scheming goblins to the black-winged Nightshade, the gang finds themselves under assault from all directions. With Marla growing more irrational with every passing day, Sydney must maneuver her way around their enemies, forge new alliances, and discover the cause of her sister’s unrest.
And all the while, Sydney barrels towards a fated confrontation with a nightmare lurking just inside the dragon lord’s walls…a beast whispered of in Woodhollow in hushed voices of terror and dread…the mauler.
Check it out on Goodreads.

28th August – The Mortal Blade (Magelands Eternal #1) by Christopher Mitchell

A city ruled by Gods, a mortal champion, a misfit girl and a disobedient dragon…
Stolen from his home, Corthie Holdfast has arrived in the City of the Eternal Siege as a new Champion.
He must fight alongside the Blades, whose lives are dedicated to the defence of the City against the hordes of monstrous Greenhides; or die at the hands of the Gods who rule.
Maddie Jackdaw, a young Blade, faces her last chance. Thrown out of every unit defending the City, either she takes on a new role, or she will be sent to the Rats, a company of misfits given the perilous tasks beyond the Great Walls.
Her new role, if she takes it, will bring her face to face with her deepest fears, for beneath the walls, in a secret and hidden lair, lies a dragon, imprisoned and waiting…
Check it out on Goodreads.

31st August – The Lady of the Watchtower by Nancy O’Toole Merservier

A sorceress haunted by the magic of her past…
A pair of sister witches embrace their birthright in vastly different ways…
A beautiful princess is changed into a hideous beast…
Magic is a powerful force, able to transform everyone it touches. In this short collection, The Lady of the Watchtower, the lives of six different women and girls are altered forever thanks to their encounters with powerful spells, and deadly creatures.
Check it out on Goodreads.

1st September – Kings of Heaven (Ash and Sand #3) by Richard Nell

In the final book of the Ash and Sand trilogy, Ruka, son of Beyla, faces the emperor of the world, yet even victory may not save his people…
With the death of his ally, Farahi Alaku, Ruka ‘Godtongue’ is alone. Or not exactly… The island prince Kale Alaku now haunts his mind, rattling within his once peaceful ‘Grove’, promising revenge and growing every moment in power. Meanwhile, the Pyu isles are in chaos; the coastal kingdom of the Tong is still Ruka’s enemy, and every day that passes brings the empire closer to destroying his dream of a new world for his people.
Once again, the son of Beyla will need the strength of his dark twin, Bukayag. Perhaps together they can unite three peoples, gather an army of ash, and defend or destroy their way to peace. But in the end, there can be only one king of heaven…
Check it out on Goodreads.

1st September – The King’s Ranger by A.C. Cobble

A ranger’s duty. The rotten heart of a king. Rebellion spilled from the blood of family.
Rew, the king’s ranger, accepted a role on the far edge of the realm to avoid the morass of intrigue and betrayal that bleeds from the heart of the kingdom. His only desire is to shoulder the burden he’s taken, to protect the village of Eastwatch, and to monitor the wilderness beyond.
When three youths are arrested for petty theft in the village and beg for his help, Rew’s oldest friend insists he take responsibility for them. By ties stronger than steel, Rew is forced onto a path he knows leads to chaos and death. Through a resurgence of monsters summoned in ages prior, war between the royal line, and back-stabbing treachery, the king’s ranger will battle to grant the youths a life he never had a chance of.
But as they venture farther from the wilderness he calls home, Rew can feel the magical pull at the center of the kingdom, demanding he return to face his past and his family’s terrible legacy. Only he knows the secret of the king, and the risk it poses to the entire realm.
Check it out on Goodreads.

1st September – Hellcats ANTHOLOGY by Various Authors

Hellcats – The Time to Rise is Meow!
The Hellcats are a group of authors raising money for Erada with an anthology of short stories about cats. We’ve got fat cats, fast cats, lazy cats, interdimensional cats, werecats, robocats, mechcats, genetically-modified batcats, cats plotting their human’s demise, Egyptian god cats, cats defending the planet, cats in space, cats in a henhouse, herds of cats….every kind of cat imaginable.
Check it out on Goodreads.

4th September – Stone & Shield (Fall of Emros #1) by Thomas J. Devens

The Emperor is dead. His son now inherits the throne to the Emrosian Empire and he dreams of greatness.
The mercenaries of the Stone and the Shield have fulfilled their contract in the southern deserts of Ahnvesh. Now they must begin their journey to the imperial capital of Emros City to be paid. A long march and an odd job stand between them, a hefty payment, and possible retirement. But as they march, the Empire they thought they knew is changing.
In the far west the Councilors of Guilion seek answers to their own problems, and those that would effect the future of the world. Their source of power nears its end, their ties to the Empire are failing. Now, they must decide which part of their world matters most.
Check it out on Goodreads.

6th September – Assassins of Brush and Blade (A Legends of Tivara Novella) by J.C. Kang

When a shipment of Dragon Art commissioned by the Emperor goes missing, it’s up to the Black Lotus Clan to track it down and punish the thieves.
Check it out on Goodreads.

8th September – Mary Quirk and the Secret of Umbrum Hall (Dark Lessons #1) by Anna St. Vincent

Mary is a fire elemental, capable of creating flames from the very air around her. But to keep her place in the magic school of Umbrum Hall, she’ll need more than that skill to impress the professors. After all, anyone with a match can start a blaze.
Her first year, she worked hard and kept her head down. Something feels different this year, though, right from the start. Secrets are unfolding in front of her: about the nature of the school itself, about who her classmates truly are, and what they can do when they’re all called to step up.
And the biggest secret of all may be who Mary Quirk really is…
Check it out on Goodreads.

10th September – A Duet of Sword and Song (A Tale of Stars and Shadow #4) by Lisa Cassidy

The time of the Shadowhawk was gone. Now he needed to be more.
In the space of a night Cuinn Acondor lost his crown and almost his life. Devastated by Talyn’s disappearance, he’s on the run, fleeing from Armun and Shadow hunters who want to destroy everything he stands for. But he won’t give up. Together with the resurgent Wolves, he begins preparing to take back what Azrilan stole from them.
After killing their Shadow betrayer, Talyn is captured and thrown in a Montagni labour camp. With no way of knowing what happened to Cuinn or her Wolves, she fights desperately to find a way out, to return home to them. Like Cuinn, she refuses to give up, no matter what… even if escaping means allying with her greatest enemy.
In the Twin Thrones, the Dumnorix are banding together and marshalling their forces. Firthland has brought war to their shores.
And they intend on fighting back.
Check it out on Goodreads.

11th September – Path of Darkness by C.M. Lackner

The decree of the Gods is clear: All sorcerers must die*.*
As a priestess in training, Aelith knows that the only way to be a sorceress is to pray to the God of Sin. Yet when she discovers she is a sorceress without having done such a thing, she must confront the fact that everything she has learnt is a lie.
Forced to flee her home, Aelith encounters a mysterious cabal of sorcerers who proffer a tantalising offer to her: Join them and learn to control the powers bestowed upon her. The alternative is forever living on the run, always under threat of being hunted down and killed. However, their protection bears a heavy cost – murder, treachery and deception.
Forced to choose between the cabal’s shelter and a dangerous life, forever alone, Aelith is forced to choose between atrocity and survival.
Check it out on Goodreads.

22nd September – Kept From Cages by Phil Williams

No one returns from Ikiri.
Reece’s gang of criminal jazz musicians have taken shelter in the wrong house. There’s a girl with red eyes bound to a chair. The locals call her a devil – but Reece sees a kid that needs protecting. He’s more right than he knows.
Chased by a shadowy swordsman and an unnatural beast, the gang flee across the Deep South with the kid in tow. She won’t say where she’s from or who exactly her scary father is, but she’s got powers they can’t understand. How much will Reece risk to save her?
On the other side of the world, Agent Sean Tasker’s asking similar questions. With an entire village massacred and no trace of the killers, he’s convinced Duvcorp’s esoteric experiments are responsible. His only ally is an unstable female assassin, and their only lead is Ikiri – a black-site in the Congo, which no one leaves alive. How far is Tasker prepared to go for answers?
Check it out on Goodreads.

23rd September – Revenge of the Overlords (The Val-Harra Saga #4) by Kevin Potter

Thousands of years in the future, dragons rule the Earth.
Though the war is far from over, the battle has been won. But at what cost?
Maalyys is mourning for the losses in the last battle, but there is so much yet to do. Without the support of the overlords, the Great Council to save and unite all Dragonkind in peace will remain an unattainable dream…
Bal struggles to correct the tyranny his island home has lived in for centuries, but a prophetic nightmare shows him that he must take an active role in his sire’s plans for the future.
Someone is working behind the scenes to sabotage the council, and Bal fears a wyrm has unlocked an unheard of power that will destroy them all.
When an unlooked-for miracle returns a fallen hero to their lives, everything changes. Hope, so long absent from the Earth, tugs at the hearts of both dragons.But will it be enough? Will anything be enough to overcome the darkness that dominates all Dragonkind since the discovery of Essence Theft?
Though they sometimes work at cross purposes, Bal and Maalyys must work together toward their common goal lest one whom they both love will suffer all the more for it.
Check it out on Goodreads.

27th September – Lady Vago’s Malediction by A.K.M. Beach

In the blackened heart of a cursed forest, a banshee haunts her crumbling castle with lethal screams.
Lady Vago is trapped in this place. She cannot fulfill her purpose as a banshee: to warn her loved ones of their deaths and watch over them while they pass. To solve the mystery of her imprisonment, she must sift through the rubble and ruin that surrounds her. By communing with old paintings, broken furniture, and even the stones themselves, she rediscovers who she was in life.
Before she was Lady Vago, she was Rovena Stoddard, a sharp-witted horse merchant’s daughter that caught the eye of a charming baron. Lord Kalsten Vago’s life as a wandering knight was over, but it inspired visions of a better life for his most vulnerable subjects. Rovena was far less afraid of bold change than his staunch and loyal steward, who saw her presence as a threat to Lord Kalsten’s success. Love and shared dreams alone wouldn’t overcome the controversy of the couple’s hasty and unequal union, as well as the trials of governing a fledgling barony—Rovena knew that. What she failed to recognize was the deeper darkness taking root in Vago lands and hearts…
Every memory of what Rovena loved is a reminder of what she lost, but she cannot let grief halt her search. Devoted spectres of ash are begging their lady for an end to their torment, and she will not let their agony–or her own–go unanswered anymore.
Check it out on Goodreads.

30th September – The Devil You Know ANTHOLOGY by Various Authors

These heroes might not be angels, but you know what they say…it’s always better to trust the devil you know…
Looking for a typical hero tale? Keep looking. These twelve tales explore the grittier side of what it means to make life’s hardest choices and let your reputation pay the price. From back-alleys and ancient cities to graveyards and castle walls, these trouble-makers are out for themselves…or are they?
Check it out on Goodreads.

30th September – Mage Prince (The Mage Born Chronicles #3) by Kayleigh Nicol

Following the fall of the mistress mage and the untimely death of the old king, King Vanikolanestra and Mage Prince Jereshin work tirelessly to end the slavery of the mages of Zarapheth and restore magic to the realm. Old noble families are restored, the mage guild is revived and reparations are made against the old king’s crimes. All seems peaceful as Reshi seeks to set aside his crown in favor of Niko’s child and the upcoming heir ceremony.
But as ambassadors from foreign nations flock to the capital to witness the ceremony, latent foes begin to emerge. A band of rebel mages vow to wage war unless a monarch of magical blood sits on the Zaraphethan throne. A foreign delegation from a mysterious kingdom arrive with a hidden agenda of murder and magic. And ancient beings stir beneath the very stones, gaining strength from Laurana’s final bargain. Enemies within and without seek to set Niko and Reshi against each other as the rhythm of war threatens the kingdom once more.
Check it out on Goodreads.
Space for more…
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2020.08.25 17:06 sauce_murica Green and Gold Part 4 A closer look at United's Finances - Where Has the Money Been Spent?

Manchester United remain a global behemoth. With annual revenues in excess of £627m, [1] United is one of the most valuable clubs on the face of the planet. [1]
As explained in prior G&G installments, in purchasing United, the Glazer family loaded United with heavy debts. [1] The evolution of that debt over time has caused some to question how United are spending their money. For example, by June 2010, those debts had escalated to over £784m. [1] The infamous payment-in-kind loans were quietly repaid in 2010. At that same time, the cash earned from Ronaldo's sale (and the Aon shirt deal) was reportedly used to repay a significant portion of the bonds issued in February 2010. [1] In August 2012, half of the club's IPO proceeds were used for debt reduction, with the other half heading to Glazers. [1]
In total, this led to a bond debt reduction from 509m in June 2010, to 360m as of September 2012 --- resulting in some reputable sources to question whether it was "very possible that debt is virtually eliminated in the next few years." [1]
That has not come to pass. This entry into our Green & Gold Series takes aim at the following question: United remains one of the biggest and most profitable clubs in world football, with some of the largest revenues around. Where has the money gone?
We can do things others can only dream of Are United a Growing Giant or a Shrinking Violet?
In 2018, Ed Woodward famously stated to investors that "[p]laying performance doesn't really have a meaningful impact on what we can do on the commercial side of the business." [1]
There is some truth to this sentiment. From 2009 - 2019, the club's finances have grown significantly. [1] [2] In 2009, the club's commercial revenue was approximately 66 million. By 2019, that figure had more than quadrupled to 275 million. [1] [2] The club likewise benefited from the Premier League's own boon in popularity. From 2009 to 2019, TV revenues grew from 98 million to 241 million. [1] In total, from 2009 - 2019, matchday revenue decreased from 41% of the revenue base, to 19%. One of the results of this can be seen during COVID. While other clubs scrambled to secure finances, furloughing staff and cutting wages, United has to date been able to survive without such significant cuts. [1]
However, if a deeper look is taken into these figures, combined with the relative growth of similarly-situated clubs, cracks begin to appear in Woodward's "results don't matter" assertion. For example, as illustrated here, the club's on-again off-again relationship with the Champion's League has seen a drastic reduction in gate and TV revenue from the infamous Tuesday/Wednesday night matches:
Looking at it differently, as of 2014, by some conservative estimates the cost of missing out on CL football was approximately the cost of one Marouane Fellaini. [1] [2] By 2019, the figure was estimated by the club at around £65million (which figure excludes any potential reduction in the Adidas sponsorship deal). [1] Simply put, the cost of missing out on the sport's elite competition has grown alongside the expansion of the sport itself.
Comparing United's Growth Relative to That of Our Rivals
As recently as 2016, United's revenue growth continued to outpace rivals. [1] [2] [3] However, as years have gone by, that gap has shrunk. From 2017-2018, Liverpool's revenue growth increased nearly 100m, up to £455m from £364m --- taking them from 5th highest to 3rd highest in the league. [1] City's revenues likewise increased from £473m to £500m (2nd highest in the league). [1]
Thus, while United's revenue increased from £515m in 2016 to £590m in 2018, City's increased from £392m to £500m, and Liverpool's increased from £302m to £455m *within the span of two years. [1] [2] This change is highlighted in the following chart:
Club 2016 Revenue 2018 Revenue Growth % Difference
Manchester United £515m £590m £75m 15%
Manchester City £392m £500m £108m 28%
Liverpool £302m £455m £153m 51%
As for commercial revenue alone (an area United is often touted as being the best), the following chart highlights the relative growth of commercial revenue by comparing United to its biggest European counterparts:
As can be seen, over time United's closest rivals appear to be closing the gap on United's claim as one of, if not the, biggest clubs in world football. With that in mind - let's take a closer look at how United has expanded its global reach since the Glazer takeover in 2005.
A change in the club's branding/commercialization approach
Glazer acquired Manchester United in 2005. At the time of the takeover, "United's income of 171.5 million pounds ($323.8m) for the 2003-04 season kept them top of the list [of richest clubs] for the eighth year in a row." [1] Simply put: Glazer inherited a behemoth at the top of the footballing world.
Upon buying the club, the Glazer contingent reportedly met with staff, and according to a former executive indicated:
“They said, ‘Look, we’ve bought this club because we saw an opportunity.' They never came with, ‘We are fans of the club forever and always will be’. They didn’t claim to be anything other than businessmen and they are very good at what they do.” [1]
The change in tactic upon Glazer arrival allegedly prompted United Chairman Sir Roy Gardner and non-executive directors Ian Much and Jim O'Neill to offer their resignations. [1]
Concerns have been raised since regarding the manner by which the Glazer family extended MUFC's reach / image / branding. Edward Freedman served as managing director of the club's merchandising from 1992-97. [1] During his time at United, he took the club's merchandising operation "from a turnover of £1.2 million in 1992 to £28 million when he left five years later." [1] His work with Tottenham, and then United, was significant enough to merit BBC including him in their documentary titled "The Men That Changed Football." [1]
Asked to speak regarding the Glazers' work with United's continued expansion, Freedman responded:
“They haven’t got a clue what a brand is. It’s a very clever money-making move for them to get those deals. However, I’m sorry to say that, as far as enhancing Manchester United, it doesn’t work.” [1]
Freedman's ire related to the manner in which the club worked to increase the reach of its branding efforts. Freedman's aimed to maintain United's status as a "premium brand" and expand the club's reach by working with select, "high profile" branding partners (a la a Rolex or Porsche). Instead, Freedman's ire was drawn by the club choosing, after he left, to sign onto multiple, "lower-quality" partners. The result of this change in branding strategy can be seen through the years. For example:
Mr. Potato
Tomato Juice
X Men - Apocalypse
Independence Day - Resurgence
Chevrolet's Dab University
Others in the footballing world have taken issue with how the increased commercial efforts impacted the players:
One high-profile agent privately complained that the club was “obsessed with commercialism” and “one big money-making machine”. After arriving back in the early hours following a match at West Ham, some stars were required to drive mini kids’ Chevrolets in a sponsored stunt the next day instead of resting. [1]
As for Freedman's thoughts on United's approach to branding expansion, he stated “I really can’t deal with it. We were offered all that long ago and never would accept any of it. Not for all the money in the world. Then, of course, the people who understood the brand left and people came in who saw only the recompense of taking money. But taking money for things that aren’t compatible with your brand will eventually ruin your brand. That’s what I can see them doing. The whole charisma, the whole glory of Manchester United, seems to have gone.” [1]
Freedman was not alone in this concern. In April 2007, Lee Daley (a reported lifelong United supporter), left Saatchi & Saatchi UK to become United's group commercial director. [1] He resigned four months later, with one source claiming he quickly became disillusioned at becoming "a glorified sponsorship sales manager." [1]
And although United's sponsorship efforts have resulted in some successes, including what was, at the time, one of the most profitable kit sponsorship of all time, [1] those successes have not always been well-received:
On the commercial side, the shirt sponsorship struck with Chevrolet, worth £450 million over seven seasons, was a major success. But the deal will not be renewed past 2021 and the person responsible for the deal at General Motors, Joel Ewanick, was dismissed soon after its announcement in 2012, with a spokesman saying he had “failed to meet the expectations the company has of an employee”. [1] [2]
Although some have lauded the Glazers' "industrialization/branding efforts" at United, and other clubs have since copied the process, others are more critical - claiming that United's continued growth and success has resulted more from the continued growth of the Premier League than from Glazer ingenuity.
“The step-change in television income, which came out of nowhere and could not have possibly been projected in a business plan, helped them massively.” In the UK alone, Premier League rights rose from £1.024 billion to £1.706 billion in 2007 and reached £5.136 billion in 2016. [1]
Other sources insist the Glazers did project such an increase, based upon their prior experience with US sports, including their ownership of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [1]
Not all of the Glazers' initial plans came to fruition. For example, the Glazers reportedly initially planned to increase revenues through higher matchday costs. [1] In 2006 documents, it was outlined that the cost of matchday tickets to attend games at Old Trafford was "undervalued" despite increased pricing, on average, by 12.5% in their first season at the helm. [1] The Glazer plan envisaged a further 36% increase in matchday costs prior to the start of the 2012-13 season. [1] However, that plan was not borne into action, which is one reason matchday revenues have stayed level.
Social Media The Claimed Expansion of the Supporter-Base
Alongside the club's expanding commercial revenues, the club has repeatedly touted its expanding supporter-base to shareholders as a measure of the club's off-field success. In 2013, United claimed to shareholders that it had "659 million" supporters. [1] Stated differently, United claimed that, as of 2010, approximately 1 out of every 10 human beings on the planet supported United.
To reach that figure, United hired Kantar, a market research company, who polled 54,000 adults in 39 countries in the summer of 2011. Most questions were answered online. [1] The figures were then extrapolated to produce a number for each of those countries, with that information then extrapolated to cover the rest of the world, "taking into account such things as the popularity of football in these countries, and whether players born in them had played for Manchester United in the past." Kantar director Richard Brinkman claimed he "would back my figures and argue [they are accurate] to within a 1% margin of error." [1]
The claim drew plenty of detractors. For example, Nick Harris, editor of sports finance website, noted at the time that:
"In five years, purportedly, Manchester United's following has gone from 333 million, or thereabouts, to 659 million. So almost a doubling of people following Manchester United in five years. This is eyebrow-raising stuff!" [1]
Mr. Harris likewise questioned other Kantar claims, such as the suggestion "that more than 30% of South Korea's total population of 49 million were followers of Manchester United." [1] Especially in light of the live viewing figures for United in the country, at the time, registering less than one million people. [1]
By 2019, United reported to investors claiming to have 1.1 billion fans. [1] Stated differently - from 2013 to 2019, United claimed to have gone from "1 in 10" people worldwide supporting United, to "1 in 7."
The survey for the 2019 report was once more completed by Kantar.
We're Man United and We'll Spend What We Want
Alongside being one of the top earning clubs in world football, United are also one of the top spending clubs. As discussed previously, [1] United are not shrinking violets in the transfer market - with one of the highest net spends over the last decade. [1] [2]
Let's take a closer look at where United, under Glazer ownership, has spent those funds.
Player Signings
United last won the Premier League in 2013 under Sir Alex Ferguson. Since that time, United have spent over £1.015 billion on player purchases. [1] [2] But let's break that down a bit further. First, let's take a look at what that billion has gotten us:
Year Signed Manager Player Position Cost
2020 Solskjaer Bruno Fernandes Mid £49.50m
2019 Solskjaer Harry Maguire CB £78.30m
2019 Solskjaer Aaron Wan Bissaka RB £49.50m
2019 Solskjaer Daniel James RW £15.30m
2018 Mourinho Fred CM £53.10m
2018 Mourinho Dalot RB £19.80m
2018 Mourinho Lee Grant GK £1.53m
2017 Mourinho Romelu Lukaku ST £76.23m
2017 Mourinho Nemanja Matic CM £40.23m
2017 Mourinho Victor Lindelof CB £31.50m
2017 Mourinho Alexis Sanchez ST Mkhitaryan
2016 Mourinho Paul Pogba CM £94.50m
2016 Mourinho Henrikh Mkhitaryan RW £37.80m
2016 Mourinho Eric Bailly CB £34.20m
2015 van Gaal Anthony Martial LW/ST £54.00m
2015 van Gaal Morgan Schneiderlin CM £31.50m
2015 van Gaal Memphis Depay LW £30.60m
2015 van Gaal Matteo Darmian RB £16.20m
2015 van Gaal Bastian Schweinsteiger CM £8.10m
2014 van Gaal Angel di Maria LW £67.50m
2014 van Gaal Luke Shaw LB £33.75m
2014 van Gaal Ander Herrera CM £32.40m
2014 van Gaal Marcos Rojo LB/CB £18.00m
2014 van Gaal Daley Blind LB/CB £15.75m
2014 van Gaal Falcao ST £6.84m (loan fee)
2014 van Gaal Vanja Milinkovic-Savic GK £1.58m
2013 Moyes Juan Mata RW/CM £40.26m
2013 Moyes Marouane Fellaini CM £29.16m
All figures in this thread are taken from Transfermarkt.
Prior to that, from 2005-2012, Sir Alex spent a total of £362.8m. Accordingly, from 2005 to date, under Glazer ownership United has spent £1.3778 billion on player acquisitions.
Player Sales
Year Player Transfer Fee
2005 Phil Neville £4.77m
2005 Kleberson £2.34m
2006 Ruud van Nistelrooy £13.50m
2006 David Jones £1.35m
2006 Jonathan Sepctor £675,000
2006 David Bellion £450,000
2006 Luke Steele £225,000
2007 Gabriel Heinze £10.8m
2007 Giuseppe Rossi £9m
2007 Alan Smith £8.1m 
2007 Kieran Richardson £7.38m
2007 Tim Howard £3.78m
2007 Phil Bardsley £2.7m
2008 Gerard Pique £4.5m
2008 Chris Eagles £1.35m
2008 Mikael Silvestre £855,000
2009 Cristiano Ronaldo £84.60m
2009 Frazier Campbell £3.69m
2009 Manucho £2.48m
2009 Lee Martin £2.03m
2009 Danny Simpson £779,000
2010 Zoran Tosic £8.55m
2010 Ben Foster £6.3m
2011 John O'Shea £4.05m
2011 Gabriel Obertan £3.06m
2011 Mama Diouf £1.62m
2011 Wes Brown £1.35m
2011 Danny Drinkwater £810,000
2011 Darron Gibson £540,000
2011 Jue Dudgeon £86,000
2012 Dimitar Berbatov £4.50m
2012 Ji-sung Park £2.79m
2012 Ritchie De Laet £1.13m
2014 Danny Welbeck £18.00m
2014 Shinji Kagawa £7.20m
2014 Alexander Buttner £4.95m
2014 Wilfried Zaha £3.42m
2014 Chicharito £2.70m (loan fee)
2014 Bebe £2.70m
2014 Michael Keane £2.30m
2014 Patrice Evra £1.71m
2015 Angel di Maria £56.70m
2015 Chicharito £10.80m
2015 Jonny Evans £7.47m
2015 Robin van Persie £5.85m
2015 Nani £5.40m
2015 Rafael £2.88m
2015 Angelo Henriquez £1.50m
2015 Reece James £1.26m
2016 Morgan Schneiderlin £20.70m
2016 Memphis Depay £14.40m
2016 Paddy McNair £4.73m
2016 Tyler Blackett £1.62m
2016 Will Keane £1.08m
2017 Henrikh Mkhitaryan Sanchez
2017 Adnan Januzaj £7.65m
2017 Andreas Pereira £2.70m (loan fee)
2018 Daley Blind £14.40m
2018 Sam Johnstone £6.62m
2018 Marouane Fellaini £6.48m
2019 Romelu Lukaku £66.60m
2019 Chris Smalling £2.70m (loan fee)
2019 Matteo Darmian £2.23m
2019 Ashley Young £1.53m
In total, United has recovered £488.42m (plus one Alexis Sanchez) from player sales/loans.
Accordingly, under Glazer ownership, Manchester United has a total net spend of £889.38m.

So Where Has the Money Gone?

The Cost of a Takeover & Multiple Re-Financings
The Glazer family acquired United in 2005. United spent more money paying the interest costs associated with the newfound debt than they spent on player acquisitions any year between 2005 - when the club was acquired - and 2013 - when the debt was refinanced. [1] [2] [3]
In 2013, United refinanced their debt. By refinancing, United repaid about half of its outstanding bonds using a new bank loan from Bank of America. [1] By doing so, United reduced the club's interest bill from around £31m per year (pro-forma post the IPO) to around £21m per year. [1]
By the summer of 2015, Manchester United refinanced the club's debt on four separate occasions - the last of which occurred in 2015. [1] In 2015, the club's debt stood at £382m, with total annual interest costs of £20m. [1] The refinancing reduced the cash interest paid.
The amount of interest paid between 2005 and 2015 can be visualized here:
Public float profits Glazers
Some have viewed the public float of the club's stock as evidence of a possible future in which the club is sold. To date, reality has not matched this expectation.
The initial public float raked in £150 million in funds. Per some reports, the initial plan was for the Glazers to pocket the full profits from the float, but the NYSE expressed reservations with that plan. [1]. Ultimately, half of the funds was used to pay off some of the club's takeover debt. [1] The remaining half landed in Glazer pockets. [1] [2]
Despite the funds realized from the float, the target price for the shares was $16-20 per share. The price was ultimately set at $14/share. [1] [2]
Hopes that the float would result in greater transparency were likewise short-lived. "Classed as an 'emerging growth' company, [1] United were exempted from having to reveal all their financial data to the market, [1] a position they reinforced by moving company registry from Old Trafford to the Cayman Islands." [1] [2] And by setting different voting rights for Class A and B shares, and retaining the Class B shares, the Glazers were able to retain a 78% ownership interest in the club - and an iron grip on the club's voting rights. [1]
Glazer Profits
Per the most recent financial reports, annual dividends total approximately £84 million. [1] In January, dividends of £11.3 million went to shareholders. [1] The Glazer family currently owns approximately 78% of the club, meaning they split approximately £8.8 million of that equally. [1]
In addition, the Glazers recovered approximately £75 million from the NYSE listing, together with loans to other companies (between 2005-'12), and further share sales. In total, the Glazers have made more than £200m selling slices of their shareholdings to investors. [1]
Upon refinancing the club's debt in 2010, the paperwork submitted revealed the Glazers had, since 2006, been paid £10m in “management and administration fees” and Kassewitz and each of her five brothers had borrowed £1.66m, £10m in total, from the club. [1] The total paid to the board and executive management in 2018-19 was £10.7m, which the accounts do not break down individually. Woodward is paid by a subsidiary company, Manchester United Football Club Ltd; his salary in 2017-18, the most recently published, was £4.152m. [1]
By comparison, in nine years at Liverpool, FSG has put in a net £100m. [1] Meanwhile, since initially purchasing the club in a £790 million leveraged takeover, the Glazers have "personally received close to £200 million from the club." [1]


In total, by some estimates the Glazers' ownership has cost the club £1.5 billion in interest, debt and other outgoing expenses. [1] By comparison, United has spent £1.3778 billion on player acquisitions, and recovered £488.42m from sales/loans, for a net spend of £889.38m. In total, Glazer ownership has cost United £610.6m more than United have spent on player acquisitions from 2005 to date.
Past Green & Gold Installments:
Part One: Who are the Glazers?
Part Two: The Takeover: How did that happen?
Part Three: The Glazer Transfer History - Can Insight be Gleaned regarding our Potential Summer Business?
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2020.08.20 17:47 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of letters ‘W-Z’ in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of letters ‘W-Z’ under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letter M on July 20, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters N-Q on July 27, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I posted letter R on July 29, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letter S on August 7, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters T-V on August 13, 2020. You can check that out here (
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Wachtmeister, Eric: Swedish Internet entrepreneur. He was the founder of the now defunct social media website, A Small World. The Weinstein Company, Robert Pittman, and Alexander von Furstenberg were all heavy investors and are all listed in Epstein’s black book (check out previous threads for further information). Early in his career, Wachtmeister was an investment banker who worked for Rothschild & Co. and Lehman Brothers. His father was Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister, a Swedish diplomat, ambassador to the United States, and close friend of George H.W. Bush.
Wagner, David: Not enough info.
Wainwright, Rupert: British movie director and producer.
Waksal, Sam: Pharmaceutical entrepreneur and CEO. Despite the nerdy sounding job description, Waksal hobnobs with celebrities. He dated Martha Stewart’s daughter, is a friend of Ronald Perelman’s ex-wife, and counts Mick Jagger among his friends ( In 2002 and 2003, Waksal pleaded guilty to securities fraud, bank fraud, obstruction of justice, perjury, conspiracy, and wire fraud. He was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2003. He was released in 2009.
Wallace, Mike: Television journalist best known for his role as lead correspondent on the news program 60 Minutes. Longtime 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager, was forced to step down from his position after Ronan Farrow’s article in The New Yorker that mentioned Fager’s sexual misconduct ( towards Sarah Johansen, an intern at the time (now a producer) who said that the atmosphere of 60 Minutes was like that of a “boy’s club.” Epstein hosted a reception for Wallace at his NYC mansion back in 1997 ( Wallace can be seen in this photo (date uncertain, but must have been 1991 or earlier) with Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine’s father) and Donald Trump (
Walters, Barbara: Famous television personality/broadcast journalist known for 20/20, The View, and berating Corey Feldman for trying to “damage an entire industry” when he came out against pedophilia in Hollywood ( Walters goes way back with Ghislaine and her family, as she swam around the same social circles as Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell ( Here is a picture from Steve Forbes’s 70th birthday party ( that shows Barbara walking just behind Robert Maxwell. Barbara is pictured here ( with Ghislaine and some others (7th picture down). We can only wish her the most agonizing of deaths.
Ward, Kevin: A 34-year veteran of the NYPD who was eventually promoted to Borough Commander. Currently the Vice President of Security and Operations for Bryant Park Corporation. Received a Master’s Degree from Harvard, which is extremely rare for a law enforcement official. It’s odd that Epstein would have three different telephone numbers for such a decorated member of law enforcement. Interesting.
Warner, Ozzie: No info found.
Warnford-Davis, Ms Mandy: The former sister-in-law of Ghislaine’s brother, Kevin. Kevin and his wife, Pandora, divorced after more than 20 years of marriage. Mandy is Pandora’s sister. She works as a lawyer in London.
Wasserman, Casey & Laura: Casey is an entertainment and sports agent executive. Grandson of Hollywood mogul and mafia-linked Lee Wasserman. Laura Zifren is Casey’s wife. She is a movie music supervisor. Casey and Laura both appear on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” flight log ( during the infamous Africa trip which featured the likes of Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker. Casey donates a lot of time and money to the Clinton Foundation and considers Bill Clinton to be a close friend and his philanthropic “mentor” ( The Wassermans have donated between $10 and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation ( The Wassermans have set up a charity called The Wasserman Foundation through which they donate money to a number of different causes, including several children’s groups (
Wassong, David: Managing Director for Soros (yes, that Soros) Fund Management who has worked for Soros for over 20 years ( Here’s a lovely picture ( of Wassong with Ghislaine Maxwell from 2011. There’s nothing weird about it except for Ghislaine’s eye-catching earrings, which bare a striking resemblance to pedophile symbolism ( David’s father, Dan, was a chronic sexual harasser of his secretaries ( Perhaps sexual deviancy runs in the family.
Wastnage, Lucy: Wife of David Tang. Already listed earlier under ‘Tang, Mr David and Lucy Wastnag.’ Copy and pasted from my ‘T-V’ thread… David was a Hong Kong businessman who founded the Shanghai Tang fashion chain and several restaurants that attract the elite. Tang was a philanthropist who was involved in several charities, including Youth Outreach (YO), a charitable organization started in Hong Kong by Reverend Peter Newberry. This charity’s goal was to help at-risk youths ( Tang was considered one of the most well-connected people in London. He and his wife, Lucy, counted Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York (Prince Andrew’s ex-wife), Kevin Spacey, the Duke of Marlborough, and Mick Jagger among their friends ( Tang vehemently defended Prince Andrew in 2011 when his relationship with Epstein was made public ( Two years later, Ghislaine celebrated her 51st birthday at China Tang, David’s restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel. Despite the backlash Prince Andrew received for counting Epstein among his friends, he attended Ghislaine’s birthday, along with former Labour minister Shaun Woodward and wife Camilla, the Earl and Countess of Derby, Dorrit Moussaieff, the diamond heiress/wife of the president of Iceland, Tamara Beckwith, and John Eliasch, multi-millionaire boss of sports firm Head. Every single one of those people appear in Epstein’s contacts. Epstein had 16 phone numbers, two email addresses, and three street addresses listed under David and Lucy’s names. David Tang died in 2017.
Waterman, Felicity: Model and actress who was a client of Elite Modeling Agency, along with Epstein/Maxwell pals Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum and many other famous models.
Watson, Victoria: Secretary at De Cadenet Motor Racing Limited (, a company owned by former race car driver Alain de Cadenet, who was listed earlier in Epstein’s black book.
Webb, Veronica: Supermodel. Former Victoria’s Secret (Les Wexner) model.
Weidenfeld, Lord: Founder of Weidenfeld and Nicolson publishing company. Weidenfeld (1919-2016) was a tremendous supporter of Israel and Oxford University. Weidenfeld was close friends with the Rothschilds. For more info on Weidenfeld’s deep-rooted connection with the Rothschilds and Israel, check out this wonderful Youtube video ( It’s very well-researched and connects all the dots. Other high-ranking friends of Weidenfeld included German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former U.S. Secretary of State (and should-be war criminal) Henry Kissinger.
Weinberg, Jason: Top Hollywood talent manager who represents some of the biggest names in movies and television. Weinberg held his 50th birthday at a restaurant in Easthampton, NY ( Attendees included Harvey Weinstein and actress Uma Thurman, the ex-fiance of ARK Academy founder and possible pedophile and child trafficker, Arpad Busson. Weinberg has been pictured with Peggy Siegal, the publicist who helped Epstein get into elite parties after he was convicted of procuring an underage girl for prostitution. They likely know each other because they were both trained by legendary Hollywood publicist Bobby Zarem.
Weinstein, Bob: Bob is Harvey Weinstein’s brother and a top movie producer and Hollywood executive. Bob has denied any knowledge of his brother’s seemingly endless sexual harassment charges and has publicly rebuked Harvey. Bob has been accused of harassment by Amanda Segel, a female showrunner (
Weintraub, Harriet: Founder of public relations firm HWPR ( Was once in business with Epstein enabler Peggy Siegal (
Westheimer, Ruth Dr: Better known as Dr. Ruth, the popular sex therapist and TV personality.
Weymouth, Mrs Lally: Senior associate editor of The Washington Post. Eldest child of Katherine Graham, the publisher who ran her family’s newspaper, The Washington Post, from 1963-1991. Lally is best known for throwing huge bipartisan parties at her house in the Hamptons. This article ( does a great job of detailing who goes to these parties (ex: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner partying with George Soros, Soros partying with David Koch, etc) and the fact that behind closed doors, the same people who publicly insult each other from both sides of the aisle, are actually friends and just laughing at us for believing their theatrics. AGAIN, THE WHOLE IDEA OF PARTISANSHIP IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT. STOP ALIGNING WITH ONE SIDE. IT’S US VS. THEM. THAT’S IT.
White, Somers: Former model and advertising executive. Married to Jonathan Farkas, heir to the Alexander’s department stores fortune. Named to the Commission on Presidential Scholars by Donald Trump in 2019. Pictured here ( with Ghislaine Maxwell.
White, Victoria: Former wife of Lord Gordon White, Texas businessman Tom O’Gara, and famed Hollywood producer Robert Evans.
White, Michael: Likely the theatemovie producer or the British journalist who was the associate editor of The Guardian until 2016 and a regular commentator on BBC. Could be either one.
White O’Gara, Victoria: See Victoria White above.
Whitworth, Alan & Wendy: Wendy Whitworth is a managing editor with ties to Ghislaine and her family. She was managing editor of Remembering for the Future: The Holocaust in An Age of Genocide, an assortment of Holocaust-centered articles, which was released in 2001. Ghislaine Maxwell’s mother, Elisabeth, was the editor-in-chief of the publication. Ghislaine and her sisters, Isabel and Christine, are listed as financial sponsors and committee coordinator ( The honorary president of the publication is Elie Wiesel, the famous authoHolocaust survivor who also appears in Epstein’s book and was also accused of sexual harassment. I believe her husband Alan is an economic adviser, but I’m not entirely sure.
Wiatt, Jim: Former CEO at William Morris, a major talent agency.
Wienberg, Anouska & Mark: Anouska is a hotelier and interior designer. Her husband, Mark, is a financier who co-founded J. Rothschild Assurance, which later became St. James’s Place Wealth Management, along with Jacob Rothschild ( Mark was the honorary treasurer of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and still had a role as one of the Vice Presidents as of 2012 (, making this the 12 billionth connection between known pedophile and child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and the NSPCC.
Wiesel Dr Eli and Marion: Wiesel was a famous author, Holocaust survivor, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, but he also supposedly sexually harassed a teenager at a charity event ( Wiesel had longstanding ties to the Maxwell family due to their mutual interest in writing about the Holocaust (, ( Marion is also a Holocaust survivor and was Elie’s wife.
Wigram Lionel and Lydia: Lionel is a producer who has worked on the Harry Potter films and several Guy Ritchie movies. Lydie is his wife.
Wigram, Lionel: See above.
Williams Alexandra & Nick: Alexandra is the daughter of Michael Heseltine, who was previously listed in Epstein’s ‘black book.’ Michael Heseltine is a British businessman and politician who served in various roles in government for British PMs Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Heseltine was a friend of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father. Heseltine invested in Conservative Parliament member Harvey Proctor’s business after Proctor was forced to resign after it was revealed he had sexual relationships with and took nude pictures of male prostitutes aged 17-21 at his home (source: At the time, it was illegal to have same-sex relations with prostiutes under the age of 21. Her siblings, Annabel and Rupert, were listed in Epstein’s book as well. Check out the G-I thread for more info on them. Nick is her husband and the owner of Holloway’s auctioneers.
Williams-Ellis, David & Serena: David is a world-renowned British sculptor. His ex-wife, Serena, is an interior designer.
Willis, Rebecca: Not sure. Could be a climate change/environmental researcher in the UK.
Wilmot-Sitwell, Alex & Fi: Alex is a banker who was CEO of UBS Investment Bank and headed Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s businesses across Europe until 2018. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, incidentally, was the “largest corporate sponsor” for the super shady ARK Academy ( under Wilmot-Sitwell. ARK Academy, founded by Arpad Busson (listed in Epstein’s book - read more on him here:, could very well be a system of schools used for child abuse and child trafficking. Caroline Fiona Marr is Alex’s ex-wife.
Wilson, Carter: Barely any info found. Her name is Carter Wilson Hailey. This was her mother ( Despite the family names/history, I couldn’t find anything on who Carter Wilson actually is.
Windisch Grazot, Manfred: The Windisch-Graetz family comes from a high nobility bloodline. Manfred, considered a prince, takes care of the management and finances of Elitaliana, the oldest Italian helicopter company ( Member of the Order of Malta (
Windsor-Taylor, Tim & Helen: Helen is a member of the Royal Family. Her father is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Helen is a patron of CLIC Sargent, a children’s cancer charity ( Her husband, Tim, is an art dealer.
Winn, Steve: Wynn is a billionaire Las Vegas hotel tycoon. Prince Harry was a guest of Wynn’s at his Encore resort. Served as the finance chair of the Republican National Committee from 2017-2018, but had to resign from that post and his position as CEO of Wynn Resorts due to dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct ( by his employees. Wynn and his wife (listed earlier in Epstein’s black book under ‘Hissom, Andrea’) are close friends of Donald and Melania Trump (source:
Winston, Elizabeth: Not sure. Best guess is a Texas-based conservationist.
Wipple, George: Entertainment and society television journalist.
Wolper, Carol: Author and screenwriter who has also written for Vogue magazine, where Epstein has countless connections.
Wong, Andy: Hong Kong financier and socialite. Hosted a Chinese New Year party in 2002 attended by Prince Andrew ( where the theme was ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ ( Here’s are some pictures from that party ( ; ; Here is a link with more pictures ( from the party. Many Epstein contacts appear in these photos and also regularly attend the Wongs’ annual Chinese New Year parties. Buzz Aldrin (suspected upper echelon freemason) attended the party as well.
Wong, Theodore: Hedge fund manager. Founder of Constellar Capital LLC. Former managing director at Credit Suisse, a Swedish-based investment bank where Epstein had several contacts. Member of the Sunflower Children's Foundation and St. Jude’s Hospital (, two charities dedicated to sickly children.
Woodall, Trinny: Former drug addict socialite and friend of the wealthy and elite ( who is now a British TV presenter and owner of makeup brand TRINNY LONDON.
Woods Emily & Carrie: Cary Woods is a movie producer. His ex-wife, Emily, is the chairman of J. Crew.
Woodward, Alexa: California-based attorney.
Woodward, Shaun & Camilla: Former British Member of Parliament (MP) and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Shaun is a good friend of Esther Rantzen, an English journalist and television presenter who founded ChildLine, a charity promoting child protection. Incidentally, Rantzen ignored allegations against Jimmy Savile, the notorious pedophile, celebrity, and Royal Family confidant. Rantzen also had an affair with Nicolas Fairbairn, the Scottish politician who was posthumously accused of chronic child abuse and has been linked to Elm Guest House, where politicans (allegedly) had sex with drugged up children ( Camilla is Woodward’s ex-wife of 28 years and daughter of former Conservative MP and supermarket heir Tim Sainsbury. Since their divorce, Shaun has entered a relationship with Luke Redgrave, a Hollywood camera operator.
Worcester, Marq & Marc of: Henry Somerset, 12th Duke of Beaufort and his ex-wife, Tracy. Henry is an English peer and landowner. Tracy is a former actress.
Wyatt, Jim: See Jim Wiatt (above).
Wyatt, Steve & Cate: Steve is an oil heir and the former lover of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (Prince Andrew’s ex-wife). Ferguson has always seen Steve as her true love and even went away on vacation with him while she was still with Prince Andrew ( Cate is Steve’s ex-wife.
(No ‘X’ last names)
Yamani, Mai: Anthropologist, scholar, and author who has been a consultant of international banks such as Goldman Sachs, oil companies like Shell and BP, and foreign governments.
Yariv, Zghoul: Israeli venture capitalist.
Yates, Andrew (piggy): Features editor at the Daily Mail. Went to school with Ghislaine Maxwell, but said that he hadn’t seen her in over a decade when he found out his name was in Epstein’s contacts.
Young Toby: A British social commentator and former director of the New Schools Network, a charity which helps set up free schools in England. He is also an associate editor at Quillette, an online science magazine. In 2011, Young wrote an article defending Prince Andrew and others who are friends with the likes of Epstein, saying that they are not responsible for their friends actions ( He was suspended from Groucho, a private members club in London, when he admitted to selling and using cocaine there ( This flickr page reveals the connection between Toby Young’s New Schools Network and possible pedophile/child trafficker Arpad Busson’s ARK Academy schools ([email protected]/49407330397).
Younger, Tracy & Lee, Greg: No info found.
Yugoslavia Dimitri: Prince Dimitri is a gemologist and member of the Royal House of Yugoslavia. Pictured here ( with Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew’s cousin, Christina Oxenberg. Brother of Michael and Serge (below).
Yugoslavia, Prince Michel of: An investment executive and former real estate broker. He is also a member of the Knights of Malta. Brother of Dimitri (above) and Serge (below)
Yugoslavia, Serge de: Prince Serge of Yugoslavia. Recently became a father at the age of 54 ( Brother of Dimitri and Michael (above).
Zacks Gordon: American businessman who was a financial and Middle Eastern policy adviser to George H.W. Bush during his presidency.
Zales, Alexi: No info found.
Zangrillo Paige & Bob: Robert Zangrillo is a venture capitalist and real estate developer. He has come under fire for a college admissions scandal in which he paid $250,000 so that his daughter could get into USC. Routinely throws parties that attract the likes of the Kardashians, Snoop Dogg, the Hadid family, and other celebrities/wealthy people (
Zawauri, Waleed: Zawawi is on the board of HSBC Bank of Oman. Listed in the Paradise Papers ( - not to be confused with the Panama Papers - as someone with offshore accounts.
Zecher Bibi and Adrian: Adrian is a hotelier who founded Aman Resorts. Bebe is his wife.
Zeff Mark: Interior designer who helped renovate Epstein’s New York mansion.
Zelier, John: Founding and Managing Member of Hudson Housing Capital, a housing tax credit syndicator. Former Managing Director of Lehman Brothers.
Zevi, Dino & Rosi: Dino is an art dealer.
Zilkha, Bettina: Arts, entertainment, and fashion journalist for Forbes magazine. Photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell here ( and here ( and here ( well, you get the point. She is a fixture in New York’s high society social scene as she is also an heiress to her father’s financing fortune.
Zipp, Brian: Investment banker. Zipp is a former Senior Economist with the U.S. Treasury Department. Later became a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers.
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2020.08.15 21:19 Survivor31fan [S] Marooned: Borneo (Complete)

From a tiny malasian fishing village 16 americans are beginning the adventure of a lifetime. They have volunteered to be marooned on mysterious Borneo for the next 39 days. This is their story, this is MAROONED.
The Cast
Pagong Tribe:
Tagi Tribe
Marooned: Borneo
Episode 1: The season begins with everyone on a pirate ship. They all must gather as much supplies as possible, release their tribe raft, and jump overboard within 5 minutes. Once everyone is on their raft they paddle out to their beaches. Both tribes are able to gather a decent amount of supplies before Jeff tells them they have to jump overboard and head out to their camps.
At Tagi Natasha and The Syncopation instantly form a bond. They are both sneaky and view this as more of a business trip than an adventure so they form an alliance and agree to work together. Taylor and Talie are very perceptive and quickly realize that Natasha and The Syncopation are working together so in order to protect themselves they make an alliance. Meanwhile Nicole is working very hard around camp gathering shelter building material but what she doesn’t realize is that because she’s spending so much time away from camp she is missing out on building critical early relationships with her tribemates. This causes her to become somewhat of an outcast in the Tagi tribe.
Meanwhile on the Pagong tribe Bob quickly starts trying to be the tribe leader. He bosses people around and tells them exactly what they need to do. Jonathan and Adelyn despite not liking being bossed around by Bob feel like their best bet right now is to just stick with Bob and let him self implode but other people such as Black Diamond can’t stand being bossed around by Bob and already begin making plans to take him out as soon as possible. We also learn in confessional that Aubree is having a hard time connecting with anyone on the tribe. She grew up in poverty and doesn’t feel like she can relate to anyone.
At the immunity challenge Tagi dominates and easily beats Pagong sending them to tribal council. Back at Pagong Black Diamond forms a new alliance with Surf, Ana, and Clarence. They call themselves the rebels because they are rebelling against the current leader of the tribe Bob, but they are concerned that if they vote out Bob now they will weaken the tribe. He is very strong and is able to help them a lot in challenges so they decide to target Adelyn because she is the least useful person in the tribe who isn’t in their alliance. Meanwhile Bob, King, and Adelyn want to vote out Black Diamond because she is the leader of the rebels. This leaves Aubree in the middle. She struggles to decide who to work with because she hasn’t connected with anyone but in the end she decides to work with the rebels and at tribal council Adelyn becomes the first person voted out of Marooned.
Episode 2: After Pagong loses the second immunity challenge the rebels come together and decide that it’s time to vote out Bob. They can’t stand to be bossed around by him for one more minute so they think he needs to go but King knows that if Bob gets voted out he’ll probably be the very next person voted out so he tries to convince the rebels to vote out Aubree instead by explaining to them that if Aubree gets to the end she’ll definitely get a bunch of pity votes and will probably win. This causes the rebels to rethink their decision but ultimately Surf is still dead set on taking out Bob so at tribal council the rebels vote for Bob and in a 5-2 vote Bob becomes the second person voted out of Marooned Borneo.
Episode 3: Tagi once again dominates at the immunity challenge sending Pagong back to tribal council. The instant Pagong gets back to camp King knows that he is in trouble but he is not the type of person to give up so he has a talk with Ana, Clarence, and Surf during which he explains to them that they are being led like sheep to the slaughter by Black Diamond and if they truly want to be rebels they should try to overthrow her. Ana and Clarence are extremely sceptical and still want to stick to the plan and go to the final 4 with the rebels but Surf really likes the idea of blindsiding Black Diamond. In the end Ana and Clarence are able to convince Surf that their best bet is to stick with Black Diamond and at tribal council King is unanimously voted out of the tribe.
Episode 4: At the Tagi tribe a war is still brewing between the duo of The Syncopation and Natasha and the duo of Talie and Taylor. Both duos are working hard to get people on their side. Taylor uses her flirtatious abilities to convince Quiz to work with her and Talie while Syncopation and Natasha are able to convince Willie to work with them. At the immunity challenge Tagi wins causing the battle of the duos to be prolonged once again. Over at the Pagong tribe Surf is still tempted to get rid of Black Diamond so he tells Aubree that she needs to vote for Black Diamond however after Surf has a talk with the rebels and they all agree to vote out Aubree Surf changes his mind so he goes to Aubree and tells her that the plan to blindside Black Diamond is no longer happening. Aubree feels like giving up but she decides to try one last thing to potentially save herself. She goes up to Black Diamond and tells her about Surf’s plans to blindside her. This creates a lot of distrust between the rebels but in the end it isn’t enough to fracture them and at tribal council Aubree is unanimously voted out of the game.
Episode 5: At the immunity challenge Tagi unsurprisingly wins immunity again. The Pagong tribe is extremely frustrated. Back at camp Surf is determined to get rid of Black Diamond and Black Diamond is determined to get rid of Surf. This leads to an all out battle. Both of them desperately try to convince Ana and Clarence to keep them and get rid of the other. In a confessional Ana talks about how powerful she feels and how much fun it is to be the swing vote. At tribal council Black Diamond and Surf continue to argue making it crystal clear that one of them is about to get voted out. In the end Clarence and Ana decide to keep Surf because they think that he’ll be able to help them more in the next immunity challenge and Black Diamond is voted out of the tribe.
Episode 6:>! Tensions at the Tagi tribe are at an all time high. The Syncopation decides that he is sick of waiting to take his shot at Taylor and Talie so he throws the immunity challenge causing Tagi to lose. The Pagong tribe is ecstatic to have finally won their first challenge. Over at Tagi Taylor, Talie, and Quiz decide that they want to take out Natasha because they think that she is the sneakiest out of her and The Syncopation. Meanwhile The Syncopation, Natasha, and Willie decide to target Talie because they view her as an enormous threat in the game and think that she is the head of the Taylor and Talie dragon. This leaves Nicole and Matt in the middle. Matt has a strong bond with Willie so Willie is able to convince him to vote for Talie. Nicole on the other hand is completely torn. She has no clue who she can and can’t trust so she heads into tribal council still not sure who to vote out. At tribal council Nicole ends up deciding to vote for Natasha causing a 4-4 tie between Natasha and Talie but on the revote Nicole changes her mind and switches her vote to Talie causing Talie to be voted out in a 4-2 vote.!<
Episode 7: After the last tribal council Taylor is devastated. Talie was her closest ally in the game and now she’s gone. Taylor realizes that she’s going to have to find a completely different path to day 39. On day 19 the two tribes merge. Everyone who used to be on the Tagi tribe comes together and agrees that they need to stick together and pick off the members of the old Pagong tribe but we learn from one of The Syncopation’s confessionals that he is only going to stick with the Tagi people if he feels it’s what suits him best and if he thinks that sticking with the Tagi people isn’t what’s best for his game then he’ll flip and work with the Pagong people in a heartbeat. At the very first individual immunity challenge of the season The Syncopation wins immunity proving that he is one of the biggest threats in the game. All of the Tagi people agree to vote off Surf because out of all the Pagong people they think he is going to be the biggest challenge threat moving forward. Surf quickly realizes that there are lots of cracks in the Tagi alliance and starts trying to exploit them in order to save himself. He spends a long time talking with Taylor and Quiz trying to convince them to flip over to the Pagong alliance and take out Willie. Taylor is unsure what to do. On one hand she knows that if she sticks with the Tagi people The Syncopation will end up coming after her sometime down the road but on the other hand she doesn’t want to be the first person to flip on the Tagi tribe. In the end Taylor and Quiz decide to stick with the Tagi people and at tribal council Surf is voted out.
Episode 8: It’s clear that Ana and Clearance are in a terrible position in the game so they both try extremely hard to win the immunity challenge. In the end it’s Clearance who comes out on top in the immunity challenge guaranteeing his safety. As soon as everyone gets back to camp Ana starts campaigning hard to stay in the game. She knows that The Syncopation is by far the biggest threat to win the game so she begins telling everyone to vote for him. Once again Taylor and Quiz are conflicted but they end up deciding that they think it’s best for them to stick with The Syncopation for now. Nicole on the other hand is sick of just following The Syncopation and so she decides to write his name down at tribal council but Nicole, Clarence, and Anna’s votes alone are not enough to get rid of The Syncopation and Ana is voted out of the game.
Episode 9: The Syncopation is furious that he received votes at the last tribal council and as soon as they get back to camp he asks everyone who voted for him. To nobody’s surprise Clarence admits that he voted for The Syncopation but everyone is shocked when Nicole admits that she was the third vote for The Syncopation. This causes The Syncopation to go off at Nicole screaming at her. The very next day The Syncopation starts working hard to convince people to vote out Nicole at the next tribal council. Willie happily agrees to vote for Nicole and keep Clarence another round because him and Clarence have formed a strong bond over the past few days. Other people such as Natasha aren’t so sure if voting out Nicole is the right move but by the time they head to the immunity challenge The Syncopation has everyone convinced to vote for Nicole but at the immunity challenge Nicole destroys The Syncopation’s plans when she wins immunity. After Nicole wins immunity it’s clear that Clarence’s time in the game is up and at tribal council everyone aside from Nicole votes for Clarence and he becomes the second member of the jury.
Episode 10: Willie is sad to have voted out his friend Clarence at the last tribal council but ultimately he is able to recognise that this is a game and he is playing to win. Nicole wins the next reward challenge causing people to become even more concerned that she’s going to go on an immunity run and win the game but at the next immunity challenge Matt manages to win. Back at camp The Syncopation is in the best mood he’s been in all season and tries to rub it in Nicole’s face that she’s going home. Nicole attempts to convince Taylor, Matt, and Quiz that they need to vote out The Syncopation right now or he’s going to win the game but once again the pleas to get rid of The Syncopation fall on deaf ears and at tribal council Nicole is voted out.
Episode 11: With only 6 loyal Tagis left in the game things seem to be very much up in the air but The Syncopation is determined to take control of the game once again so he begins making plans to blindside Quiz. He is quickly able to get his closest allies Natasha and Willie on board with the plan and he also convinces Matt to vote for Quiz without much of a problem. Taylor is the hardest person to convince but ultimately Taylor agrees to vote out Quiz because she believes it’s what’s best for her game. The Syncopation’s only concern is that Quiz is going to realize that he’s blindsiding him and try to flip the script so when The Syncopation wins reward he chooses to take Quiz with him on the reward. The Syncopation spends the entire reward reassuring Quiz that they are going to vote out Matt at the next tribal council. This causes Quiz to become overly comfortable so at the next immunity challenge he barely even tries to win immunity. Instead it’s Natasha who wins immunity. After the immunity challenge the camp lacks the usual mad scramble to stay in the game and everyone heads into tribal council feeling certain that they’re safe. At tribal council Quiz is shocked when he gets blindsided in a 5-1 vote.
Episode 12: After the last tribal council the Syncopation is on cloud 9. He has complete control of the game and is perfectly set up to make it to day 39 and potentially win. His next target is Taylor and with Willie and Natasha already in his pocket there seems to be nothing that Taylor can do to save herself. At the immunity challenge Natasha wins immunity. After the challenge Jeff is looking at all of the castaways and notices that a few of them (Taylor, The Syncopation, and Natasha) have huge infected cuts. Jeff decides that medical needs to take a look at them to make sure that they are safe. The medics decide that Taylor and Natasha’s cuts look small enough that some antibiotics should be enough to take care of them until the end of the game but The Syncopation’s infection is too big and too close to a joint for it to be safe. After careful consideration they decide that they need to pull The Syncopation from the game. The Syncopation is very angry that he’s being taken out of the game and tries to force the medics to let him stay but they won't budge and say that it’s just too risky to leave him in the game so after 36 hard fought days The Syncopation is pulled from the game. Taylor is relieved that she gets to live to fight another day.
Final Part 1: Now that The Syncopation and his mist are gone everyone starts looking around and trying to figure out who the biggest threat is. Taylor and Matt agree that they need to take out Natasha. She has been playing the game from behind the scenes and if she gets to the final tribal and has the opportunity to explain her game to the jury she would likely win. Natasha is aware that she is being targeted so at the immunity challenge she tries really hard to win but in the end it isn’t enough and Willie ends up winning immunity instead. Back at camp Willie finds himself in the middle. He can either stick with Natasha who has been working with him since the beginning and vote out Matt or he can take out Natasha because she’s the biggest threat. Taylor and Matt to everything they can to convince Willie to vote out Natasha. At tribal council Taylor and Matt’s plan works when Natasha is voted out.
Final Part 2: Taylor and Matt agree that if either of them win final immunity they will take each other to the final 2 but at the immunity challenge Willie manages to outlast the other two and wins immunity ruining Taylor and Matt’s plans. At tribal council Willie chooses to vote out Taylor because he thinks that she is a bigger threat to win than Matt. Taylor becomes the 7th and final member of the jury.
Final Tribal Council: The jury is clearly very split at the final tribal council. Willie argues that he played a better physical game than Matt but Matt argues that he was more loyal than Willie and didn’t betray as many of his friends. In a very close 4-3 vote Willie ends up winning and becomes the first winner of Marooned.
My Thoughts: As far as Borneo sims go this one was really good. I loved how much of a trainwreck the Pagong tribe was and watching the rebels alliance take out everyone else on the tribe was pretty fun. The battle on the Tagi tribe was also really fun but a part of me wishes they had gone to more tribal councils. The first part of the post merge was a bit annoying because no one other than Nicole was willing to flip, speaking of Nicole I loved her! Even though voting for The Syncopation wasn’t the smartest move strategically it showed that she came here to play hard and wasn’t just going to be a follower. Her immunity win at the final 8 was legendary and it’s a shame there was nothing she could do to save herself at the final 7. Ultimately I think that the best part of the post merge was watching The Syncopation dominate. He played an incredible game so seeing him get medevaced one episode short of reaching the finally sucked. I’ve got a feeling he’ll be back for another season someday. The final was a lot of fun. The Natasha boot was pretty exciting and I was happy for Willie when he won the final immunity. Taylor falling one challenge short of winning marooned was sad but ultimately she should’ve made more moves earlier on in the game if she wanted to get to the end. Willie is a fantastic winner and played a great social game.
Potential All Stars: The Syncopation, Nicole, Natasha, Willie, Surf, Taylor, Ana, Matt
Potential Second Chancers: Black Diamond, King, Adelyn
I would love to hear what you guys thought of the season in the comments.
Stay tune for Australian Outback
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2020.07.30 16:36 Soul_Man2004 Photographers

An editing base for David Bowie's photographers. From paparazzi to good friends. The links ain't all there and probably never will be.
Notes: Low Symphony 92, 90 shades, 87 little girl and studio, red ghost duke, various for Ziegfeld gray facial hair 98
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2020.07.27 16:26 RobJHayes Self Published Fantasy Releases – August 2020

Self Published Fantasy Releases – August 2020
You can find the original post, along with all the shiny covers, here.

If you would like to be kept up to date with the upcoming lists, please subscribe to my newsletter by clicking this link. I don’t send out letters too often, pretty much once a month when this list goes out… and occasionally if I release a book or something.
As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.
If you have a fantasy novel you are self publishing in August or beyond, let me know either in the comments, or by emailing me, and I shall add it to the page. There are but 3 requirements:
  1. It must be a self published fantasy novel.
  2. It must have a Goodreads page.
  3. It must have a cover.

30th July – The Dragon Flute (Daughters of Fire & Sea #2) by Holly Karlsson

Betrayed by their allies and separated by powers beyond their control, Lyric and Runa will not be broken. Dragons once again fly the skies, but these powerful creatures of legend have been transformed into killers. Driven mad by dangerous magic, the dragons are burning their way across the land, driving Erith further into chaos.
Separated and forced to trust new allies, will the sisters find a way to restore the dragons’ sanity and heal the Taint before it destroys Erith? Or will the world be overtaken?
Check it out on Goodreads.

31st July – Worldbuilding for Fantasy Fans and Authors (Forging Fantasy Realms #2) by M.D. Presley

Worlds can exist without stories, but fantasy stories cannot exist without a vibrant and enthralling world. But what makes a good fantasy world?
Be you a top-down planner, a bottom-up pantser, or a fantasy fan experiencing the worldbuilding from the inside-out, this comprehensive guide has you covered. Adopting a “tools not rules” approach, you will discover dozens of worldbuilding strategies.
Check it out on Goodreads.

31st July – Downfall of the Curse (The Kyona Chronicles #5) by Deborah Grace White

Luciana is as deadly as she is beautiful—she just doesn’t want anyone to know it
The only thing Lucy loves more than the thrill of a good fight is her childhood friend, Prince Eamon. Already enough of an outsider, she’s willing to hide her fighting skills to win a place at his side.
Then Eamon’s betrayal shatters her dreams and leaves her eager to escape Kyona. But when danger and disgrace follow her to the South Lands, an offer from the magnetic Rasad to start fresh in Thorania is too tempting to resist.
In this new kingdom, Lucy can finally be herself. Unfortunately, danger trails her even there. Someone is working to destabilize the South Lands, and it’s up to Lucy to unravel Rasad’s intentions, Eamon’s jealousy, and the motivations of the enigmatic Lady Yasmin. Her decision about who to trust will determine whether darkness engulfs both the South and the North Lands.
Check it out on Goodreads.

1st August – The Dharkan (Timelessness #2) by Susana Imaginario

The enemy is defeated.
The gods strike a truce.
And the Dharkan strike against the gods.
Victory has cost both gods and mortals dearly. The veil between life and death in Niflheim is thinner than ever. Try as they might, the gods are powerless against the influence of Time, and their past mistakes threaten not only their future but their very existence.
Now the fate of eternity rests in the unlikely alliance between the goddess of the soul and a soulless Dharkan, as they must work together to achieve peace between the living and the dead in Aegea. And although their goals may seem similar, the motivations behind them couldn’t be more at odds with each other.
Meanwhile, a greater enemy approaches.Or maybe it’s already here…
Check it out on Goodreads.

1st August – Ash and Bones (City of Sacrifice #2) by Michael R. Fletcher

Smoking Mirror spoke in smoke and stone.
Having returned Mother Death to Bastion, Nuru flees to the inner rings. The Loa heretics seek to turn her to their own ends and topple the nahual from power. As Bastion crumbles, Nuru contemplates the ultimate blasphemy: A world without gods.
Broken by his battle with Mother Death, Akachi awakens with renewed purpose. He must hunt the blasphemers who would destroy his beloved city. Armed with the Staff of the Fifth Sun he stalks Nuru through Bastion’s rings. The survival of all humanity rests on his shoulders.
Nothing is as it seems. Smoking Mirror, god of discord and strife, plots behind the scenes. He manipulates gods and men alike in a game as old as time.
From the lowest Grower to the gods at her heart, Bastion is once again at war.
Check it out on Goodreads.

6th August – The Last Prince (The Coming of Aed #2) by E.G. Radcliff

In a hellish city, the fate of a young boy rests on the very thing he fears most…
Robbed of his childhood by tragedy and betrayal and forced onto the streets, only fury makes young Ninian feel whole – and in a world of gangs and fae, Ninian is more than willing to fight for his life.
But it doesn’t take much to topple a life which is already balanced on the edge of a knife. And by the time a desperate Ninian realizes he’s crossed the wrong person, it is much, much too late.
In his frantic struggle to right his collapsing world, Ninian’s furious, bloody efforts are dredging up history he’d rather forget – the past is tired of being held at bay, and even fighting cannot protect Ninian from himself.
So when he meets a crimson-eyed stranger, a boy so broken he refuses even to speak, Ninian does not believe he has the capacity to care.
He is wrong.
And that will change everything…
Check it out on Goodreads.

6th August – The Skald’s Black Verse RE-RELEASE (Dreadbound Ode #1) by Jordan Loyal Short

When a soldier’s murder sparks rebellion in the tiny village of Skolja, Brohr’s past marks him as the prime suspect. Haunted by his brother’s ghost, and drawn into a web of dark pacts and tangled loyalties, Brohr must choose between the path of vengeance set before him, and a chance to forge his own fate. From the shadows, an all but extinct race of alien demigods have begun the end game of their millennia-spanning war, and one has chosen Brohr for his closing gambit. But Brohr’s grandfather harbors a dark secret that will change everything. Above it all, a dread portent looms in the sky, spelling the death of Brohr’s world. With doom spiraling toward them, Brohr must lead an unlikely rebellion, unearth disturbing family secrets, and tame the raging ghost that haunts him. Can Brohr lead his people out of darkness, or will he succumb to his own terrifying bloodlust, and destroy the very people he has sworn to save?
Check it out on Goodreads.

7th August – Renegade Gods (Magelands Epic #8) by Christopher Mitchell

The Holdfasts – the most powerful family of mages in the Star Continent – are scattered and beaten.
Keir is in retreat, while Corthie and Kelsey are missing, abducted by enemy forces.
Only Karalyn remains.
With the armies of the Empire in full retreat, the Renegade Gods hunt for the Dream Mage.
As the sole mage capable of stopping the gods from destroying her world, Karalyn faces a terrible choice – continue to hide away, or endanger everyone she loves and take the fight to the approaching enemy.
Check it out on Goodreads.

15th August – The Lost City of Ithos (Mage Errant #4) by John Bierce

Half a millennium ago, Kanderon Crux and her allies banished the city of Imperial Ithos from the world of Anastis, in a desperate attempt to defeat the Ithonian Empire. Her dread weapon, the Exile Splinter, even erased the memory of its location from the universe. Now it’s returning, bringing the Exile Splinter back with it. The great powers of the continent are desperately hunting for the site of the lost city, knowledge lost even to Kanderon herself. None know what ancient Ithonian weapons and enchantments might still be found in the ruins, but even the Exile Splinter alone would be a prize justifying war.
Hugh and his friends find themselves dragged along on the search, where they’ll face enemy warlocks, sea monsters, liches, unnatural storms, and even a man-eating tiger. There’s something they’re not being told about the lost city, however.
Something that has even Kanderon and the other great powers terrified.
Check it out on Goodreads.

17th August – Rokian’s Curse by Krista Jain

For most, the sight of an elf in Fairdraisha would scare even the bravest of men, but for Blair Tripps, she’s more than intrigued to see one up close. He’s charming, handsome, and magical, but he’s also eyeing her as his target. When he finally draws her in his arms, Queriven sets a visible curse on her skin.​
“When the trees catch the colors of fire again, you’ll no longer be a part of this world.”
Those were the last words he left her before he disappeared. Now Blair’s left with limited options; stay home and endure disaster, or run away in hopes to discover what this means and how to undo it. Choosing the latter, she heads off into the big wide world in search for answers, but quickly discovers Queriven in her path once more. He claims to know nothing about what happened to her and seemingly joins her side to help her with no motivation at all. Who is this mysterious elf who seems to follow her, and does he want to help her, or destroy her? And most importantly, what is he hiding?
Blair has many questions, and a very short time left to answer them.
Check it out on Goodreads.

25th August – Warriors of Steel and Glory (Silent Champions Box Set #2) by Andy Peloquin

To save a kingdom from utter destruction by an unstoppable enemy, is there any cost too high?
Victory against the Blood Queen’s horde came at a steep price for Captain Aravon.
His elite unit is exhausted, battered, and isolated in hostile territory. His mentor and surrogate father lies murdered. In the upper echelons of his realm’s capital city, a traitor sells secrets to the enemy—secrets that could turn the tide of war against the Legionnaires.
Aravon and his Grim Reavers must survive not only betrayal in their own ranks, but a foe more savage and cunning than any they’ve defeated. Can the Silent Champions withstand the full might of the rampaging barbarians to save their kingdom one last time…even if they have to sacrifice their lives to succeed?
Check it out on Goodreads.

25th August – Temple Knight by Paul J. Bennett

Life took a twist she never expected.
All Charlaine ever wanted was to follow in her father’s footsteps until the moment she was forced to leave her old life behind to save her family. Now, as a Temple Knight, she finds herself alone in a distant realm, unaware of what the future will demand of her.
Her hopes for a new life are dashed the moment her past catches up with her. Labelled a troublemaker, it is only when raiders begin harassing the coast that Charlaine’s true mettle emerges.
Suspecting that all is not as it seems, she hatches a plan that reveals a far greater danger than anyone ever suspected.
With her new family of Temple Knights, Charlaine leads them in a desperate gambit to thwart the ambitions of a mighty foe that has the power to destroy them all.
Check it out on Goodreads.

28th August – The Mauler (The Holly Sisters #2) by Jonathan Pembroke

The gang war ended. The Faery Gang and their allies emerged victorious and assumed undisputed control over crime in Woodhollow. Now the second-in-command to her sister Marla, Sydney thought she could relax. She was wrong.
From hostile dwarven guilds to scheming goblins to the black-winged Nightshade, the gang finds themselves under assault from all directions. With Marla growing more irrational with every passing day, Sydney must maneuver her way around their enemies, forge new alliances, and discover the cause of her sister’s unrest.
And all the while, Sydney barrels towards a fated confrontation with a nightmare lurking just inside the dragon lord’s walls…a beast whispered of in Woodhollow in hushed voices of terror and dread…the mauler.
Check it out on Goodreads.

28th August – The Mortal Blade (Magelands Eternal #1) by Christopher Mitchell

A city ruled by Gods, a mortal champion, a misfit girl and a disobedient dragon…
Stolen from his home, Corthie Holdfast has arrived in the City of the Eternal Siege as a new Champion.
He must fight alongside the Blades, whose lives are dedicated to the defence of the City against the hordes of monstrous Greenhides; or die at the hands of the Gods who rule.
Maddie Jackdaw, a young Blade, faces her last chance. Thrown out of every unit defending the City, either she takes on a new role, or she will be sent to the Rats, a company of misfits given the perilous tasks beyond the Great Walls.
Her new role, if she takes it, will bring her face to face with her deepest fears, for beneath the walls, in a secret and hidden lair, lies a dragon, imprisoned and waiting…
Check it out on Goodreads.

31st August – The Lady of the Watchtower by Nancy O’Toole Merservier

A sorceress haunted by the magic of her past…
A pair of sister witches embrace their birthright in vastly different ways…
A beautiful princess is changed into a hideous beast…
Magic is a powerful force, able to transform everyone it touches. In this short collection, The Lady of the Watchtower, the lives of six different women and girls are altered forever thanks to their encounters with powerful spells, and deadly creatures.
Check it out on Goodreads.

August – Burning Promise RE-RELEASE (Abismo #1) by Thiago d’Evecque

“Those who seek the Abyss are doomed to find it.”
Alicia is a country girl with a simple life. Her only dreams are to spend her life besides her fiancé and work the fields.
Dreams that are shattered when mercenaries attack her village and leave a trail of smoke, ashes, and blood.
Something awakes inside Alicia. A thirst for vengeance dominates her and demands to be quenched with death.
In a path paved by hatred, Alicia will face saurians — massive lizards and birds that plague the North — advanced golems, corrupt soldiers, and a conspiracy involving angels, necromancers, and the blood magic forbidden in the kingdom.
But her greatest struggle will be to keep her own humanity as she dives into the Abyss.
Check it out on Goodreads.
Space for more…
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2020.07.24 19:04 Ichbinian Text of Le Monde article on Christopher Nolan here (in French).

Lifted from France:
Sur les plateaux de tournage, que ce soit sur un glacier en Islande ou au bord de la mer en Italie en plein été, Christopher Nolan ne se sépare jamais de sa tasse de thé. Elle est comme collée à sa main, toujours à sa disposition. Avec le temps, sans doute en quittant son Angleterre natale pour s’installer aux Etats-Unis dans les années 1990, la tasse s’est transformée en un mug plus facilement transportable.
Le cinéaste américain Samuel Fuller dirigeait ses plateaux avec un pistolet à la main, Nolan le fait en dégustant son thé. D’ailleurs, la seule aspérité sur son visage de collégien modèle, au teint diaphane et à la mèche impeccablement couchée sur le côté, serait ces légères marques brunes sur les dents, résultat de son goût prononcé pour la théine.
« Il a toujours un sachet de thé dans sa poche, remarque l’acteur britannique Michael Caine, qui a travaillé sur tous les films de Nolan depuis Batman Begins [2005] jusqu’au nouveau, Tenet, soit huit longs-métrages. Il peut faire une chaleur d’enfer, il portera toujours sur lui un imperméable avec une poche suffisamment grande pour transporter ses sachets de thé. Et vous le voyez tranquillement siroter sous vos yeux toute la journée. Je me suis dit un jour qu’il devait avoir dans sa poche quelque chose de plus engageant. » L’acteur s’est risqué à demander au réalisateur d’Inception (2010) s’il n’y avait pas un peu de vodka planquée dans la doublure. « Non, a répondu Nolan. Du thé. Rien d’autre. »
Le seul capable de ramener le grand public au cinéma
Si la sobriété est l’un des traits structurants du réalisateur de 49 ans, il en va très différemment de ses films. La folie des projets de Christopher Nolan s’accompagne en plus avec Tenet et ses 200 millions de dollars (172 millions d’euros) de budget d’une attente démesurée. Dans un été déserté par les productions hollywoodiennes, pour la plupart ajournées à 2021, le film tient un rôle messianique. Il est considéré par de nombreux observateurs comme le seul pilier capable de maintenir d’équerre l’édifice des salles obscures, durement frappées par le Covid-19, en ramenant le grand public au cinéma.
Nolan sait la responsabilité qui lui incombe. Le 20 mars, le cinéaste publiait une tribune dans The Washington Post où il demandait au gouvernement américain de venir au secours des exploitants. Le metteur en scène insistait aussi sur l’expérience unique procurée par la salle, « le rôle essentiel qu’elle tient dans notre vie sociale ».
D’abord annoncée au 17 juillet, la sortie du film a été repoussée au 31 juillet puis au 12 août. Avant que Warner Bros ne décide en catastrophe d’un nouveau report sine die, précisant que les dates aux Etats-Unis et dans le reste du monde pourraient ne pas être identiques.
Car programmer, en pleine pandémie, une production aussi onéreuse que Tenet, alors que les cinémas demeurent fermés dans de nombreux Etats américains, y compris en Californie, est une proposition aussi peu raisonnable que les scénarios de Nolan. Autre difficulté : en Chine, seuls les films de moins de deux heures sont éligibles pour la réouverture des salles. Tenet durerait, lui, deux heures trente.
Pour patienter, les spectateurs français pourront se consoler avec la ressortie sur grand écran le 29 juillet d’Inception. Un thriller qui rappelle à quel point les films de Christopher Nolan défient le sens commun. Inception met en scène une équipe d’espions qui infiltrent le subconscient de leurs victimes pour s’installer dans cette zone grise où le rêve se mêle à la réalité. Dans Interstellar (2014), un astronaute envoyé dans une autre galaxie afin de trouver une planète habitable transmet à sa fille, depuis le futur, les informations quantiques lui permettant de maîtriser la force de gravitation afin d’évacuer l’ensemble des Terriens vers un trou de ver à proximité de Saturne.
Une obsession du temps
Lorsque le cinéaste s’attaque à la reconstitution historique avec Dunkerque (2017), relatant le rembarquement, en mai 1940, des troupes britanniques coincées dans la poche de Dunkerque, à la fin de la campagne de France, c’est pour manier une autre de ses obsessions, la flexibilité du temps, entrecroisant les destins de trois soldats qui se jouent sur l’espace d’une heure, d’une journée et d’une semaine.
Même lorsqu’il s’essaie à la forme plus conventionnelle du film de super-héros, avec sa trilogie Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (2008) et The Dark Knight Rises (2012), c’est pour faire du justicier en cape un héros post 11-Septembre qui lutte contre le terrorisme alors que sa légitimité et son pouvoir sont remis en question.
Dans le cinéma américain, Nolan est un cas unique. Le seul à récolter les budgets les plus élevés auprès des studios (de 100 millions à 150 millions de dollars pour Dunkerque, plus de 200 millions pour Tenet), tout en concevant les scénarios les plus cérébraux et les plus audacieux. Et lui, le métaphysicien d’Hollywood, celui qui fait de la physique quantique la matière même de ses fictions, à rebours de toute ficelle facile, séduit le public, le convainc d’adhérer à des expériences narratives qu’il ne tolérerait chez aucun autre réalisateur.
Il y a des raisons objectives à cela. Au Nolan avant-gardiste se superpose un Nolan hédoniste, fasciné par les films de James Bond, leur esthétique de globe-trotteur de haut vol, leur univers en papier glacé traversé de créatures blondes sculpturales, de demeures somptueuses et de navires de plaisance rutilants. « LA NASA VIENT D’ANNONCER QU’ON A PEUT-ÊTRE TROUVÉ UN UNIVERS PARALLÈLE OÙ LE TEMPS S’ÉCOULE À L’ENVERS. D’OÙ MA QUESTION : QUE SE PASSERAIT-IL S’IL DEVENAIT POSSIBLE DE CHANGER LA DIRECTION DU TEMPS ? » CHRISTOPHER NOLAN
Ce décor est celui de Tenet. Dans le nouveau long-métrage de Nolan, un agent secret, incarné par John David Washington, est chargé d’épargner à la planète une menace plus tragique qu’un affrontement nucléaire, « une guerre froide, précise le réalisateur, mais une guerre si froide qu’il devient à peine licite de l’évoquer, tant elle doit demeurer secrète ».
Nolan avait tourné Inception au Japon, à Paris, au Maroc, en Californie, au Royaume-Uni et au Canada. Pour Tenet, il s’est rendu en Inde, en Italie, en Norvège, au Danemark, en Estonie et en Angleterre.
Et le paradoxe Nolan de se confirmer. Tenet est une œuvre hautement personnelle, complexe, où l’auteur matérialise une de ses réflexions personnelles, celle du temps. Quand il l’évoque, il affiche un air encore plus assuré. Une forme de fierté qui l’anime. Le soulagement d’avoir fixé pour de bon une idée obsédante. Dans le film, à l’occasion d’un exercice de tir, une balle semble rebondir sur son point d’impact pour retourner dans le canon de l’arme.
Quelques scènes plus tard, un immense cargo avance alors que les vagues semblent se rétracter, naviguant pour ainsi dire en arrière dans le temps, tandis qu’une poursuite en voiture, dans laquelle se trouve impliqué le personnage principal, se conclut par un véhicule accidenté retournant à son état initial. « Que s’est-il passé ? », demande un mystérieux agent double incarné par Robert Pattinson à John David Washington. « Rien, répond ce dernier, les choses ne se sont pas encore vraiment produites. »
Une mémoire exceptionnelle
Le titre du film, Tenet, est un palindrome, il peut se lire indifféremment de droite à gauche ou de gauche à droite. En physique, la notion d’inversion, et, avec elle, l’idée que les lois de la physique seraient réversibles et symétriques, fascine Nolan.
« Je vais tenter d’expliquer les choses de la manière la plus lisible possible. Il est théoriquement tout à fait possible d’inverser la courbe du temps. Selon des principes classiques, le temps s’écoule de manière unidirectionnelle : il y a le passé, le présent et l’avenir, avec une flèche du temps allant dans cet ordre. Mais, à une échelle quantique, il se révèle tout à fait possible d’inverser cet ordre, d’aller du futur vers le passé. La NASA vient d’annoncer qu’on a peut-être trouvé un univers parallèle où le temps s’écoule à l’envers. D’où ma question : que se passerait-il s’il devenait possible de changer la direction du temps ? L’idée de Tenet est que le temps puisse tout à fait emprunter des directions différentes. » La délinéarisation du temps reste le trait distinctif du cinéma de Nolan.
Et le film sur lequel ce dernier revient inévitablement, comme si tout partait de là, reste son deuxième, Memento (2000), où le temps s’écoule à reculons. L’ordre de ses scènes avait été inversé, mais jamais l’action à l’intérieur de celles-ci. Le personnage principal, Leonard Shelby, un inspecteur de police souffrant d’amnésie à la suite d’un traumatisme crânien, perd sa capacité à utiliser sa mémoire à court terme, au point de devoir tout noter et de tatouer sur son corps les informations capitales lui permettant de retrouver la trace du meurtrier de sa femme.
De tous les personnages imaginés par Nolan, Leonard Shelby apparaît comme le plus proche de lui-même, et pas seulement parce que ce dernier, en parfaite harmonie avec la logique inversée de son film si singulier, a depuis longtemps pris l’habitude de lire les journaux de droite à gauche, commençant systématiquement par la dernière page. Mais à l’effondrement de la mémoire du protagoniste de Memento répond l’hypermnésie de son créateur. L’épouse de Nolan et également productrice de ses films, Emma Thomas, avait d’emblée été frappée par l’étrange mode de fonctionnement du cerveau de son mari.
« Une idée chez lui ne s’exprime que s’il trouve un cadre pour la raconter, constate-t-elle. C’était ainsi le cas pour Inception et Interstellar. Avec Tenet, ce fut encore plus douloureux, dix ans peut-être, cela relevait de l’idée fixe. Mais, une fois son scénario écrit, il a pour ainsi dire son film en tête, à l’image près. Quand il passe dans la salle de montage, c’est encore plus impressionnant. Il garde une trace intacte de chaque prise pour la moindre scène. S’il faut faire la différence entre trente prises, il y parviendra avec une facilité déconcertante. » L’ordre et la rigueur
Christopher Nolan a besoin d’une routine éprouvée pour gérer sa mémoire. Il range systématiquement ses clés dans la même poche. Et prend soin de noter consciencieusement ses idées sur un calepin. Sa tenue vestimentaire de rigueur – un costume trois-pièces, une chemise blanche ou bleu pâle, toujours sans cravate –, portée indifféremment toute l’année, qu’il vente ou qu’il pleuve, s’inscrit dans ce minutieux train-train.
Pour laisser vagabonder son esprit avec la plus grande liberté, Nolan s’est efforcé d’automatiser les tâches matérielles et les aspects les plus fondamentaux de sa vie, à la manière d’une équation de taille qui, une fois résolue, ne nécessite plus d’être revue.
L’ordre et la rigueur règnent dans son monde. Et, en période d’épidémie, c’est très scrupuleusement que le réalisateur respecte les règles sanitaires d’usage. L’entretien se fait à distance et les autoportraits sont réalisés avec l’aide de son fils Oliver afin d’éviter le contact avec un photographe.
Le réalisateur a rencontré à 19 ans son épouse, la future mère de ses quatre enfants, alors qu’ils partageaient les bancs de l’université à Londres. Il s’entoure des mêmes collaborateurs, les directeurs de la photo Wally Pfister puis Hoyte van Hoytema, le monteur Lee Smith, le directeur artistique Nathan Crowley, son frère et scénariste Jonathan Nolan.
Le metteur en scène travaille également pour le même studio, Warner, depuis Insomnia (2002). En fait, le gigantisme de ses productions, l’entreprise titanesque pour les mener à bien, ne relève du possible qu’après avoir bâti un écosystème verrouillé où chacun est à sa place. Intégrer ce phalanstère ne devient envisageable qu’après un strict examen de passage. Un héritage des débuts de Nolan où, sur le plateau de Following (1998), un film tourné les week-ends avec une équipe réduite, il s’occupait d’absolument tout, de la direction de la photo à la direction artistique, jusqu’au menu des déjeuners et à la gestion du ménage à la fin de la journée. Secret-défense
Sur un plateau, Christopher Nolan possède une idée précise de ce que constitue chaque poste de travail. « Je ne suis jamais allé dans une école de cinéma », précise-t-il. Avant d’ajouter : « Comme Stanley Kubrick. » Le seul point commun avec son maître absolu qu’il s’autorise à revendiquer. Intégrer la garde rapprochée de Nolan, un peu à l’image de celle de Stanley Kubrick, passe par un rigoureux bilan de compétences. Il s’agit aussi, à côté de l’indispensable bagage technique et créatif, de faire vœu de silence.
Travailler à ses côtés exige un goût assumé de la confidentialité, en particulier concernant les intrigues de ses films. Avoir accès à des extraits de Tenet pour préparer un entretien avec son réalisateur relève du secret-défense : ceux-ci sont accessibles sur un site sécurisé, avec un code d’accès, pendant une heure avant de s’autodétruire. Comme dans le générique de chaque épisode de Mission impossible.
Michael Caine a fait la connaissance de Christopher Nolan sur le pas de sa porte. L’acteur vétéran britannique, l’une des figures masculines – avec Sean Connery, Albert Finney et Richard Burton – du renouveau du cinéma anglais dans les années 1960, l’avait confondu avec un coursier, tant la démarche – frapper à l’improviste à la porte d’un de ses futurs comédiens – était inhabituelle.
« Je m’appelle Christopher Nolan, j’ai en ma possession un scénario pour vous », avait-il déclaré. Le cinéaste tenait à ce que Caine incarne le majordome de Bruce Wayne dans Batman Begins. Le comédien assure au metteur en scène qu’il prendra le temps de lire le scénario rapidement, mais Nolan, dans l’impossibilité de le laisser circuler, lui demande de le consulter immédiatement. Il s’est alors installé dans le salon, a avalé plusieurs tasses de thé puis, après avoir obtenu le quitus de son acteur, est reparti avec son scénario sous le bras.
L’analogique dans le sang
De Kubrick, Nolan retient un film au-dessus des autres : 2001 : l’Odyssée de l’espace. Il l’a découvert enfant, en a assuré la restauration en 2018. Il y avait ici une démarche altruiste mais aussi mystique. Comme si s’emparer de 2001, en nettoyer le moindre photogramme, permettait enfin à ce réalisateur autodidacte d’accéder aux secrets d’une œuvre dont il n’arrive pas à épuiser la richesse. Car son obsession du temps, il l’éprouve dans son goût revendiqué pour la pellicule.
Quand la quasi-intégralité des réalisateurs hollywoodiens travaille avec le numérique, explorant les possibilités de l’imagerie technologique, et tourne sur fond vert, Nolan est l’un des seuls à résister, membre d’un dernier carré de fidèles avec Steven Spielberg et Quentin Tarantino. « Ce n’est pas uniquement une question de fétichisme, l’analogique se rapproche de ce que voit mon œil. Or je tiens à restituer à l’écran ce que j’ai vu. »
Mais il y a surtout un aspect tactile dans le 35 mm, essentiel aux yeux de Nolan : la pellicule reste concrète. Le cinéaste peut la prendre dans ses mains, inspecter avec ses yeux chaque photogramme, obtenir la sensation du temps qui passe, d’une action qui est, qui ne sera plus, mais dont le mouvement a été fixé pour l’éternité. Ou, à l’opposé, il regarde cette pellicule à l’envers, remonte le cours d’une histoire.
« La caméra vous laisse voir le temps, ce n’était pas possible auparavant dans les autres formes d’expression artistique. C’est pour ça que je m’efforce tant de trouver des histoires ne pouvant être racontées qu’au cinéma », explique le réalisateur. Physique quantique et mélancolique
Quand il triture la pellicule, Nolan concilie les deux grandes affaires qui ont façonné sa personnalité, et donc son travail : le goût de l’abstraction et le besoin de raconter des histoires. Très jeune, sans doute influencé par les films de science-fiction, il s’était pris de passion pour la physique et avait été frappé par les biais narratifs sur lesquels s’appuyaient certains scientifiques.
Albert Einstein, notamment, travaillait toujours de manière intuitive, en partant d’un récit. Le physicien pensait par exemple à des jumeaux. L’un prend le train, l’autre se trouve abandonné sur le quai de la gare. Mais ils se retrouvent quelques années plus tard. « Ont-ils vieilli de la même manière ? se demande Nolan. Il y a une certaine mélancolie dans la réponse à une telle question qui illustre à merveille les lois de la physique quantique. »
Le cinéma lui a permis de trouver cette mélancolie, d’apposer de la tristesse au monde apparemment mécanique de la science. Pour lui, les avancées technologiques révèlent une immense solitude. Voilà ce qui l’a toujours frappé dans 2001 et qu’il n’en finit plus de contempler à chaque visionnage : l’humanité, à sa toute petite échelle, confrontée à l’immensité de l’univers.
Alors Nolan regarde les détails qui l’entourent. Il scrute son univers, jusqu’à sa tasse de thé. Il observe le liquide, étudie sa teinte, la théine qui se concentre dans l’eau chaude, la température qui baisse doucement. Cela lui permet de s’échapper de la conversation et retourner à son isolement. Seul dans ses pensées. Là où il s’épanouit.
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2020.07.10 15:00 JohnnyRock110 OPINION: The Dark Knight Trilogy-Rachel Dawes is a better character than certain people say.

Love interests in superhero and action films are either a benefit or a hazard. One instance being Rachel Dawes, played by Katie Holmes in Batman Begins and Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight, who has been a point of contention among certain people in the fanbase. Some have derided her as being a one-dimensional character who “friendzoned” Bruce Wayne (my eyes bleed whenever I read people use that term), and cite her as the catalyst for why he quit being Batman in between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. I however disagree with these points.
Christopher Nolan was hesitant about using a love interest in the first installment, but however made it work along with the aid of David S. Goyer. Rachel is no ordinary one though, she played an integral role in Bruce’s origins and his choices to become Batman. Her disapproval of him trying to kill Joe Chill essentially saved his life (and by extension Gotham's?) and motivated his decision throughout the trilogy to not be an executioner (despite certain exceptions where he had to or on accident). She also worked in the district attorney’s office in their unwinnable war against Carmine Falcone and her investigation of Dr. Jonathan Crane. Regardless of Batman having to save her several times, she boldly stands up to Falcone’s cause and thugs who try to kill her. As for her choosing to not be with Mr. Wayne then dating Harvey Dent later, this makes complete sense because like Alfred she sensed that Bruce’s dependence on Batman was deeply personal and not just for the sake of Gotham. She didn’t want to endanger herself by dating a newly renowned vigilante with a growing list of enemies, and was potentially willing to be with him when Batman was no longer needed. Months pass and she meets Harvey Dent, who works the same job as her, similar to the attorney that Bruce witnessed sharing a kiss with Rachel. This is what some fans and the interminable Cinemasins video overlooked, just because she refused to date Bruce doesn’t mean that she can’t date someone else with a similar profession.
In The Dark Knight, Rachel plays a role in aiding the war on crime and building towards a future where law enforcement is stronger and less corrupt (as The Dark Knight Rises proved though not in the way that Batman hoped for), her interrogation of Laou to where he sells out his clients then her attempt in standing up to The Joker are vital to her uncompromising nature. She wisely warns Bruce to not make her his only hope for a normal life, and because of her conflicted feelings for Bruce and humanizing Harvey Dent it’s why the love triangle between the three works; it’s not just in there for ho hum drama. Certain viewers have a disdain for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance and claimed that she and Christian Bale had no chemistry, to which I don’t get. They had great chemistry, and even though Maggie’s Rachel is noticeably different from Katie’s this never bothered me because of how engaging they are and the rest of the story is (I mean come on Harry Potter’s Dumbledore and Rhode in the Marvel Cinematic Universe were recasted but that didn’t stop the stories from being cohesive). I prefer Maggie’s mature portrayal that comes off as more confident than Katie’s, with all due respect to the latter though.
This leads to her death in the midway point of TDK. I appreciate how it's essentially the trilogy’s equivalent to Jason Todd’s death, in fashion and how it haunts Batman and Alfred long-term. Similar to The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel that inspired different story elements of Rises, this along with his failure to achieve his vision of how Gotham was saved and pushing himself to the limit forced him to give up the mantle. Now this brings me to one of the most appalling, inflammatory complaints that Facebook commenters and certain fanboys have claimed about Bruce in TDKR. I can’t stress my next point enough:
Bruce did not quit being Batman because of Rachel’s death.
Because of how much the third film emphasizes the toll that being Batman takes on a mortal man and the fact that the main events begin eight years after TDK, some thought that Bruce actually was a recluse for all those years and only so because of Rachel’s death which must mean that this is a betrayal of its screenplay and of what Batman is as a character. Absolutely not. It’s explained at various points that due to The Dent Act rendering Batman ineffective Bruce tried to move on by being a philanthropist and used the Wayne Foundation in order to fund Dent Day and charities like Saint Swithen's orphanage (a pivotal part of the dynamic of Gotham City and Batman’s legacy). He used the R and D budget to desperately try and fund a “first of its kind” fusion reactor but after its completion he learned that it could potentially be hijacked and converted into a fusion bomb (not a dirty bomb I may add) via an article published by nuclear physicist Dr. Pavel, which would then lead Bruce to mothball it and hole himself up in Wayne Manor feeling brought down by his failures to which Alfred later tries to push Bruce to fix. So while Rachel’s death emotionally affected him and took away his hope for a life beyond the burden of being Batman, it had nothing to do with his retirement.
These factors motivated him early on in the film to await the opportunity to become Batman again. (Side note- Could Bruce have been Batman and taken his anger out on street gangs? Well not exactly. Gotham like any other city isn’t without crime but due to the abilities of the police to handle themselves after The Dent Act imprisoned all of Dent’s trials and the rest of those who fueled organized crime it makes sense why Bruce didn’t go out again.)
While Bruce might’ve been naive about Rachel I completely empathize with him. He was still fairly young in the first two films, being a fresh caped crusader and Rachel was a lifelong friend to him. He wanted to ensure her safety and hope of fulfilling her wish made at the end of BB; and her death, the truth about her choosing to marry Harvey and Bruce’s further dependence on the cape and cowl only feeds more into the tragedy of Batman. Come on if you were a caped vigilante who failed to save your lifelong friend or a family member you wouldn’t just brush it off like nothing happened. It’s not like Rachel was never going to be acknowledged in TDKR ever again. Let’s also not forget The Dark Knight Returns, where Bruce retired due to Jason Todd’s death and became a bored bachelor for 10 years before resurfacing. In Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Bruce nearly gave up his quest to avenge his parents for an eventual failed engagement to Andrea Beaumont. Batman returning from retirement or being conflicted over a woman isn’t a new concept, and with all of the reasons I’ve listed for Christian Bale’s version it makes logical sense for this more grounded interpretation why he retired and kept pushing forward despite the death of Rachel.
I agree with the consensus among many fans that Selina Kyle/Catwoman is the best love interest in the entire trilogy, but with that being said Rachel Dawes works as a strong supporting character of her own, plays a role in Bruce’s journey to becoming Batman, Gotham’s war on crime and fueling Bruce’s anger and love to protect those he cares about aside from his addiction to Batman (similar to how Bane’s love for and indoctrination to Talia and The League of Shadows drives his rage, like what Ra’s al Ghul discussed over the campfire with Bruce).
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The NHL and NHLPA have agreed to open formal training camps on July 10. NHL PR Link
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NHL Announces More Details of Playoff Format for Return to Play Plan NHL Link
Hockey Canada lifts ban on sanctioned activities,... to work with health authorities on return-to-play decisions. Hockey Canada Link
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Announces The NHL's Plans For The 2020 Season Megathread
The 2020 Isobel Cup Final has been canceled. NWHL Link
The AHL has cancelled the remainder of the 2019-20 regular season and the Calder Cup Playoffs. AHL Link
KHL has cancelled the remainder of the 2019-20 season KHL Link
The CHL and regional leagues have cancelled our 2020 Playoffs and Memorial Cup. Canadian Hockey League Link
2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship cancelled IIHF Link
USHL Cancels Remainder of Season Due to COVID-19 USHL Link
The SHL (and all other Swedish leagues) has been cancelled SHL Link
The 2019-20 ECHL Season has been cancelled. ECHL Link
Finnish Liiga season is over. No champion awarded. Liiga Link
No Champion in the National League Swiss Hockey News Link
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